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THE METAL TIMES : Funeral For Two

 Funeral For Two - s/t (EP)


Finnish Seinäjoki-based doom metal band Funeral for Two is set to release their same titled debut EP on August 20th 2020 by Inverse Records.

The band released a single and music video Sculpture of a Demon and you can watch the video here: 

Music video is made by Tuomas Ojajärvi and shot by Tihu The Wolf. 

Vocalist/Guitarist Mikke Sillanpää comments:
"I started this band as a personal project just to play the kind of music I've been dreaming of. Slow, Low and Fuzz. Three words you can't go wrong!

After a while I realized that this music must be played live as a band. I asked two of my really good friends to jam with me. Soon we discovered this is the way it should be. At the beginning it was just jamming around different riffs, drinking beer and stuff like that...
But recording songs was my goal from the beginning. I talked to my friend Jiri  Mustajärvi, he has a homerecording studio. I had two songs to put on tape. Jiri did all the work with recording and mixing. He also played drums (because of Covid-19).

After ready with these songs they were released on bandcamp. A few days later Inverse Records wanted to work with us. We also made a video from "Sculpture of a demon". It's just a simple rehearsal room video just like we wanted it to be. Our plan is to do couple of more new songs to have a full setlist.. And then it's time for liveshows.
Stay doomed!"
PRE-SAVE Funeral For Two s/t EP on Spotify: 

Track list:
1. Sculpture of a Demon
2. Forgotten Souls


Gtr/voc: Mikke Sillanpää
Bass: Jetro Santaharju
Drums: Pete Rukkila


BYFIST from San Antonio, Texas, have been active since the mid-80s, and released a 45 single, a couple of EP’s and a compilation album. Now they have their first full length album ready and we at Pure Steel are proud to be able to release it.

"In The End" offers classic US Metal with melodic high pitched vocals and unrelenting pounding double bass. Pure power!  Finest steel with no mercy!

A must-have for every fan of lost 80s Power Metal legends!

1. Universal Metal
2. In The End
3. Unconscious Suicide
4. Guaranteed Death
5. With This Needle I Thee Wed
6. Ship Of Illusion

7. Epitaph

8. Scattered Wits

Total Playing Time: 46:05 min


Raul Garcia (Diablo) – vocals
Nacho Vara – guitars, backing vocals
Ernie B – lead guitars, backing vocals
Stony Grantham – bass, backing vocals

Scott Palmer – drums, backing vocals


Winnipeg, Manitoba is home to this unholy trinity that was driven to create a sound reminiscent of their roots and influences. Their music has been described as OSDM layered with thrash undertones and primal grooves.

After two years of relentless writing, rehearsing, performing and touring; VOTOV released their debut self-titled full-length album on Dec. 20th/2017. This harsh symphony of primitive dark grooves erupts with aggression, pummeling the listener like a tank rolling through a battlefield. VOTOV is metal in its purest form; stripped down to its essential components… absolutely unwavering and unforgiving.

Shortly after the album release, they parted ways with original drummer Matt Penner. Refusing to let this defuse their momentum, Labossiere and Duke immediately began writing and discretely searching for a replacement. Late in March 2018, they began working with seasoned veteran Derrick Kroll. He was announced as a permanent member in May of that year.

Completely revitalized, the writing flowed seamlessly for the full length follow-up .The three song “Blessphemy” EP (two singles: Activating the Alteration, Blessphemy and a special version of the song Regeneration that is only available on the EP) was released in July 2019 to tide over fans and promote the new record.

In March of 2020, CDN records signed VOTOV and announced they would manufacture, release and provide worldwide distribution of their new album titled I.X.X.I in summer of 2020.

Chuck Labossiere – Guitar/Vocals
John Duke – Bass Guitar
Derrick Kroll – Drums

1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Metal Times! You have a new album out, Tell us about it!

