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 Before it hits the world in the mouth you can order the brand new Brackish Tide single "Shallow Grave" in a special MP3 / WAV and album art pre order for $2 through paypal

Friday Nov 27th 2020

Incipio Records first release as a label Brackish Tide return after a long absence with a vengeance and drop “Shallow Grave” on an unexpecting scene with no mercy!

Brackish Tide is an all original heavy metal/hard rock band born on the banks of the dark murky Pocomoke river in Somerset County Maryland in the spring of 2014. The debut album, "The View from Below", was released on September 2015. After personnel change, they released a single, "Carpe Noctum" in 2017.  Our illustrious front man/vocalist 'Goat' returns!! Shallow Grave is the first single as the band is currently working on their next full-length CD!!

The label is releasing the single as a limited download including the song in MP3 and WAV format and will be available on global digital services including Apple Music , Spotify , Deezer just to name a few

The video for the single will be on YouTube in the coming days!

Contact metalcoffeepr@gmail.com for any info including interviews, reviews and a download for your station


Orders start at NOW! The order must say Brackish Tide to ensure delivery! Orders will be delivered asap Nov 27th
The single will be available on Deezer . Spotify , Apple Music , Tidal and more soon!! But why wait? Get this limited edition now!!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 Hi there. Thanks for taking your time for answering this questions. Could you introduce yourself and why the name’s choice? 

Hi and thank you! My name is Christina Earlymorn and I play for Being “alive” is beautiful. The name came through a massive depression I´ve felt back in 2017. Being “alive” means sarcasm towards life, because sometimes I´ve just felt like only existing and not really to be alive. I think you know what ya mean.

 Let’s talk about your logo. It was you, who designed it? What ideas did you have for it?

 Yes. I was the designer of the logo. Well. I hadn´t a special idea for it. I just swinged it with a pencil on a piece of paper and scanned it later with my scanner to finish it up digitally. 

Your style is Doom/DSBM. When did you realize these genres fit together so well? 

Tbh. I was in a very great depression as I recorded the first album. Originally I wanted to jump in front of a train before, but I thought to myself: “Before I do that I will scream out my frustrations BIG TIME!” - Due to that I was very lazy and skipped recording any rhythm guitars. So there is no Guitars. Only at one song I sneaked in a lil guitar solo, which I hate today lol I figured out, that the mood is (In my music with Being “alive”) transproted the best if the sound is heavy, slow and doomy sounding. The depressive black metal bit on the other side of the coin just goes hand in hand, because myself listen to DSBM alot if I am down. I love the expression of artists such as THY LIGHT, I AM IN A COFFIN or HAPPY DAYS. 

Do you only listen to Doom and Black Metal? Or do listen to other band? Which are they?

 No. I don´t. I listen to Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Metal, some Country and Classical music. I love bands/artists like ZZ Top, Joe Bonamassa, Black Label Society, Pantera, Megadeth, Type O Negative, BB King, Mozart, Bach, Paganini, Richard Wagner, Testament, Tsjuder, Sargeist, A Pale Horse Named Death, Graveyard, Gorgoroth, Watain, Motörhead, Thy Light, Advent Sorrow, Slayer, The Dead South, Ghostemane and Sleep. 

Your journey started in June 2017, with an EP “Schutt und Asche”. Two years after, “Unfrieden” was released. What was more difficult for you? Playing all the instruments or writing the lyrics?

 What were your inspirations in those years? Both albums have been driven by depression. So I didn´t felt it hard. One thing just came to another. If I am depressed alot of lyrics pop into my head like a machine gun. Same as with riffs. Its strange, because it seems that depression always has boosted my creativity lol 

Congrats on signing with Talheim Records / Talheim Records Germany. 

How long have you been searching for a label that could understand and fulfil your needs? Thank you! I wasn´t pretty active searching for a label. I just gave it a shot and wrote to him. I just wanted to have a partner who can help me produce some physical stuff of my music. So I am glad that I´ve found a very good partner with the Talheim Records family! “Frieden” means Peace in German and will be released on November 28th. 

Is that the reason you decided to let go the black and white cover this time? 

