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Suzaku Avenue

Progressive metal/hardcore punk from Dublin.

"Sometimes Irish bands come out of the blue to just floor you like this, and it’s incredibly refreshing when they do. Suzaku Avenue have daring musical style that at times sounds like a completely free form, train of troubled consciousness confessional; except you know they’ve worked very hard at crafting it all. Nothing here is straightforward, safe or comfortable. It’s challenging and provocative, all over the place and yet unified by that unnerving theme that runs through it all... It’s not noisecore: it’s noir-core." - Metal Ireland

"This curious work of art sounds very individual, heartfelt and adventurous... They couldn’t have asked for a better debut.”

"This is not your typical, full speed ahead hardcore. There is an oddball quality to the music, mixing aspects of 90's post-hardcore with more avantgarde songwriting choices. It's 25 minutes of music that will leave you feeling breathless, disoriented, and perhaps a little bit violated. Interior's take on composition is the equivalent of being a 2 year old violently smashing Duplo blocks against eachother until they finally snap into a good way."
- Metal Trenches

"Their epic, multi-part songs are a blend of '90s indie rock, Celtic rock, pop and some good ol' metallic heaviness, making a concoction all the band’s own... switching between kicking aggression, sweet melodicism and brooding apocalypticism almost from bar to bar." - Dublin Buzz

"They’re not your typical band at all. SUZAKU AVENUE definitely have their own identity and know how and what they want to sound like. Their take on Hardcore/Post Metal is quite unusual." - Irish Metal Archive

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Cheese Grater Masturbation CHOOSES METAL COFFEE PR AND WHO DOESNT LOVE Cheese Grater Masturbation?

Cheese Grater Masturbation

We play fast, we play hard, and we groove for you to headbang to. Mixing the elements of Grind & Death metal are what make us CxGxMx!!!

Grinding Death Maniax from Texas!!!!

Death Metal/Grindcore

ellbound Jeff - Vocals (Lows)
Nick Dick Tuff - Vocals (Mids)
Ronnie Slavin - Guitar
Jacob "Grisly" Gonzalez - Guitar
Juan J.R. Rodriguez - Bass
Kinsy Gigh - Drums

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1999 - Leatherface and Warlock founded the Speed Devil Metal band Sodomizer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 

2002 - The demo tape HELLKULT AND SODOMY was recorded at Fast Forward Studio with Leatherface and Warlock playing all instruments. Warlock handled the vocals. 

2003 - Sodomizer returned to Fast Forward Studio ( with a new line up now Warlock guitars, Leatherface bass, Adramalec drums and Ripper vocals ) to record the debut album TALES OF THE REAPER. After the vocal sessions were completed Ripper left the band and Warlock returned to the vocals.
Tales of The Reaper was released on LP by Dark Sun records ( released in 2004 ) CD editions were released by Holokaostor Records and Scelza Records.

2005 - Danish label Horror Records released the compilation tape THE DEAD WALK with the demo tape on side A and a rehearsal on side B. That same year Adramelec left the band. Recording and live duties were taken over by a session drummer.

2007 - German label Iron Bone Head released the split THE HORROR CAN'T STOP ( 7'ep vinyl). The same year the second album THE DEAD SHALL RISE TO KILL was released by Marquee Records in Brasil ( CD format ) and Horror Records released the LP edition. 

2008 - Japanese label Deaththrash Armageddon Records released the compilation ( CD edition ) MORE HORROR AND DEATH AGAIN . Iron Bone Head made the LP Edition ( black and splatter ) 

2011 - The third album JESUS IS NOT HERE TODAY was released by Deaththrash Armageddon ( CD edition ) and the Brazilian label Morbid Tales released the split with Hellkommander MAKING THE DEVIL WORK ( CD edition ). 
This same year the band made their first tour ( Sign Of The Undead Tour 2011 ) in Europe together with Sign Of Evil ( Italy ), playing in Finland - Helsinki ( Black Flames of Blasphemies II ), UK - London, Sweden - Gothenburg, Denmark - Fredericia and Germany - Berlin.