Our new album is titled I.X.X.I. and it drops on August 14th/2020. Its nine tracks of OSDM with some Thrash under tones and subtle Black Metal influences.
2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

The entire album was recorded in our home studios as we’ve done for years. The band is self-sufficient and very hands on. Three of the songs appeared on an EP that we used to shop to labels but, the album versions are very different in sound than the EP. Also, our new guitar player from Immortal Possession (Lee Arnone) appeared on the EP version of the song “Regeneration”. This makes the EP all that more special to fans and collectors.

3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one? Our self-titled release and the Blessphemy EP were both independent releases. I’d say the biggest difference with the new record is our song writing has matured. We’ve managed to grow as a band yet retain our own sound.

4.Are you signed to a label? , If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

We signed with CDN records in March of 2020. The owner Craig Newman, is very much like us in the fact that he is hands on and pretty much a one man operation. He’s a great guy to deal with and a straight shooter. We’ve known him for years through correspondence from the IP days. We basically told him what we were looking for in a deal and he drafted it up. CDN manufactured the CD’s and are also going to be producing cassettes. Craig deals with a lot of small labels like his own and they trade product so, that’s how he achieves international distribution for his artists. CDN has been very supportive in terms of financing lyric videos etc. to promote the record. We still do a lot of our own promotion as well. Just because you are on a label doesn’t mean you can sit back and just write music and play live. A huge part of being successful is maintaining a strong online presence and being accessible to your fans. CDN also promotes its bands through their own YouTube channel and Craig does his part by sharing posts on his personal social media pages.

5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?

Well, our self-titled release dropped in late December of 2017 and just a few weeks later our drummer Matt Penner left the band. We kept this on the down low as it would have been the kiss of death for a new band to lose their drummer on the heels of releasing their first record. We just promoted the album the best we knew how at the time, put our heads down and started writing new material. We knew what we were looking for in a new drummer and quietly approached a few local prospects but, none of them seemed to fit the bill. We did have one particular guy in mind that Chuck was working with in another band called Eyam. He was kind of reluctant at first as he was in great demand and had a few bands and projects going. We finally were able to set a meet, show him some of the new songs and he agreed to learn some of the material. After we jammed the first time, the chemistry was undeniable and he joined us in March of 2018. We did a few local shows and then recorded our EP. We hooked up with another band that are good friends of ours from Regina; Altars of Grief. We set up a small tour last summer with a few shows leading up to us both playing Loud as Hell Festival. That was an amazing weekend and we can’t say enough good things about the organizers, staff and other bands, we got to share the stage with. All the promoters and fans were awesome. Other than that, we have just been writing the new album, playing locally and recording.

6.Do you have any new members?

Derrick Kroll is our “new” drummer but, as I stated earlier he’s been with us since we began writing this album and has been an integral part of VOTOV ever since. It’s like he’s psychic; he knows exactly what to play with every riff. Derrick’s steel work is incredible. His kicks, snare and tom performance are second to none. He’s a phenomenal musician and all around great guy. It seems like we’ve been friends with him our whole lives.

7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

Chuck generally does all of the editing, production and mixing on our albums. Jake Sacher of Sacher Audio Services has mastered the first album and our EP. Jake is another longtime friend and he actually plays in a band called Serrated Scalpel with Chuck. This time around we let Jake take the reins mixing and mastering. He did a stunning job of capturing the sound we were looking for. Every instrument is audible in the mix and it’s pushed just enough, without causing sibilance. He definitely was a big part in making this record sound the way it does!.

8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio practices?

I know it doesn’t make for an exciting interview but, no blood sacrifices or offerings on an altar are happening in our camp when it comes to recording. I guess playing naked would make for some interesting play-thru videos though, lol. The biggest motivator to recording for me is, being well rehearsed and knowing my parts. I have to jam the structure of a song with the band and then take it home to really plot out my bass lines. Sometimes it will be months before I feel totally confident in what I’m playing to actually have the desire to record. I’ve never been big on improvising although, some of the happiest accidents in jam can create amazing music. Once I’m ready, we like to do at least 6-10 takes of a song. I play through no matter what because even if I make a mistake, there might be parts of the song that are played better than others. It’s very much like playing live, keep the song going at all costs.

9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.

