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Project Sapiens choose METAL COFFEE PR

Copenhagen, Denmark-based progressive metal project, Project Sapiens is a brainchild of composer and multi-instrumentalist Poul Jakobsen and singer Mads Rahbæk. The duo released their debut EP Here We Are in August 2018, featuring five songs of music and lyrics inspired by human emotions, historic events and technology that will shape the future of mankind. 

“If we are witnessing the end of a certain era in the history of humankind, the question is, what comes next? How will we change as society and how will it affect our reality?,” Jakobsen asks.

Project Sapiens launched a new music video with authentic Warsaw Uprising photographs to their latest single titled “Uprising” in November 2018. Jakobsen went on telling:

“Uprising is a story inspired by the tragic events that took place in 1944 in Warsaw and had a long-lasting impact on the development of the nation. It’s a sensitive subject due to questionable  reasoning for taking the decision to start the fight, which resulted in around two hundred thousand casualties and destruction of the capital city of Poland...’”

The EP is a compilation of stories inspired by the past, present, and the future, which ultimately focus on how does an individual deal with all these global or personal dramas. As Jakobsen explains:

“You’ve got the title track, which is rooted in anxiety caused by the global change. It’s followed by an aggressive ‘Uprising,' which is a reflection on the tragic events of the Warsaw uprising of 1944. 'My Prison Cell’ is a story of an internal struggle focusing on how an individual fails to deal with self-inflicted pain and self-acceptance. ‘Anger,’ on the other hand, takes a little turn and looks into the outside world through the glasses of a person, who cannot deal with acts of violence. I wrote this song shortly after the wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, which shattered my sense of security and left me slightly paranoid trying to comprehend acts of terror and aggression... The closing track ‘Keepers of the Realm’ takes the listener from our earthly problems into space. It reflects on the nature and the future of mankind, possibilities for space colonization, and eternal life. If it reads confusing, go ahead and give the EP a listen.”

Music about everything that is human. 
Progressive Metal from Copenhagen.  
Music and Lyrics: Poul Jakobsen

Vocals: Mads Rahbæk

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Record Label
Symbol Muzik/Brennus Music

Thrash-Black Metal from France:
HELLIXXIR on Deezer:
HELLIXXIR on Spotify:

[HELLIXXIR "Corrupted Harmony" - january 2012 - Symbol Muzik/Season of Mist]
Matthieu Laforêt [guitars] Camille Marquet [bass guitars & vocals] Romain Charbonnier [drums] Arnaud Loubry [guitars]
With an intimate but definitely incisive atmosphere, "Corrupted Harmony" draws strength from a wholly visible and pervasive darkness. The album, as an object, represents the symbolic materialization of negative personal emotions - fear, sadness and hatred - giving this project a purposefully egocentric dimension. Lastly, this is a tribute to Camille Marquet, singer and bass player of the band HELLIXXIR, whose sudden death sadly echoes the very essence of "Corrupted Harmony". 

[HELLIXXIR "War Within" - february 2007 - Brennus Music/Socadisc]
Matthieu Laforêt [guitars] Camille Marquet [bass guitars] Romain Charbonnier [drums] Alex Ploton [guitars] Julien Tournoud [vocals]
"War Within" is a concept album that deals with the theme of Human Behaviour when sick. Immersion in a chaotic world where each individual is contaminated by a parasite, making them unpredictable, irrational and violent. Partially awake, Mankind questions its actions and its future, starting a true inner fight: "War Within".

[HELLIXXIR "The Cypress Forest" - june 2003 - Rybsound/Jungle Production]
Matthieu Laforêt [guitars] Julien Tournoud [vocals] Sylvain Deplette [bass guitars] Jean-Marc Combalot [guitars] Damien Mathian [drums]
Recorded in March 2003, this 6-titles first demo follows a very particular construction: "The Cypress Forest" is a metaphor symbolizing a very destructive battle which took place during the American Civil War. It is the material expression of destruction taking place during war, leaving only a field stained with blood and corpses. The concept is extended to a cynical vision of today’s \world.

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DISSONANT DISTANCE Improvise Their Way Through Their Self-Titled Debut Album 

The self-titled debut album from international group ​Dissonant Distance​​ is a journey through instrumental improvisation. Pumping bass grooves, ambient loops, fiery guitars, intricate rhythms and tonalities. Fusing elements of progressive rock, metal, blues, jazz and Indian music with a free and spontaneous energy.  
The album was conceived over two days. On January 27th 2018 Oscar Hansson (Bass guitar, live looping), Andras Saylik (Drums, percussion), Jay Matharu (Guitar) entered Hang-Ar studio in Budapest to develop and improvise on musical ideas that Hansson presented. The next day the band turned up to the studio met with engineer Mate Kapitany and recorded the ten-track album live. The album was later mixed and mastered by Oscar Hansson at the Third Floor Studio, Budapest. 