2012 - The drummer Incitatus Post Morten joined Sodomizer 

2013 - Sodomizer returned to Europe with the Unholy Carnage Tour 2013 ( with Hellkommander) and played in the UK - London and Newcastle, Germany - Berlin and Hamburg, Austria - Vienna, Romania - Bucharest, Denmark - Fredericia, Sweden - Stockholm

2014 - The split RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD with Italian band Hands of Orlac ( 7'ep vinyl ) was released by Horror Records. In April they made a little tour ( 3 Dates In Hell ) together with Midnight (USA), playing in Minas Gerais, Recife and São Paulo. In May Sodomizer was the headliner of Ejecucion Metalica in Chile - Santiago.
Leatherface moved to Berlin the same year and Sodomizer and Hellcannon ( USA ) began the tour PESTILENT WIND OF DEATH TOUR 2014 - Germany - Hamburg and Berlin, Austria - Vienna, Czech Republic - Pilsen, Italy - Torino, Romania - Bucharest Old Grave Fest III, Belgium - Waregem, Norway - Oslo, Netherlands - Den Haag, Finland - Helsinki.
Before the tour Incitatus Post Mortem left the band and Papa Jupiter joined Sodomizer for this tour.

2015 - Another small tour ( Holocaust Cannibal Tour 2015 ) in Europe - Germany - Under The Black Sun XVIII, Denmark Metal Magic Fest VIII, Netherlands - Den Haag and Tilburg and London UK. That same year before the London gig the guitar player Max The Nekromancer joined Sodomizer.

2016 - The fourth album Confessioni Di Un Cannibale was released by Brazilian label Dying Music Rec. ( CD digipack format ) and the same year the compilation EVIL was realesed too ( cd format ). A new tour in same year - CARNAGE AND SODOMY TOUR 2016 - 2017 : Netherlands - Den Haag and Tilburg, Italy - Florence and Parma, Germany-Hamburg ( 2017 ). Later that year the band played two shows,one headlining the Raging Death Date festival and one in Berlin opening for Leather Leone ( the voice of classic Canadian band Chastain ).

To be continued...

Band Members
Warlock : Vocals and Guitars
Leatherface Perkele : Bass and Vocals
Paullo Estripador : Guitars
Max The NeKromancer : Guitars
Papa Jupiter : Drums

Official Links :

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

DISSONANT DISTANCE Announce Autumn European Tour Dates

Improvisational progressive metal group Dissonant Distance have announced 5 new dates in November as part of their campaign leading up to the release of their self-titled debut in November via Sliptrick Records. The bands music can be described as spontaneous, free and in the moment, encompassing elements of progressive rock, jazz, fusion, blues and Indian music.
It’s improvised music fused with the spirit of punk and jazz. Autumn tour dates: 13.11 | Budapest, HU 15.11 | Riga, LV 16.11 | Liepaja, LV 17.11 | Jelgava, LV 23.11 | Uppsala, SE Dissonant Distance | Released November 16th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records Dissonant Distance are: Oscar Hansson – Bass/Live Looping | Jay Matharu – Guitar | Andras Saylik – Drums/Percussion

Onsetcold: !!

Onsetcold are proud to unleash their new single "Los Angeles".
"Los Angeles" is a track taken form Onsetcold new upcoming album, which will take the same unorthodox approach as the singles (“Gloomy Sunday” and "LA") and hopefully give Onsetcold a different perspective. Be sure it will sound extreme but content with its openness to embrace many genres (including but not limited to the Metal family tree).


The next single release “Los Angeles” is about how a non-reality affects reality, The metaphysical affect of film and music over the past 100yrs on humans has caused for social communication to act on the actor to be the actor of the act. This is close to Onsetcold as both Shaq (music/vocals) and Seiza Friedrich (vocals) are autistic, ADHD, synesthesia. Reality is an odd place for most but for an autistic person the world is a very confusing and interchangeable place, learning body language from other people is important and not usually subconscious or automatic. (Shaq) This track came from watching television/movies with subtitles and noticing how that vastly increased understanding of what is “actually” happening within the film/program. As just said this is performance art on a mass scale and that we might be learning how to communicate from a fictional reality. How will film/television affect future humans of all nuerotypes, as we will be the ghosts of the future. The song is a journey
of an all encompassed reality of Los Angeles and the industry that it is. As you listen to the music you can hopefully form your own picture within your mind of how the world of film and television has affected you in your life. Or just quite simply it’s just a song.