I.X.X.I. is currently available from CDN Records at:
It will also be available on Bandcamp and all the major digital retailers shortly after that. We are on FB, Instagram, CDN’s website and YouTube channel. We also have our own YouTube channel at

10.What are your plans, now that the new album is out?

Given our current situation, there are no tours currently booked. We will be doing a local CD release show here in Winnipeg unless things get locked back down. My biggest goal is to get this album into as many hands as possible and to promote it as much as we can online. I’ve been building a data base of radio stations, DJ’s, media outlets, blogs, reviewers and webzines that I can send it to digitally. Hopefully all that work combined with the backing of CDN will open doors to bigger things in 2021 for us. Thanks for helping to spread the word Wes and taking the time to discuss the new record with me.

THE METAL TIMES : Sepsiss Releases Single, Blacklight Invasion Blacklight Invasion Available Now on YouTube

Sepsiss Releases Single, Blacklight Invasion
Blacklight Invasion Available Now on YouTube

360510 sepsiss blacklight invasion f63ca5 large 1596142098
(Los Angeles, CA) August 31, 2020 — Sepsiss, female fronted heavy metal band from New England, releases their latest hit single, “Blacklight Invasion.” The single is off the upcoming album, Almost 11.

Almost 11, the upcoming 11-track album, mix and mastered by Grammy nominated Glen Robinson, is set to be released on August 21st. Sepsiss has already had a successful year, winning the 2019 New England Metal Act of the Year (New England Music Awards) and being signed by Pavement Entertainment, in Chicago, IL.

Almost 11 will be available for pre-release on iTunes on August 21st.

“Blacklight Invasion” is available now on YouTube and all major platforms. Follow Sepsiss on Instagram for future releases and visit their website for more information.

THE METAL TIMES : Angel Vengeance, "Street Of Tomorrow" live

Angel Vengeance, "Street Of Tomorrow" live at Ramby Cafe, Metal Zone Reborn Night 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Melodic Power-Metal from Thailand, in the vein of Helloween, Gamma ray & Iron savior...!

Live video:

Available Now!!
Angel Vengeance; Angel of Vengeance full album in CD 💿 format, check it out from the following link below 👍🏻✨

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In the textures of rough hewn, ancient stone and the sun warmed whorls of gnarled bark lies the essence of the past, the spirit of history sealed within. As the myriad reds and yellows of the sunset retreat before the greys and purples of twilight and the world wanders sleepily along the border between day and night, the ghosts still keep their watch upon the battlements and the murmurings of past passions dance below the canopy of leaves. The echoes of all that once was float upon the slowly cooling air of summer and what loved loves again, what broke breaks again, on into the soft silence of eternity.
Damnum Per Saeculorum is the eleventh full length album from revered doom sorcerers My Silent Wake and the fourth in their series of ambient, acoustic, experimental releases. It also happens to be a very special album indeed. Like the glint of old gold glimpsed beneath the loam and leaves, it is a startling revelation, an unexpected treasure dusted with magic. Medieval musical themes meander across dreamlike soundscapes, leading you backwards and forwards through time. Songs like ‘Of Loss And Regret’ are haunting in their beauty and every bit as emotionally powerful as My Silent Wake’s heavier, guitar driven compositions, while ‘The Rhyme Of Winter’s Children’ unfolds with a sense of drama to rival anything in their remarkable canon . Friends and family of the band members contributed lyrics and vocal performances as Damnum Per Saeculorum grew gradually, organically into the thing of wonder that drifts from your speakers today. The album was recorded in various sessions and locations around this island kingdom in late 2019 and early 2020, before being drawn together and mixed into a perfect alchemical blend by keyboard player Simon Bibby. Emotive and captivating, Damnum Per Saeculorum draws you gently into its world of shades and secrets and leaves you bereft when its final echoes fade, with a sense of loss that can only be assuaged by stepping across its threshold once more.
In the fifteen years of their existence My Silent Wake have created some incredible albums, some breathtaking music, but perhaps none with quite the peculiar magic of Damnum Per Saeculorum. On July 29th Opa Loka Records will reveal the path to this country of old ghosts and fragile enchantment, follow it and you’ll never want to leave.