The final outcome was as unexpected as it was refreshing, but the underlying concept was to create music that would invoke a variety of emotions from the listener. The musicians let the music take on it’s own entity, which has resulted in an album of dissonant and lamenting melodies juxtaposed with a playful punk attitude. 

Dissonant Distance | Released November 16th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records 

Track Listing: 01. Stone Shaped Marmalade Dream | 02. Multi Dimensional Colored Mask | 03. The Shadow Of The Steel Tower | 04. Bending Our Flags In The Evening | 05. The Mirror Of 
Mr Goldmann | 06. The Key | 07. Eleven Signs | 08. Walking In The Deadly Forest | 09. Covered by Darkness | 10. Over Our Heads (A Flying Nickel Samovar) 

Dissonant Distance are: Oscar Hansson – Bass/Live Looping | Jay Matharu – Guitar | Andras Saylik – Drums/Percussion 

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick 
For music for airplay or interview request contact 

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The Protest release humorous video for "Noise Revolution"

The Protest are here to break you out of the doldrums with their new video, and much like the plot of the clip, it's hard to deny the energy with which these Indiana rockers play. Check out the band’s humorous take on performing in front of a new crowd in the fist-pumping video for "Noise Revolution"

The band shot the video with director Adam Shewmaker, calling upon Joel Burris for the karaoke-style graphics and setting up shop at New Castle, Indiana's Town Tavern for the video shoot.

Singer Josh Bramlett says, "We came up with the karaoke graphics idea in a moment of inspiration at a coffee shop, while on the road during our last tour. We have so many serious videos - we wanted to make one that shows our fun side ... because rock n’ roll IS fun, and we have a blast playing it!"

He adds, "We had a hard time finding a venue that would allow us to take the time to shoot this, so the video is comprised of fans that we pulled together in less than a week. Some even drove through the night from a festival we played the day before just to be there! We were humbled and blessed by the support, especially with such short notice."

Bramlett chalks up the video to showcasing the power of music. "It has the ability to change someone's heart, reminding us to be mindful of what message we are spreading with our songs: The Protest is about hope and encouragement," says the singer. "Unlike our last video that was shot in freezing cold, this one was smoking hot during the shoot … We were sweating so hard, and the fans were as well. We hope you like it!"

Bramlett, guitarists Adam Sadler and TJ Colwell and drummer Jarob Bramlett, are promoting their new album Legacy on Rockfest Records/Sony. “Noise Revolution” is the follow-up to first single “What Else You Got”, which peaked @ #26 on the BDS Rock Indicator chart, and #10 on the Billboard Christian Rock Chart. The band has played 80 dates so far in 2018, and plans to keep touring into 2019.  You can pick up the album via iTunes or stream it through Spotify and stay up to date with the band's touring and activities via their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
 Track Listing:
 1). Valor
 2). What Else You Got
 3). Knockout
 4). Straight From The Barrel
 5). Take My Heart
 6). Noise Revolution
 7). Legacy
 8). Stitched
 9). To The Death
 10). Bad Self/Ascension

Connect with The Protest:
Official Website:
Bands In Town:

Black Vengeance (Melodic Death Metal, Poland)

Polish melodic death metal pirates VANE are set to launch their first full-length album Black Vengeance on November 30th, a follow-up to their 2017 promo release The Prologue.

“We’ve always enjoyed the mythos of a pirate and the stories from the Golden Age,” the band commented about what inspired the upcoming release. “Naturally, when forming a project together, we wanted to pay homage to this fascinating historical era. ‘Black Vengeance’ was inspired by the biography of one of the strangest pirates from this time. We used the history as a base to create an interesting story full of plot twists and grand events, one of which is betrayal and lust for vengeance afterwards. And all of that is served with melodic and groovy metal sauce.”

“Our goal was to give people music that plays in our heads along with great story (and hopefully entertain them with it). We hope that fans will have great time listening to it and discovering the minute details and tasty bits that are hidden in the recording. The title — ‘Black Vengeance’ — refers to a key point in the story that we’re telling over the course of those ten songs." 

The album art for Black Vengeance which was designed by Michał "XAAY" Loranc, known for working with bands like Nile, Behemoth, Kamelot and Decapitated, resembles an old book cover inspired by labels and signs from days long gone by, yet with a modern twist to it and huge attention to detail.