"Los Angeles"


iTunes ( / Spotify (

Onsetcold - "Los Angeles" Video

Click on the image below to listen to "Los Angeles"

Onsetcold founded in 2003 from the ashes of a previous project titled “Control” which played with many bands including Mistress(UK), Palehorse(UK) and many more bands from around the world.

Onsetcold had an objective:

The main aim (as is the same today) is to create a band that would have no boundaries with influence. The music has a dominant genre “Metal” mostly in it’s extreme form, but does not feel exclusive to a static environment, as with any forms of art, progression opens new individual thought patterns, hopefully.

Toured with Hecate Enthroned(UK) in 2006, featured on British extreme metal magazines CD’s Zero Tolerance and Terrorizer with a track called “State of Fear”.

Signed to WormHoleDeath (Italian record label) to release their self-titled debut album “Onsetcold” in 2008 worldwide

2010 the Symphonic Blackened Death/ Grindcore period Played Unreleased/Demo tracks around the UK and promoted by Anaal Nathrakh as a band to look out for! Onsetcold then played a few Terrroizer Magazine sponsored shows around the UK with demo tracks, Horus, Sodom, Goat of Mendes and Judas Iscariot (which can be found on YouTube)

After wondering around the world as many musicians do, Shaq found the Satanic world of Fine Art (Contemporary Art). After completing a BA degree and now studying a Master’s in Fine art we arrive in the year 2018, with hopefully a more considered approach to Onsetcold. OK, throw that out completely! And Onsetcold starts to explore “what is Metal” (music genre) and “what is Art” while trying to not get an ahead of one’s self. Carlo Bellotti and Shaq reunite to agree on creating 2^nd Onsetcold Album, having close contact with Carlo sending demos off in various forms of Metal/noise over to Italy from the United Kingdom. A compromise is found and then we see the first official release from Onsetcold in 10 years, a new single titled “Gloomy Sunday” is released on the same day of the first Onsetcold album, which was in Celebration of 10 year’s of WormHoleDeath in this year 2018. Onsetcold was the first band to be signed to the label.


Nuovo singolo per gli Onsetcold!
Gli Onsetcold sono orgogliosi di annunciare che oggi esce il nuovo singolo "Los Angeles".

"Los Angeles"


iTunes ( / Spotify (

Onsetcold - "Los Angeles" Video

Streaming del singolo:


Evilon is a swedish metalband that plays Melodic Folk/Death Metal. It was created in 2015 by Kenneth Evstrand and Jonny Sjödin. In the beginning the musicstyle was Melodic Death Metal in the style of At The Gates, Amon Amarth and In Flames among others. During 2016 the  music evolved and is now inspired by Celtic and Nordic folkmusic. We found our bassplayer Björn Wildjärn and our lead/growler Joel Sundell early on. It then took some time before the band was complete but in August 2016 we finally found our drummer Anders Hagen that met our requirements and we could really start our journey. During the winter of 2016 Evilon recorded their first EP called "Shores Of  Evilon". It contains five songs written in 2016.

Evilon has signed a worldwide distribution contract with Italian record company Wormholedeath Records for their upcoming album Leviathan to be released in USA, Japan and Europe in 2018. 

Review credit to Emily and 

Maehem Underground Media!!!

Buy the Music at the WHD USA SHOP!

Lost Tribes of the Moon interview

1. Please tell us about the about the band and its members.

Jon: I started writing the material for what became the 3 main songs on our debut album in late 2015. Once I had the songs ready for a band, it actually took a while to settle on a lineup that could function as a live unit and also move forward in a progressive state. Jeremiah was the 1st of the current members to solidify his position on drums. We played together years ago in a black metal band, and he was my ideal drummer based on his style and experience. Janine stepped in next as lead singer a year ago. She played in a few bands around town and I always very much admired her singing talents. Ben joined the band back in May to take over on bass. We did a metal cover band with some mutual friends and I loved how he played more “lead” style bass, which added another dimension to our sound. We've been playing out live for just over a year now, but have played some pretty big shows already, and shared the stage with bands like Today Is The Day, Black Tusk, Ails, Dreadnought, Immortal Bird, and Owl.