Ian Arkley - Guitars & Vocals
Addam Westlake - Bass Guitar
Gareth Arlett – Drums
Simon Bibby – Keyboards
David MacLean - Guitars
Genre: Acoustic/Ambient
For fans of: Cities Last Broadcast | Hagalaz Runedance | Corvus Corax | The Moon And The Nightspirit

Further Information:

“...atmospheric beyond measure and truly special.”

THE METAL TIMES : OXALATE "Infatuating Sickness"

1. Unwholesome Revelation
2. Dark Ritual
3. Infatuating Sickness
4. Blood And Sulphur


©Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

THE METAL TIMES : Laceratory Extermination of the Dissidents

 Extermination of the Dissidents
 Brutal Death Metal / Slam

Laceratory is a Brutal Death Metal / Slam band was formed in 2018 and was founded in Minneapolis, MN US. With other members from New Zealand / Spain / New York. Heavily influenced by groups such as Prostitute Disfigurement, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Epicardiectomy, Septycal Gorge, Extermination Dismemberment.

John - Vocals (Chalice of Suffering, Solemn Echoes)
Eric Ogar Baumgard - Drums (Septicemic, Face of Oblivion, Glutton for Punishment)
Rod - Guitars (Arthropodal Humanicide, Putreseminal Viscosity, Scrumptious Putrescence)
Bones Burlace - Guitars (Disembowling the Limbless)
Samgar Ragmas - Bass (Kryptococcus, Antipathy, Imminent Peril)

Extermination of the Dissidents

1. Bathed In Entrails
2. Perverse Sickness
3. Extermination of the Dissidents
4. Slice The Throat Of The Rapist
5. King Of The Maggots
6. Peripheral Slaughter
7. Blood Infestation
8. Intestinal Engorgement


Metal Nations Promotions


A1. Yes, we have a new one out called "Brotherhood Of The Sun". This new album is about Death and how it's the only thing we are promised. So my concept is that humanity  could fight about everything under the sun.

Q2.  Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

A2. Lizaroth studios AKA my house Yes, all the material is new 

Q3. What is the difference between your last release and the new one?

A3. The difference between this album and the previous one is that I have been holding onto this idea for a long time and finally got around to making it happen.

Q4. Are you a signed to a label? If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

A4. No, unfortunately we are not signed yet but that is our next goal!

Q5. What has been going on with the band between albums?Did you tour?

A5. We have just been collaborating and getting more material together.

Q6. Do you have any new members?

A6. No, we don't have anybody at the moment but we have someone in mind.

Q7. Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

A7.  I have been  producing since day one of KILLSTRUCK and by using my own creativity to produce the songs.

Q8. Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles, Did you have any strange studio practices?

A8. no rituals or nothing of that sort just go in there and make it happen.

Q9. Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you?

Q10. What is your plans now that the new album is out ?

A10. Our plans are to pump out some more tunes for you guys and hopefully play some shows after all this covid shit is over...

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Of The Fallen is a melodic death metal band that was formed in 2017 in the great city of Houston, Texas. With each member incorporating different styles and influences, OTF’s music continues to evolve.


Wayne Ortiz- Guitars

Marco Maldonado- Guitars

Rob Vidales- Vocals




As glass is fragile and the helix can be said to represent dna - life, Glass Helix takes its cues from the fact that life is fragile, and we shouldn’t waste our precious time while we have it.
Glass Helix’s music hits hard while keeping a beautiful sense of melody and incorporating riffs that sort of stick in your head and you catch yourself humming the next day.

Band Members
Thomas H. - Vocals
Matthew K. - Guitar
Open - Bass
Matthew O. - Drums

HOLY HELL THIS IS GOING TO GET A LOT OF HITS! This week on An Old School Album Review we're discussing Devil in the Mist from the Boston/Rhode Island area
We talked with the band prior to this review, here's what they had to say:

 I tune all my Guitars  to E flat,  with  the 6th string on 6 string guitars to C# which in standard tuning would be Drop D ,  I also do different tyoes of tunnings with my acoustic  songs .   