“The visual part is of huge importance to us, thus we want to give our listeners a complete experience where the graphics, video content and music intertwine into one whole story,” the band states.

VANE spent over a year writing and polishing the music on Black Vengeance, with some changes being made even during the recording process, “all in service of composition and listening pleasure.” The process was mainly built around writing songs and recording them at home, sending them to other band members, reviewing, adapting. 

“Some songs had over 30 versions and generally speaking it was a really intensive period,” they agree.

After the release of Black Vengeance in November, VANE plan to promote live by touring in its support. 

“We hope to release some new singles while doing it. We plan to be extremely busy,” they conclude.

“Black Vengeance” track listing:

01. Born Again (03:37)
02. Edge of the Cutlass (04:56)
03. I Am Your Pain (03:58)
04. Randy Dandy-O (00:53)
05. Death’s Season (05:00)
06. Spilling Guts (04:28)
07. Mutiny (03:18)
08. Rise to Power 04:50)
09. Black Vengeance (04:35)
10. Davy’s Grip (04:57)
11. Hangman (04:41)

“Black Vengeance” can be pre-ordered at this location.


VANE is a metal band, formed in 2016 by two friends – Mateusz Gajdzik (WITCHKING, SARATAN, CRYSTAL VIPER) and Robert Zembrzycki (ACID DRINKERS, CORRUPTION, SARATAN). The two guitarists soon recruited Marcin Frąckowiak (PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH, STOS, RIVER OF TIME) for the bass guitar duties, and the trio focused on finding a suiting vocalist to match their vision. Marcin Parandyk (KILLSORROW, RAZORTYPE) was one of their first choices, and approached by Robert, he agreed to give it a try. Marcin Zdeb (RAZORTYPE, UNLUMINATION, ARONDIGHT), soon followed his bandmates steps and decided to join VANE.

The quintet started intensive work on the concept of the album, as well as compositions for the album. Led by Mateusz Gajdzik, they kept reworking, rearranging and polishing their songs, while Zembrzycki and Parandyk focused on the storytelling in the lyrics.
VANE’s music is a mix of death metal and catchy melodies, all spiced up with a story rooted deeply in actual history of The Golden Age of Piracy.

In just 1 year since its inception, VANE released a promo called “The Prologue”, consisting of 3 songs that are planned to be part of a concept album, “Black Vengeance”.
In may 2018 Marcin Frąckowiak left the band and was replaced by Łukasz Łukasik (NETHERFELL). The reinforced crew pushed on, and in spring 2018 the band entered Impressive Art Studio, helmed by Przemysław Nowak. The recording and production took the whole summer, and the “Black Vengeance” album is scheduled for late autumn release, on 30th November 2018.

VANE is:

Marcin Parandyk – vocals
Mateusz Gajdzik – guitars
Robert Zembrzycki – guitars
Marcin Zdeb – drums
Łukasz Łukasik – bass


UNEARTH Release New Video For "One With The Sun"

UNEARTH Release New Video For "One With The Sun"

New Album "Extinction(s)" Due November 23rd via Century Media Records

UNEARTH will release their highly anticipated new album "Extinction(s)" on November 23rd via Century Media Records.
Today the band has unleashed the video for the third single from the album entitled "One With The Sun".  Watch the video HERE.

"We chose 'One With the Sun'as the first video off 'Extinction(s)' because we feel it's one of the hardest hitting tracks in our entire catalog.  Musically it's everything Unearth is about and lyrically it deals with the effects of climate change we are feeling today as well as the bleakness of our future unless we make drastic changes now.  Tim Dennesen and the guys at Punchdance, inc did a great job capturing the imagery needed to get the message across.  You'll be sure to hear this one at our live shows as it's already become a staple in our set.  See you out there," says frontman Trevor Phipps.

UNEARTH are currently out on the road with Fit For An Autopsy, The Agony Scene and Traitors through November 18th.  The second leg of the tour kicks off November 19th in Cincinnati, OH.   Again, they will be on the road with Fit For An Autopsy and The Agony Scene.  I AM will join the tour beginning on November 23rd.  A complete list of dates can be found below.

Pre-Orders are available for "Extinction(s)" HERE:

Listen to the first single from the album "Incinerate" HERE

After an awe-inspiring 20 years of blazing trails and dominating stages, UNEARTH is now institutionalized as a relentless force in heavy metal, standing the test of time with consistently triumphant creative output, tireless road warrior resilience, Blue Collar style workmanship and a resolute determination to deliver the goods.