No. If you look closely it is the same tree that is appearing on the previous album UNFRIEDEN. At Unfrieden the tree is dead naked. On FRIEDEN the tree somehow managed to get alive again. I saw a kinda phoenix in it which basically discribes my path with overcoming and dealing with depression. - I know it looks strange for a Doom/Dsbm cover, but to me it is very fitting to have (even in this dark music) a little ray of light shining upon your head. In the song “Frieden” (Peace) there is the eternal search for peace themed. Just take a look at this world right now. Everyone talks about equality and freedom. It´s all bullshit IMHO, because there is no Frieden! There is no peace! We all search for it, but we rarely can find it. Thats the theme of the song and basically the complete album. - The album cover with all the sunshine and the nice landscape compared to the music shall be a total scam, because the music is dark, slow and very aggressive. I imagine (With a smiling face) some elderly women or men buying that CD in a store just because it looks nice and then getting blasted away by hearing its first song after the opening! Hahahahahaha! 

What guitars and other instruments did you use this time to achieve the perfect sound? And the inspirations to write the songs? What were they? 

As I mentioned before there are no guitars to hear. It is all Bass, Drums and Vocals. But for the intro I composed a little track on the Keyboard. Some kind of piano. - I have a guest singer on the track REGEN (Engl. Rain) Stevie Steel is more of a 80´s metal singer and adds a cool sick twist to my black metal raspy screams! I love when he sings his part! Also I sung some falsetto/opera style background vocals in one of the tracks of the new album and there is a slight dip of black ´n roll in one of the songs, too! But overall the rest is classic Being “alive” is beautiful with primitive riffs, heavy bass sounds, pounding drums and high black metal vocals.

 I know from your Facebook page that you are shooting a video. Can you give us more details, please? The name of the music? The director? The idea for it? 

Sure I can! I shot a video for the song REGEN (In which also my guest singer is appearing in the video) In the song “Regen” (Engl. Rain) I themed the current corona situation. Lockdowns, ppl getting crazy, businesses dying and all the negative shit going on with it. - In germany there is a saying: “Im Regen stehen gelassen” - Which means: “Left standing in the rain” without anyone helping you in your present situation or with your current problems. You simply get neglected while you suffer. I directed the video for it as I did for all other videos in Being “alive”. My boyfriend and my mom sometimes help me out by filming. Also I have a little standee to clip my smartphone to it. The idea for the REGEN video came spontaneous as I drove in heavy rain to my boyfriend's place in the middle of the night. The rain seemed endless and it was so chaotic as the current time seems to be. So I parked my car and took a walk without an umbrella and filming me getting soaking wet. That was the fundament that started the complete idea for the music video of the song. 

If you could sing with someone or write a song, who would it be and why? 

Zakk Wylde. I am a very big fan of his music and he inspires me every day. Thanks so much for answering. Any final words you’d like to share? Thank you very very much for this great interview! I really dug the questions! I wish you, my fans, and all the readers here the MAXIMUM of health, that their businesses stay alive and keep on growing bigger! We are all in this together! I am nothing bigger or better than you guys! Please stay safe y´all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020





1.What is your name and what band do you play for?

My name is Luca and I play drums in Hate

2.Who made you want to play drums and why?

Peter Criss was my Idol, that's why i started to play drums at the age of 12

3.When did you get your first kit? Tell us about it…

at the age of 12, it was a Pearl export classic set 

4.Where your parents supportive of you and your loud/expensive new habit?

Off course they were for them me studing music was the best way to keep me out from the street and troubles 

5.What drum performance on an album is perfection to you?

All Rush albums 

6.Tell us about your current kit and set up in DETAIL.

I have a dixon limited edition blue motion, DW pedals, Paiste , Sabian, Zidjian Cymbals


7.If you could have a dream kit tell us about it in DETAIL

Ludwig all maple 26 inch bass drum ... John Bonham set....