  Bands i have played in  -     All original  bands  ,  in 2000  my  first band  Torque,  in  2009  ,  Invain  ,  then i went solo  with GIA G  in 2012 ,   then  in 2016  got back together with signer from  Invain  to form Devil in the Mist ,  in 2019  I  played shows with a NH  metal band  Infinite Sin  and recorded a  solo for one of their songs on their EP .   
Acomplishments -  “Radio-WIGWAM ‏ @Radio_WIGWAM Following Following @Radio_WIGWAM More Nominated!!! Gia G in Best Female Artist category. WIGWAM Online Radio Awards 2018. Keep rocking” 
Radio - WIGWAM - Radio - WIGWAM 
Hot Girls With Guitars, 1st place 2014
“Check Out This Weeks Battle Of The Bands Winner "Devil In The Mist" Winning by a whopping 6,522 fucking votes this week in the Battle Of The Bands! Friday August 17 2018, 5:23 PM” 
The Beast - MetalDevastation 
"Top 15 Hard Rock & Metal Female Guitar Shredders" chart by place 2014 
Sighed to Shred Guy records 2014 to 2015 
Emergenza Festival 2004 , winning 1st round , 3rd place in 2nd round , Advanced to finals. Then showcased for Sony Records from the contest Nov 2004  Some where # 1 for 2weeks on KB Radio in Canada , on there Top 25 international chart .There song Somewhere also picked up on Commercial stations in Europe and played on Surf 97.3 FM Flagner Beach Radio .com in Florida on there playlist 
Commercial radio airplay and in rotation for there song Severed Ties on 98 ROCK radio in Baltimore , Flagship home of the Baltimore Ravens . DC 101 Alternative Rock Radio WWDC . Surf 97.3 FM Flagner Beach 
In rotation on numerous Internet radio station . Including Radio WIGWAM in England , KB Radio in Canada , Metal Messiah Radio in England , LA Germany , San Francisco and many other internet and college stations . 
Ranked number #1 in Local charts for instrumental artists in Boston MA. 
Ranked # 1 on Reverbnation in National and Global charts for instrumental artists
More  Accomplsihments -  Endorsed with these great companies - Seymour Duncan , SIT Strings , Coffin Gear ,Revv Amplifcation, ZT Amplifier , Viper Guitars WB Gear , Best Tronics cables , Pick Guy Guitar Picks , Swiss Picks , Bigbends nut sauce , Frozen Picnic clothing    I have my own signature Guitars with Viper Guitars , and my own signature Guitar picks with   Pick Guy Guitar picks

Goals ,  to be signed  with  big indie or indie label affililated with  Major , get  even more radio play ,  be on the national circuit with major bands,    have our songs in movies , comercials, video games ,   Have a hit song  on bill board charts :)  i want to known as a great guitarist and original, but i want to be more known as a song writer, want to make songs that  hit people  .    
Funny/weird story about your band? 
Oh  well in this band  not  really , past bands there is ,    here is one , a show I was drivng to with my friend with me ,  my guitar was in the trunk , we went over a bridge , and the back of the trunk popped open , my guitar went sliding down the street ,  in the case,  lol

That's a pretty impressive list of accomplishments!!!  Hope the guitar was ok after it slid down the road 😬

Let's get started with the review..


I really like the guitar tones here, full of sound and crisp, pretty SIC riffs going on here..
Good video concept.. 
Layered guitars are awesome, perfect harmonies and well placed pinch harmonics..
Vocals are stellar I love the way she sings..
Ok that was a crazy solo with all the high end squeals, that's actually harder to do than a person thinks, and just learning how to do that takes countless hours of your guitar NOT making that sound before it actually does.