UNEARTH W/ Fit For An Autopsy, The Agony Scene and Traitors:
11/15: Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
11/16: St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
11/17: Joliet, IL @ The Forge
11/18: Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick

UNEARTH W/ Fit For An Autopsy and The Agony Scene:
11/19: Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club
11/20: Springfield, MO @ The Complex
11/21: Merriam, KS @ Aftershock

UNEARTH W/ Fit For An Autopsy, The Agony Scene and I AM:
11/23: Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater
11/24: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
11/26: Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
11/27: Portland, OR @ Dante's
11/28: Sacramento, CA @ Holy Diver
11/29: San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
11/30: Los Angeles, CA @ Union
12/1: Mesa, AZ @ Club Red

UNEARTH Line-up:
Trevor Phipps -  Vocals
Ken Susi - Guitars
Buz McGrath - Guitars
Nick Pierce -Drums
Chris O'Toole - Bass

UNEARTH online:


VITNE Comes Out Swinging With His Newest Single “Vanquish The Night”

Since the success of 2017’s acclaimed album Jupiter, Norway’s Melodic Hard Rock/Metal artist VITNE shakes the landscape with his newest single “Vanquish The Night”, to be out today on all digital platforms. This will be one of your favorite releases before the year is out, and shows a very promising direction for VITNE‘s legacy. The new song can be streamed here:

With an inspirational and anthemic quality about his songs, VITNE‘s music has captivated fans around the globe by the masses and has been featured in a vast array of international publications from Brazil and Chile to Russia, China and Japan. Now following up the award winning Jupiter album, VITNE brings forth a powerful force behind his voice in his latest anthem “Vanquish The Night” and it does not disappoint.

Drawing comparisons to industry heavyweights and artists of his caliber including X Japan, Billy Idol and Gackt, VITNE‘s melodic presence and top of the line production value comes full circle in this new single and delivers up an eyebrow raising listening experience from the very first riff.

From soaring guitar leads, a pounding rhythm section and an exceptional showcasing of vocal ranges, “Vanquish The Night” puts a modern spin on an 80s Metal-infused approach with VITNE‘s signature touch we’ve all come to know and love since his inception into the market. The song is climactic, innovative and provides elements of symphonic overtones and a fantasy-like quality in different chapters of the song. There are twists and turns, but nothing out of place. This single is everything you’ll hope it’ll be plus so much more. It’s the type of song that is catchy, heavy and has that instant-classic status.

Official Website:


JINJER Announce All Details Of Upcoming 5-Track EP Micro!

JINJER Announce All Details Of Upcoming 5-Track EP Micro!


Photo credit by Veronika Gusieva
Following the release of 2016's King of Everything, and the reissue of their groundbreaking second album Cloud Factory on Napalm Records, fans have chomping at the bit for new music from JINJER.  Now it is finally time for some heavy new tunes!

JINJER will release a brand new 5 track EP entitled Micro on January 11th 2019!

Eugene states:
"Nearly two and a half years since releasing and touring for our 'King of Everything' album, we all got the urge to start writing new music again. The passion to create new songs had grown bigger than you could imagine and we converted all that energy into something special and brand new ... And it seems like we've created a monster and I can't wait for all of you to give it a listen!"
Through their unique and heavy sound and over the top live performances, the Ukraine-based band JINJER have quickly become one the most talked-about names in the heavy metal landscape today. Hailed by Loudwire as "Technical, Groovy and Anthemic,"JINJER have cemented this status even more with the release of their new single entitled 'Ape,' which has been garnering significant airplay on SiriusXM's Liquid Metal.

Find all details including EP cover artwork & track listing below!

The full EP track listing reads as follows:
1.  Ape
2.   Dreadful Moments
3.   Teacher, Teacher!
4.   Perennial
5.   Micro

Micro is available as:
Jewel Case
Digital Album

Be sure some surprises await! Get a taste of JINJER with their latest music video for the track "Ape" off of their upcoming  EP Micro HERE:

The single is available for purchase and streaming HERE.

