Sunday, December 1, 2019

DETAILS.... Be like the rest of us PLEASE

Dan Swano. Musical astronaut absolute genius ask anyone This guy is like Mike from Opeth and Devin Townsend BEFORE Them.
*Dan-Erland Swanö[1] (born 10 March 1973) is a Swedish musician and record producer who is currently the vocalist, guitarist, ex-bassist and ex-drummer for the band Nightingale, lately vocalist, keyboardist and drummer for the band Witherscape, as well as the owner of Unisound, but he achieved fame as the vocalist and songwriter of progressive death metal band Edge of Sanity.
As a multi-instrumentalist he is regarded as influential in the underground melodic death metal, black metal, progressive metal, death metal, progressive rock, power metal communities. He is known for his progressive rock-influenced songwriting style and his frequent use of both clean and growled vocals. (*credit wikipedia)
You can argue his most genius works and accomplishments until you are blue in the face but let me tell you the number 1 thing he did I think is the MOST brilliant think he has EVER done.
He is left handed BUT instead of putting all of us through the uncomfortable position of staring at a left handed guitarist he strung his guitar UPSIDE DOWN so he could play RIGHT handed!!!
This has nothing to do with talent hell Jimi Hnedrix , Tony Iommi , Paul McCartney all masters but LEFT HANDED. 
Its Uncomfortable to look at end of story I absolutely hate  looking at left handed players
You can see it in his face!! Maybe instead of making all band pictures awkward with my left handed guitar getting in the way of everything just maybe I would have been considered the LORD of the metal riff right??
Ok rant over and im ready for the benevolent order of left handers united  hatemail but dammit its akward!
Until Next time I think of something retarded to complain about...