This is a slower song, just like a power ballad, but really shows the chord progressions used to create a song, how they match together with the right notes placed in the right places..
I can really relate to the lyrics here..
I love the video..
I'm not reminded of any particular band so that makes them very unique..
Drums are always on point.
*This video has over one million YouTube views


Another awesome video!!!
Loved the spoken vocals..
Recording the guitar parts must have been a nightmare with all the tricks she's doing, natural and pinch harmonics everywhere,  and well placed.. but as part of a riff that's hard to do..
Damn that's how you end a song!!!


Love how this starts..
Solid groves..
I dig the metronome sound, well placed and brings everything together as a part 1 and 2..
Really nice song here.


For a lesson in shredding please refer to this video 

I'm also including a few of these songs in a live version,  available here:

For all things Devil in the Mist and Gia G please follow them here:

Devil in the Mist and Gia G are managed by Wes J and Pitchfork Syndicate and Press handled by Metal Coffee PR
Any booking / interviews / review request can be made to
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THE METAL TIMES : Night - "High Tides - Distant Skies"

 'High Tides - Distant Skies’ is the fourth album from Night, set for release on The Sign Records, 11th of September. The album contains nine new tracks of classic sounding rock music. ’High Tide - Distant Skies’ follow the band's critically acclaimed album Raft of the World. If their last album was darker and had a strong proto-metal niche, the new album has much wider influences and a More is More approach. The album is built upon rhythm and melodies, and Oskar Andersson now shares the position as lead vocalist with Sammy Ouirra. 

”To create something big we had to downscale to something small. This time we had no room for Flying V guitars, but instead focused on solid single-coil sound. The new sound created a bigger space for vocals and arrangements” - Sammy Ouirra

Night has once again taken the help from producer Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Tribulation, Honeymoon Disease, ISE). The band has stepped outside their comfort zone, something that becomes possible after taking their time both with songwriting and having a long term collaboration with their producer. Night has since their last album enlisted drummer Linus Fritzson (Ambush). The band has spent a long time concentrating on songwriting, building trust and being able to steep outside of the box. There are more vocal arrangements, but also larger arrangements on the songs and even strings.


Night should be spelled 'R.O.C.K.’, The Swedish band that started out as a Judas Priest and Saxon worshiping band with their first release in 2012 has now transformed into a timeless and classic rock act with loads of proto-metal influences. Hailed for their wide influences and direct approach the band finds themselves taking new paths in a musical landscape that is well known for all fans of guitar-based music. 

"Rock is a serious thing, but at the same time, it cant be taken to serious. Rocking is fun and fun it shall remain. For us, I think the future is looking bright and it's feeling groovy. Put on your boots and get ready for the next chapter of NIGHT! Imagine a twilight zone where disco didn't die and rock music was allowed inside studio 54!" - Sammy Ouirra

It´s easy to grow fond of Night. It´s easy to say that their influences today could be found in history with artists as Phil Lynott, Mark Knopfler, or Scorpions ’76, or Blue Öyster Cult around ’77. But it´s so much more. With their last album 'Raft of the World' (2017 The Sign Records) the band got hails from most part of the rock scene. The dark album moved the band several steps away from the NWOBHM background and towards a proto-metal atmosphere of the ’70s. 

Night keeps moving and during the spring of 2020 the band released a two-track 7” called ’Feeling it Everywhere’. The directions of the new tracks take the band even more into the rhythm and style where the ’70s collided with the ’80s. Where Rock music meets up with Disco. It was a golden age for music, and the go-to period for many bands to find their influences. The recording was done as an in-studio live session to keep the feeling of live music.

Their new album ’High Tides - Distant Skies’ is released in September 2020. The band has once again used the help from producer Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Dead Lord, Imperial State Electric) who the band started to work with on ’Raft of the World’. ’High Tides - Distant Skies’ is a classic rock album. The album holds a greater variety of influences, most of them from a time period when rock was so popular that it was played on arenas around the world. 

Night recorded their self-titled debut album, released in 2013, and their second album ’Soldiers of Time’ was released in 2015. In 2019 the band released ’Raft of the World’ in Brasil through Hellion Records. 