Jinjer with DevilDriver and Raven Black
11/16: Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky
11/17: Sacramento, CA @ Holy Diver
11/18: San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick

21.11.18 MX - Monterrey / Café Iguana
22.11.18 MX - Durango / La Chopería
23.11.18 MX - Guadalajara / Rolling House
24.11.18 MX - Queretaro / Foro Alicia
25.11.18 MX - Mexico / Foro Independencia
27.11.18 CO - Bogota / Ace of Spades Club
28.11.18 CO - Cali / Distorsion
29.11.18 PE - Lima / Discoteca The Blood
30.11.18 CL - Santiago / Rock y Guitarras
01.12.18 AR - Cordoba / Refugio Guernica
02.12.18 AR - Bahia Blanca / Bailotage
04.12.18 AR - Buenos Aires / Roxy Live
05.12.18 UY - Montevideo / Montevideo Music Box
06.12.18 BR - Porto Alegre / Art &Tattoo Club
07.12.18 BR - Limeira / Bar da Montanha
08.12.18 BR - Sao Paulo / Manifesto Bar

w/ Amorphis & Soilwork
11.01.19 DE - Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle 2
12.01.19 NL - Nijmegen / Doornroosje
13.01.19 DE - Hamburg / Markthalle
14.01.19 DK - Copenhagen / Amager Bio
15.01.19 SE - Stockholm / Fryshuset
16.01.19 NO -  Oslo / Rockefeller Music Hall
18.01.19 DE - Hannover / Capitol
19.01.19 DE - Leipzig / Hellraiser
20.01.19 PL - Krakow / Klub Kwadrat
23.01.19 BG - Sofia / Universiada Hall
25.01.19 HU - Budapest / Barba Negra Music Club
26.01.19 AT - Vienna / Ottakringer Brauerei
27.01.19 CZ - Zlín / Masters of Rock Café
28.01.19 SK - Bratislava / Majestic Music Club
29.01.19 DE - Berlin / Kesselhaus
30.01.19 DE - Munich / Backstage (Werk)
01.02.19 DE - Geiselwind / MusicHall
02.02.19 DE - Cologne / Essigfabrik
03.02.19 BE - Antwerp / Trix Muziekcentrum
04.02.19 UK - London / Electric Ballroom
06.02.19 FR - Paris / Cabaret Sauvage
07.02.19 FR - Toulouse / Le Bikini
08.02.19 ES - Madrid / Mon
09.02.19 ES - Barcelona / Salamandra
10.02.19 FR - Lyon / Le Transbordeur
12.02.19 IT - Trezzo Sull'Adda / Live Music Club
13.02.19 DE - Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
14.02.19 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage
15.02.19 DE - Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn
16.02.19 CH - Pratteln / Z7

w/ Obscura & Nucleust
04.04.19 JP - Osaka / Fan J Twice
05.04.19 JP - Nagoya / Imaike 3 Star
06.04.19 JP - Tokyo / Cyclone
07.04.19 JP - Tokyo / Cyclone

For More Info On JINJER Visit:


Nova Scotia's Atmospheric Prog MARC DURKEE's New Video Offers "A Way To Escape"

When an artist uses his own name to present his music to the world, he is being truly fearless, with no identity to hide behind but his own.

This is as it should be, no great art was ever produced without great bravery, and Nova Scotia's Marc Durkee is an artist unafraid to dig deep into both his own personal suffering, and the world around him for inspiration.

Inspired by Katatonia, Tesseract, Anathema, Devin Townsend, Coheed & Cambria, Durkee describes his music as “a blend of progressive, metal/rock, doom metal, post-hardcore, and post-rock.”

Durkee’s new album, solo in the true sense of the word, is entitled ‘Remain In Stasis’, and is loaded with deep meaning to this courageous and talented artist, as he explains.

“The first meaning is personal. I’ve been stuck in a state of depersonalisation for almost five years now. For me, it’s been a chronic symptom of dealing with years of depression and stress, and it’s unrelenting. When it’s at its worst, it removes mostly all motivation and enjoyment from my life. While that is unfortunate, it does serve as major source of inspiration for song-writing…The second meaning is more political and universal. I feel that humanity is at a unique point in our history, with technology and social media allowing us to communicate and express ourselves in ways that were previously unimaginable. And yet, nobody really DOES communicate. It seems as though it’s mostly used as a platform to bicker over political ideals and agendas and create discourse, or for anyone to use as their own personal performance venue. Everyone wants to be seen and heard, even those who really don’t deserve to be.”

Marc Durkee is one artist who really does deserve to be heard, and with his new music video for his first single 'A Way To Escape' in support of the release of ‘Remain In Stasis’ on January 18, 2019, all the world will hear him.

Digital download and stream for 'A Way To Escape' available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes.