2. Who does the majority of the writing? Is it a group thing or does someone handle the writing duties?

Jon: I wrote the compositions of this album, but it was more from the approach of myself trying to get a feel for what elements of different genres of music that I wanted to incorporate into this idea for a band. I had the 3 main songs written before I had a band assembled, and by the time Jeremiah was on board behind drums, we were able to finally shape and edit the songs into versions of what you hear on the album.  Now that there is a solid lineup in tact moving forward, there will be much more collective input into our newer material, which I'm personally excited about.

3.Where is the band based out of ? Where did you want to the band to end up? What was the dream city to have as your home base once you got out of your scene?

Jon: We are based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I don't think we intend to leave here, because in today's day and age, you can exist anywhere as long as you are social media savvy and willing to travel. I think the days of having to move to major cities in order to make it are pretty much behind us. Being in a major city certainly has it's advantages for a band, but we are comfortable with using our current home as our base to write and work up material . Wisconsin is a decent location for moving around to other parts of the country.

4. What is your genre? What bands do you use to explain  to people what you sound like?

Jon: While “Doom Metal” is a tag we get mostly associated with, I think we offer enough other things in our music to not necessarily be tied down to  just that specific genre.  Bands that were of influence to me when writing what became our debut album were artists like Trouble, Uli Roth era Scorpions, Ozzy and Dio era Sabbath, St. Vitus, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, and even some black metal like Aura Noir and Primordial.  I'll usually use come combination of those bands to describe to other people what we generally sound like.

5. Can we buy anything from you Cd's shirts etc and where can we buy them?

Jon: Yes indeed! We have CDs available through our Bandcamp page if you follow this link

6.Do you have studio time lined up anything new coming soon?

Jon: We just released our debut album so that's pretty new, and we're excited to finally be able to share it with everyone! And once we got our new material up to par we'll surely make our way back to the studio to record.

7.Have you ever been on tour? If so where and with who?

Jon: I did a tour primarily on the east coast with my old death metal band face Of Ruin. We were on a big bill with Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted, Decrepit Birth, Rings of Saturn, and Battlecross. That was fun to see some of those bands in action every night. I did a partial tour around the midwest with my old black metal band Shroud Of Despondency and the rest  of the tour out east with my solo dark synth project Cannabinol Synapse. It was in Richmond, VA I met and played  theremin with the band Inter Arma for my first time, and by the time you read this, I'll be in Europe with them for 9 shows opening up for Deafheaven.  Even though I haven't toured a lot, all of them have been of  a big significance on my career.

8.What is your favorite band? Who are the bands who influenced you?

Jon; Based on the tattoo on my leg, I have to say Rush is my fav rock band overall.  Another huge influence on me is Frank Zappa for the ability to compose complex but fun music and stretch the boundaries of music. I really love old prog bands like King Crimson, Peter Gabriel era Genesis, Camel, Eloy, I'm influenced by their themes and more elaborate approaches to rock music. Those bands have been of some influence on me in this band and some other influences that are more prevalent in our sound  are bands like Trouble, Rainbow, Uli Jon Roth era Scorpions, Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Venom, Celtic Frost, Manilla Road, M.S.G., and even some black metal like Aura Noir, Bathory, and Primordial.

9.Do you have a website? And do I have to verify that I am 18 to enter it?

Jon: We don't have a website, but we do have a Facebook and Bandcamp page. No age requirements for either one.

10.What about your music do you want people to remember? What is the quality you want to hit people when they hit play?

Jon: I would like to have people remember our dynamics as an ensemble and have our compositions  stand out so that people can distinctly define us in their ears from other bands of similar nature. We want listeners to feel like they are going on a journey while listening to our songs. That may sound cliché or artsy, but that's what we like to hear in music so we apply that to our own sound.

11.Name a person who is integral to your band that nobody knows about , what person drives your band like they are part of the band? Who is the extra member ?

Jon: In this band, we don't  really have a clear cut  single one, at least not yet. We have a lot of friends who have all gave some hand in something  whether it's hauling gear, recording our live sets, guest appearances on recordings, or art work. Currently, quite a few of our friends collectively make up the extra member.