Night has proven to be a live act to count on all around Europe. From touring with a variety of bands such as bigger names like Ghost to more established underground acts like Dead Lord and Angel witch. The band has been able to maintain a steady reputation and managed to spread their rock all over, from the Greek Gods of Athens, the Catalans of Barcelona to the Vikings of Norway.


Oskar Andersson - Guitar / Vocals
Sammy Ouirra - Guitar / Vocals
Joseph Max - Bass
Linus Fritzson- Drums


 LA's BODY COUNT release a music video for the hard-hitting track "Thee Critical Beatdown" from their highly acclaimed recent full-length album Carnivore. The animation work was done by Tommy The Animator, who previously created the music video for "The Ski Mask Way" off Body Count's previous release Bloodlust (2017). Watch the animated music video of "Thee Critical Beatdown" 

Carnivore Tracklist:
Point The Finger (feat. Riley Gale)
Bum - Rush
Ace Of Spades
Another Level (feat. Jamey Jasta)
Colors - 2020
No Remorse
When I'm Gone (feat. Amy Lee)
Thee Critical Beatdown
The Hate Is Real
6 In Tha Morning - 2020 - Unreleased Demo*
No Lives Matter - Live in Australia 2017**
Black Hoodie - Live in Australia 2017**

Body Count is Ice T (vocals), Ernie C. (guitar/backing vocals), Juan Garcia (guitar/backing vocals), Vincent Price (bass/backing vocals), Ill Will (drums) and Sean E. Sean (samples/backing vocals).

THE METAL TIMES : VIDEO FILES MERCYLESS "Laqueum Diaboli" [music video]

Underground legends of unholy Death Metal MERCYLESS have just unleashed the music video for "Laqueum Diaboli", third single from new album "The Mother of All Plagues" out Aug.21 on CD & Vinyl

THE METAL TIMES : PYREXIA "Liturgy of Impurity"

Title: Liturgy of Impurity

Track list:
- side A -
1. Abominat
2. Demigod
- side B -
1. Liturgy of Impurity
2. Infernal Ascension

Official re-issue on 10" vinyl, only available through the Xtreem Music mailorder, of the Demo '92 "Liturgy of Impurity" by this legendary New York band that, together with SUFFOCATION & INTERNAL BLEEDING, are the main exponents of that scene. The insert includes lyrics, original demo cover, photos, flyers, show posters... and a 4-page booklet in A5 size with an interview from '92.
Vinyl is limited to:
- 100 Orange wax with black splatter
- 100 Clear wax with orange splatter
- 100 Classic black wax

Band Website:
Order 10" (orange with black splatter) here:
Order 10" (clear with orange splatter) here:
Order 10" (classic black) here:

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Silenced Minstrel - Songwriter, Musician, Vocalist, Producer, Sound Engineer, Shaman, Spirit, Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse!

Saiful Nizam Shukor @ The Silenced Minstrel
Facebook: Silenced Minstrel

THE AXEMEN GUITAR INTERVIEW W / Ryan Endicott of Dying Oath

1.Tell us your name and the band you play for

I'm Ryan Endicott, I play for Dying Oath.


2.Who made you want to pick up the guitar

Matt Tuck, seeing him in the first Live at Brixton DVD,

Blew me away and I wanted to be cool like that. haha


3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

Self taught most of what I know, Josh made me realize how much I didn't know

so he's the reason I am where I am now



4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?




5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ?


We blend our sound to make the music shine.


6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color )


Epiphone goth '1958' explorer, Matte black

LTD Eclipse EC-257, Matte Black


7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? Tell us about them


I have Passive pickups in both of my guitars.


8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc


6505 Tube Amp



9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy


Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah


Maxon Overdrive

ISP Decimator 2 noise gate


10..Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail…..


Already playing it haha


11.What guitarist can you not stand?


Dave Mustaine


12. Is tone more important or is technique?


technique, loud won't save you forever.


13. Name your top 5 guitarist


Alexi Laiho

Zakk Wylde

Matt Tuck

Randy Rhoades

Jimi Hendrix


14.Who is the most overrated guitarist


I can't disrespect talent.


15.Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?


Alexi Laiho