Track Listing:
1. The Dark Dimension (5:05)
2.  A Way To Escape (5.22)
3.  Mimesis (3:55)
4.  A Great Disdain (3:58)
5. Redesign (In Stride) (4:45)
6. The Mind Flayer (4:36)
7.  A Number Of Years (4:02)
8.  Not Without Sin (1:51)
9.  Meteor (4:56)
10. Stasis (5:03)
Album Length: 43:37

Album Credits:
– All songs performed, written, produced, and mixed by Marc Durkee.
– Mastered by Matthew Hemeon.

2018: Remain In Stasis (LP)
2017: Traveller (LP)
2014: Singular (EP)
2013: Gatherings (EP)

For More Info:

Digital download and stream for 'A Way To Escape' available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes.


US Metal Group HEAT OF DAMAGE Join Sliptrick

Heat Of Damage (US) Metal

Heat Of Damage is a four-piece Metal band from Sacramento, California. Originating in a state that has brought the metal world countless legendary bands, Heat Of Damage’s genesis is rooted in a place incredibly ripe for the development of something new. Bay Area Thrash, with groups like Metallica and Exodus; hometown heroes Deftones and Papa Roach; and an extensive list of other influences all laid the foundation upon which Heat Of Damage continues to build. Dynamics and energy dominate the band’s live performances and not a fraction of these elements is lost in their recorded productions.

From humble beginnings in the suburbs of Sacramento, years of dedication and a drive to constantly refine their craft have brought Heat Of Damage to the forefront of the Northern Californian metal scene. They, just like the genre of metal itself, stay true to their roots while never losing sight of what’s before them: something new. Something special waiting to be realized. Heat Of Damage aspires to take their brand of heavy music to the masses, one metalhead at a time.

The group forthcoming album, Cataclysm, is due for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records in 2019.

Heat Of Damage are:
Julian Bohland – Drums | Jared Easter – Bass/Hardcore Vocals | David Haug – Vocals | Nick Lassalette – Guitar


"COMATOSE VIGIL A.K. - Evangelium Nihil”

Formed in 2011 in Moscow by A.K. iEzor (vocals, drums), Vig'ill (guitars) and Zigr (keyboards), COMATOSE VIGIL originally started their voyage under the name “Subhuman Abstract”. After spending the next two years in the throes of creation and experiments, they found their dole in the realm of funeral doom metal. Soon, the name was changed to Comatose Vigil and that eclipsed the further headway on artistic potency.

In between 2005 and 2006, a series of important incidents took place — the debut album “Not a Gleam of Hope”, the EP “Narcosis”, and the first live show. A streak of bad luck had soon begun when the new members joined the collective and the occurrence of countless line-up changes caused inner issues and almost stopped the progress of composition. The only way to save the situation was to get back to original line-up, and then Comatose Vigil finally started recording their second LP. 2011 was marked by the release of a new album, titled “Fuimus, non Sumus…”. Unfortunately, it could not keep the band from breaking up. Comatose Vigil disbanded in 2013 for the first time because of internal discord. An attempt of reanimating the band was also a losing battle. Resurrected Comatose Vigil played two local live gigs in 2015 and then broke up again for the same reasons.

A.K. iEzor was trying hard to find a solution which could give this band a new birth. And he made his own luck. Comatose Vigil raised from the dead as Comatose Vigil A.K. It was possible due to involvement of David Unsaved of Ennui and his passion for the previous albums. Now he is in charge of composing all the materials. Subscript “A.K.” appeared because of some issues with one of ex-members, who spoke against using this title by anyone. The new line-up was also enhanced by John Devos of Mesmur in the capacity of a drummer. 

The new album was recorded in winter-spring of 2018 and called “Evangelium Nihil”. Retaining the recognizable hallmark, the band made the album in accordance with the previous works. The sound has become heavier and slower, and it portends the pressure of conjuring ominous bleakness. The ponderous slow-tempo riffs, backed by deep growls and spectral synths, descent into the abyssal depths of a frozen world where one won’t find a gleam of hope. Cover artwork created by high skilled W. Smerdulak.

“Evangelium Nihil” will see its worldwide release this December 14 via NON SERVIAM RECORDS digitally and on CD (digipak).

1. Evangelium Nihil
2. Comatose Vigil
3. Deus Sterilis
4. The Day Heaven Fell







Taking from a glut of influences, ranging from AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne to Slayer and Guns N Roses, and drawing from the fundamentals of metal, classic and modern rock, BANG BANG FIRECRACKER have amassed a sound that packs pulsating rock riffs with enticing vocal lines. The end result is an onslaught of anthemic tracks that are brimming with groove, attitude and vigour.