8.Name your top 5 drummers excluding Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy
Simon Philips
Jeff Porcaro
Steve Perkins
Scott Rockenfield

9. Do you prefer Live or Studio?

Of course live sessions

10.Do drummers really get all the chicks and if so how do we convince the guitarist?

well drummers are crazy eccentrics dudes, thats why chicks go crazy for them


Dead Harrison – Review

My main influences, while I grew up, were bands from the 80’s, such as Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and so on. What I miss the most about that decade (I was born in 1984 but in my teenager years, I listened to those bands), is the visuals, the aesthetics and everything you can probably think of.

This trio combines goth and punk very well and you’re a baby bat like myself, you will enjoy “End Of The Bloodline”. I like the introduction on this tune. It’s pure early Goth and talk about life, love, death, and the end of the world.

Their sound is a combination of heavy doom riffs, gothic melodies, and upbeat punk-rock tempos interspersed with harsh metal growls and mesmerizing vocals.

And that synthesizer they use on their songs, is pure genius.

Give this band a chance!

Band Profile:

- Drae the Dead - Lead Vocals

- Shawn the Dead - Guitar/Vocals, 

- Jason Skulls - Bass/Vocals 

 - Axile - Drums.


- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeadHarrison/?ref=page_internal

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/_deadharrison_?fbclid=IwAR3RJIwDy5YCK3kBv4fDJia0CYmmglzFR3MXgzApvD9PXNNjKFkM-JBS7Bw

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/d3adharr1s0n/?fbclid=IwAR1mGfRuPl7_ryipkkY9ZGKwBecQp-EJ5ebyM7-OlC5lc6HNGlgpOf-mATI

- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXp6d9JZIiKAzePESWbp4Sg?fbclid=IwAR3GcujajHpeyl92xQohZmo2s1KYo12QP164QKc1IwBmNMDhoRhD4PXESOk

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Project Alcazar : Lost in Centralia the metal times inside scoop

 1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Metal Times

! You have a new album out, Tell us

about it!

The new album is Project Alcazar : Lost in Centralia released on 9/30/2020 through Guitar One

Records here in the USA. The album has ex Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder on it. An

amazing keyboard player Caleb Hutslar – myself of guitars and bass. A few other guest

musicians most notably guitarist Jon Faber who did some great guitar work on one track for me,

2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new? It was recorded at Sonic Lounge studios in

Columbus Ohio – engineered and co produced by Joe Viers who I have worked with from over

20 years now. Most all of the material is brand new except for the re release of “Stranger

Avenue – which was on Chasin Voodoo and “Water Music” which was originally released on

Lion Music classical tribute to GF Handel by Lion Music out of Finland. Both those songs

already have music video shot by Bob Holobaugh with CrewDawg Productions.

3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one? I believe the

songs are stronger – I co wrote everything with Caleb and we worked very well together

exchanging ideas back n forth quickly. Mark Zonders drumming also added a fresh ingredient to

the songs as he is very good about approaching songs from a different angle with his fills and


4.Are you signed to a label? ,If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

Recently just signed with Guitar One Records. Currently they have done pretty well promoting

the project for me and they are very easy to work with and open to suggestions from their artists

5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour? No touring

obviously with the Pandemic going on and it has never been easy to find committed talented

players to go out and perform the material live. Its like herding cats so to speak – once you get

things almost in place someone decides they don’t have time to do it or its too much work

6.Do you have any new members? First time working with Mark Zonder and also first time

with Caleb as well.

7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album? Pretty much myself but

Joe Viers also contributes ideas and suggestions all the time – Mark also would let me know if

he felt strongly about something being a certain way or feel

8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio

practices? Was that Venom or Celtic Frost? Hahahaha Nothing special for me other than just

like to be alone and do my thing

9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you. You

can find the new CD @ www.projectalcazar.com – the album will eventually be available on

most of the main digital media websites like Amazon, Itunes, Spotify etc but right now its directly

through the bands website

10.What is your plans now that the new album is out? We will be shooting videos for most

all of the songs on the new album pretty much up through the summer. I have worked with

videographer Bob Holobaugh with CrewDawg productions for the last 12 music videos and I

have always been happy with them. Possibly write a few songs and recruit a vocalist next time

around as well as bringing in some more name players to help promote it