Monday, March 30, 2020


TarLung is a Doom/Sludge Band from Vienna, Austria. Since 2013, TarLung stand for a thick and colossal sound, despite  the lack of a bass player: Two low-tuned guitars, a hard-hitting drumset and brutal vocals are more than enough to create an earth-shattering live sound and mesmerizing records.
TarLung was formed in late 2013. After just 6 months the band recorded their self-titled album at Deep Deep Pressure Studios and released it before playing a single live show. A bunch of gigs in Austria and Germany followed, with bands like Saturnalia Temple, Eyehategod, Arabrot, Suma and Conan. In 2016 TarLung hit the Deep Deep Pressure studio again to record the "Void" EP and the follow up full length album "Beyond The Black Pyramid" in a three day session. "Void" was released on tape  in October 2016. In 2017 TarLung had their first festival apprearence at "United We Stand", along with other gigs in Germany and Austria. The second full length "Beyond The Black Pyramid" was released in May, with the support of Black Bow Records (Jon Paul Davis/ Conan). The cover art was created by Alex Eckman-Lawn (Maruta, Krieg). 2018 brought touring through the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland with Throne (Italy), including the "Stoner Doom Festival"  in Katowice. 2019 activity was focused on writing new material for the upcoming third album, set to be recorded in 2020. 
TarLung is: 
Rotten – guitars 
Philipp „Five“ Seiler – guitars, vocals 
Marian Waibl – drums
TarLung shared stages with: 
Acid King 
Arabrot Suma
Saturnalia Temple 
Grizzly Torn from Earth UGF 
Arctic Sea 
Survivors Our Survival 
Depends On Us 
KRPL Amer Ozymandias Timestone Devil in the Name Doomster Reich Entropia Architektura Lilac Vegetal Scheisse Minelli Acid Piss Otium Adei … and many more
TarLung – Beyond the Black Pyramid, 2017 Black Bow Records, available on cd/ bandcamp Tape edition by Harmacy Records The second full length album from TarLung features a more monumental approach: Heavier and more diverse, while  maintaining the grit, fuzz and rawness of the earlier recordings.

"A discovery … wonderful work. "Beyond The Black Pyramid" is highly recommended." aRistocRazia (it)

"TarLung has another enthusiast!" wings of death (nl)

"The last song “Karma” just grabs a hold of us. The track contains some very impressive guitar work and the rhythm is second to none making this one sludge song of the year." Rotation11 – 8,8/11

"Beyond the Black Pyramid" is the new work of a band totally ignored by me until then, but that made me open my ears to new options within the genre. What a fucking band that TarLung!" metal na lata (bR)– 9/10

"This sense of warring sides of the band, with the airier nature of the stoner influences holding back the doom/sludge ones, is somewhat of a defining nature of Tarlung’s music. Of course, the negativity certainly wins many battles over the course of the playing time, sometimes swamping things entirely, but overall it’s deadlock; this fine balance probably goes a long way towards explaining why Beyond the Black Pyramid is so enjoyable." wondeRbox metal

"…a noteworthy progression in sound from the Southern-style sludge previously on offer, more atmospheric and richer on the whole in terms of tone. As someone who digs the occasional blend of fuzz and gurgle, it’s kind of hard not to be charmed by what TarLung are doing." the obelisk

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