12.Tell nerds like me tell us about your live rig and equipment.

Jon: My primary guitar for this band is an early edition Charvel San Dimas model. My amp is a 100w custom Crate Blue Voodoo that I replaced the transformers and choke with Mercury Magnetics upgrades. I have 2 4x12 Emperor speaker cabs but I only use both when it's necessary. I just picked up a Tyrant cab from my friend Sean who was the designer of Emperor and these cabs sound even better! They have great controlled bass response.

Jeremiah: 1970s Pearl fiberglass 5 piece drumset with a 24” bass drum

Ben: I Play a “Fender Style” custom bass through a Sunn Beta Bass 1x15 combo

13.What is your musical guilty pleasure that you are ashamed of?

Jon: I'm not sure what I would be exactly embarrassed to admit to liking nowadays, but a lot of poppy 80's stuff resonates with a very young childhood  of mine so anything like that. Journey, Men At Work, Eddie Money, 80's Genesis, all that stuff is corny but fun.

14.If you could custom build a band who would be the members?

Jon: Assuming that we are speaking within this current timeline,  and that I was to be in the band too, I'd have Uli Roth do guitars, and I'll gladly play 2nd lead and rhythm to him. On bass I'd get Geddy Lee cuz he's still got plenty of chops and he could do some vocals too.  For lead vocals I'd go with Mike Patton cuz he has a great range and  could do anything we threw at him. On drums I'd get Billy Cobham. And for keyboards (cuz why not?) I'd go with Chick Corea cuz he can cover a wide range of styles.

15.Message to the fans? What is it?

Jon: Thanks for digging our sounds and your support and keep up to date with us through our Facebook page for show schedules and announcements. We hope to see you in your hometown soon!

Social Media:



ClawHammer PR

Brutal Death/Black Metal masters Unholy Desecration in Top 100 Metal Bands Globally

Brutal Death/Black Metal masters Unholy Desecration are rapidly climbing's metal charts leaving scores of headless bodies in their wake. Currently #53 in the USA and in the TOP 100 globally with over 4k bands in the metal category Unholy Desecration are relentlessly assaulting the metal masses with their new EP "Born of Evil" and live performances across Texas. 

Emerging from the abysmal depths of the Texas/Mexico border comes forth UNHOLY DESECRATION (formally known as Satanical Torment, Scarabaeus). Unholy Desecration was formed in the fall of 2017 by founding members Roberto Canales (Guitarist), Arnold Garza(Drummer) & Josh Villa (Bass).

They then added Jaime Maravillas (former Descry, Altercate, Eternal Crown Vocalist) on Vocals and almost a complete unit but lacking a second guitarist, they finally added Drew Erebus(Guitar)-(former Eternal Crown, Belligerency) to round off this Unholy quintet.
With complete lineup they began months of intense rehearsal perfecting their sound in Rob's Red Barn Recording Studio in Mission Texas.

UNHOLY DESECRATION unleashed their resonant form of Blackened Death Metal upon the unsuspecting masses with an onslaught of brutal live performances in the thriving Texas Border Metal scene and booking future dates with bands such as Mexico's death metal legends Mortuary & Morbosidad. They have shared the stage with bands
including Severance and Confused Records label-mates Panteon, Confused, XIL and Overt Enemy just to name a few. On September 2018 Unholy Desecration's EP "Born of Evil" was released by Confused Records worldwide across all digital music platforms. Now UNHOLY DESECRATION looks forward to what lies ahead for them.....  

Follow Unholy Desecration: 

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1.Thanks for your time. Tell us about your band and what you do for your band. 

Donny: We are a music ministry out of Chattanooga TN. We are in the hard rock/metal genre. I am the bands technical guru, emergency electronic repairman, Axe FX 3 programmer, road trip mechanic, oh, and I play guitar. 

Jimmie: I’m the vocalist and jump off things.

Gabriel: I’m Gabriel, and I hang out on the drum set behind the other guys. We’re just a group of guys that enjoy playing music, and got together with the goal of jamming out, and using our gifts to write some Christ-centered songs. 

Patrick:  I am the bass player and founder of Faith Head. In addition to playing bass and song writing, I also manager our marketing, social media and the website. Jimmie and I handle most of the show bookings.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be in a band? 