BANG BANG FIRECRACKER is a brand new and exciting solo project conceived by guitarist Kieron “K” Berry. Kieron originally cut his teeth on the UK metal scene through touring and putting out a barrage of releases with Razorwire, Pain Control, Extreme O.D, and more recently Enemo-J. After leaving Enemo-J, Kieron took time out to recharge and regroup. After his brief hiatus from music, he answered a ‘Musician Wanted’ Facebook advert. Fast forward a few weeks, and Kieron soon found himself supporting one of his guitar heroes, Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.). Kieron returned home with tour stories and the inspiration to start writing once again. Soon after, he recruited old friends Marcus Wrench and Russ Gwynne to respectively handle the bass and drum duties, and by the end of 2017, plans and songs were firmly in place and on track.

BANG BANG FIRECRACKER will drop their debut album this February. Kieron comments about the inspiration for the project and album: “Back in June 2017, I was outside the Yardbirds Venue in Grimsby while on tour with Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P. founder and guitarist). In one hand he was clutching his Vape and in the other he had a gallon jug of Pepsi Max! I grew up in awe of this guy and his fellow Hell Raisers. He was intense as hell and talking about all the new music he was creating…. I stood watching Chris every night for fifteen shows - we hung out at venues, walked around many cities and we shared many conversations about life and music. I started writing again very soon after – the songs flowed, and I’ll forever be in debt to Chris Holmes for essentially kicking my Ass!”

BANG BANG FIRECRACKER lay down a prominent marker with the release of their debut album, Welcome To The Slaughterhouse, out Friday 22nd February. BANG BANG FIRECRACKER will also drop a spanking new video this January. Prior to all of this, you can check out their current video for Hellbent For Pleasure,


CNTMPT - Towards Neglect

From the beginning of existence three nornes are sitting on a mountain's crest spinning the immortal web of destiny. So it came that in 2009 the fate outstreched its fingers towards a saxonian town called Leipzig to open a passage between the worlds of light and fire and the worlds of darkness and ice to evoke the entity of CNTMPT. With the first selftitled invocation CNTMPT formed vast thoughts and emotions into acoustic percebtible squirts directly into the womb of human existence. Now, in the late time of the year 2018, CNTMPT will release its new collection of screams and shrieks into a world of distraction, disparity and arrogance to build up a wall of theurgy TOWARDS NEGLECT. Perceive and pray to your gods as long as there is time to do so!


De Profundis have been enjoying unprecedented levels of success over the last year, following the release of their stunning The Blinding Light Of Faith album through Transcending Obscurity Records and have already toured with Belphegor and Melechesh. The Caustic Attack Tour will give European fans another chance to witness De Profundis tearing through savage songs from their current masterpiece and kick off what promises to be another incredible year for the UK’s purveyors of death metal supremacy!

The full list of dates is as follows:-
09.01 – POL – Warsaw – Proxima
10.01 – POL – Poznan – U Bazyla
11.01 – GER – Urfurt – Club From Hell
12.01 – CZ – Ostrava – Barrak
13.01 – SK – Kosice – Coloseum
15.01 – A – Wien – Viper Room
16.01 – GER – Munich – Backstage
17.01 – CH – Martigny – Sunset
18.01 – ITA – San Dona – Revolver
19.01 – ITA – Milan – Legend
20.01 – CH - Pratteln – Z7
22.01 – FR – Paris – Backstage
23.01 – HOL – Amersfoort – Flour
24.01 – GER – Essen – Turock
25.01 – HOL – Leiden – Gebr. De Noble
26.01 – HOL – Drachten – Poppodium Iduna
27.01 – GER – Osnabruck – Bastard

For more information on De Profundis click here
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DEADLY CARNAGE – DIVIDE (Official Video 2018) – [Post-Black]

Melodic doom metal from Italy. Deadly Carnage have progressed from their post black metal style towards a slower, more progressive direction on their latest release. Released on double transparent color vinyl and gatefold cover sleeve.

Deadly Carnage was born in 2005 from an idea of Adres (bass) and Marco (drums), after the first few periods the sounds became more atmospheric and introspective.

Deadly Carnage uses Black Metal influences with Doom, Post Rock and Metal. The intention of the band is to continue to experiment, evolve and explore new territories without posing musical limits, without barriers.

Alexios - Guitars, Vocals
Dave - Guitars
Adres - Bass
Marco - Drums

Founded in 2005 at Rimini, Italy.

Deadly Carnage on Facebook:

The vinyl can be preordered from

Melancholy infused psychedelic rockers Durge release debut EP and reveal lyric video for first single Round and Round

DURGE was formed in Cape Town, South Africa in 2016 by Mark Ellis, Francois Taljaardt, James Lombard, and Heinrich Wesson. Over the past two years the band has been forging their unique sound that they call “Melandelic Rock”, a fusion of melancholy and psychedelic sounds. They’ve recently released their debut EP titled Dirge, a collection of songs that Texx and the City called, “a dark, brooding debut that perfectly defines its title.”

Vocalist/guitarist Mark Ellis comments on the EP,  “Being very much a DIY project and the band's first official release (with the help of some close friends), this EP is something close to the hearts of all four members. It also marks the start of an exploration into our sound which still has many dimensions to uncover. Dealing mostly with individualism and social issues, Dirge is a short statement to life. “


The Psycho Season

The Psycho Season is a rock band from Oulu, northern Finland. Their music can be described as a dark, gloomy rock with influences from Grunge, Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal.

The band was founded during the spring 2010. The band has released three full-length albums, one EP and two demo tapes. Aside studio recordings, they also have relased a handful of music videos online.

The Psycho Season is known for its solid live performances and professionally ambitious attitude towards music. The bands new album Grunge River will be released November 23rd 2018.

Grunge River wil be available on streaming services and as download, cassette and cd.

Album’s 10 grunge and metal influenced rock songs were fine tuned on last summer’s festivals (Qstock, Metallifestivaalit) and then recorded and mixed by Teemu Luukinen and mastered by Aava Mastering.

The album features one cover song, originally intended as a bonus track, We Die Young by Alice In Chains

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


PRIMITIVE REACTION is proud to present GOATS OF DOOM's highly anticipated fourth album, Rukous.

Despite a somewhat misleading moniker, GOATS OF DOOM are 100% black metal through and through, and one of the Finnish underground's best-kept secrets. And yet, compared to the filthy recesses of their native contemporaries, GOATS OF DOOM specialize in a sleek and alluringly melodic sort of black metal - no less aggressive, but with the emphasis on mysticism and melody.

GOATS OF DOOM was founded in 2008 by Scaregod and Inasnum. Three full-lengths eventually followed in 2012, 2015, and 2017 with this lineup; in this iteration, the band was more synth-based black metal, but not strictly "symphonic black metal" by definition. Now expanded to a trio, GOATS OF DOOM show a new face on Rukous, where the mysterious atmosphere of old is shot through with more surging aggression and bewitching melody: in essence, a melodic blizzard, if you will. It's characteristically Finnish in its melancholy - melody can never be too saccharine, of course - but burns icy hot with a passion that makes its seven-song/42-minute runtime a nightsky treasure to behold. The theme of Rukous is suitably spirituality, and hereby do GOATS OF DOOM offer myriad ways to worship the dark.

Rounded out by production that finds that perfect balance between grit and gleam, mystery and muscle, GOATS OF DOOM's Rukous presents a unique face to the ever-vibrant Finnish black metal idiom.

News - Burn Incorporated

Burn Inc.: Young Brazilian Metal revelation releases lyric video for the track “Lonely”, check it out
The song “Lonely” from Burn Incorporated, has just been made available in the form of a lyric video on the band’s official YouTube channel. The track, that is a part of the group’s debut EP titled “Supernova”, showcases a young band with a lot of contagious energy in their traditional Heavy Metal ways.
As the video’s background, the original cover art of the EP “Supernova” is shown, along with the dynamic lyrics companion, so the fans can sing along the song from this amazing Brazilian group.
Check out the lyric video for “Lonely”:

Burn Inc.’s debut EP is available to be listened to in its entirety in all the main streaming platforms and in physical media, being possible to acquire a physical copy by contacting the band on their social media.
Hariel Davela – vocals
Gabriel Alonso – guitars
Raphael Alonso – bass
Vincenzo Nuciteli – drums
More information:

News - Monday Riders (Hard Rock)

Monday Riders: watch the new music video for “Lost In Time”
One of the main Hard Rock bands from Brazil, Monday Riders, has officially released their latest music video. The song “Lost In Time”, besides receiving a very nice visual treatment, is their first official studio recording, after a five years long hiatus without any releases.

The track was taken from their upcoming studio album, that is scheduled to be released in the first semester of 2019. Soon Monday Riders will be making “Lost In Time” available in all the main streaming platforms. Check out the music video:

The plot creation was the work of lead singer Jairo Resenrods, who alongside Caius Augustus, also directed and edited the entire music video. The band will soon be releasing more information and news regarding their upcoming record.

Monday Riders is composed by:
Jairo Resenrods – vocals
Renato Teixeira – guitars
Wagner Felix – bass
Paulo Meneses – drums