Donny: When I was 3 years old. I played air guitar for years with Metallica.

Jimmie: After Jason Beaver’s left the band, I was asked to fill in for just one gig. Initially I told Patrick no but after being asked again I gave in. After that one gig I haven’t looked back.

Gabriel: The subconscious desire to be in a band was probably there somewhere in the 7-10 year old range, since I was raised with music and around musicians. I started on drums when I was 12, and would say that I immediately formed a conscious interest in pursuing some type of band playing. 

Patrick:  Being a bass player kind of denotes you’re going to be in a band unless you are a Stu Hamm or Victor Wooten type. I could do that virtuoso type music, but I like writing with people and the harmony of a band vibe. There’s a deep spiritual element when you are writing and creating as a group you don’t get solo.  I always liked the role the bass plays in keeping the music together. If the drums are the bones of a song the bass guitar is the muscle. I like creating waves of sound for everyone else to surf on in the song. Being in a band is very different from starting a band. There’s another level of responsibility that comes with starting your own project. Its success and mainly its failures are associated with you more often than the group. I am blessed that I have good partners in this band. I believe that’s why we’ve grown so much in this short amount of time.

3. What is different about being a musician than you imagined? 

Donny: Having to work on gear as much as we use it.

Gabriel: I’m not sure I had a specific idea of what the journey of musicianship would be like, but realizing how much one must push themselves for improvement, and the amount of dedication to practicing and focus is something that I did not imagine from the beginning.

Patrick:  Being a musician has changed a great deal in the last 20 years. You just can’t be a musician anymore. You must be a business manager, an accountant, a publicist, a lawyer and travel agent all rolled into one and that’s the short list. If you are lucky to be able to focus just on your instrument or writing, consider yourself blessed. The business part of the music business takes the joy out of creating music if you don’t have a good team of people around you that you can trust. Also, the standard or measure of what is “success” has changed as well. But being a musician, a song writer or bassist to me is more about expressing myself through music and the statement I am trying to make. Technology has really changed the business. It’s easier now to share our music with the world than it used to be but there are no fewer rewards or compensations for doing it. You got to love it, or it will burn you out fast.

Jimmie: Rock n’ Roll don’t pay like it use to. You would think live entertainment would be in high demand but that is not the case. Luckily, I don’t do this for the opportunity to be rich and famous 

4. What gear do you use and why? 

Jimmie: Give me a Shure 58 or preferably a wired Shure Beta 58 (feels right in my hands). 

Gabriel: The set I’m playing is a Mapex Mars Pro. I like the tone and punch from the 9-ply combination of maple/mahogany/maple. The 10-inch tom doesn’t match the rest, because it came to me by way of a careless fellow who orphaned it. The largest tom, “The Cannon,” is a 20” x 30” Ludwig, made in the early 70’s. An awesome thrift-store find that I restored. I’m not married to a particular brand of cymbals, because I like some Sabian hi-hats, Paiste & Zildjian & Meinl crashes, and Wuhan chinas. I prefer nylon-tipped sticks, and have ProMark in Japanese oak, and Vic Firth in hickory

Patrick: I played Rickenbacker Basses for years, but they’ve become too expensive to replace if damaged or stolen. I started played Schecter Ultra Basses about 6 years ago. The profile of the neck is good and allows me to fret fast. I like the weird body shape which is always been a requirement for me. The Schecter Ultra Basses respond well to how I play. Regardless of my right-hand technique; slap bass, tapping, finger style or with a pick, I can get the sound or tone I want. I just hit the thing and it makes the sweet noises I desire. But without my DR Lowrider Steel Bass Strings my tone wouldn’t be the same. My pedal board is mostly Digitech effects; Distortion, Chorus, Synth and Whammy, but my wah pedal is a bass Crybaby and my tuner is a mini Polytune. Until recently I was playing through a rack mount SansAmp preamp into my Genz Benz rig, but we’ve now moved my bass and Donny’s guitar in to a Fractal Audio Axe FX unit. I was skeptical at first but it has made traveling to shows much easier, lighter and it requires less space. But Donny will tell you more about that.

Donny: Why? Because it just makes sense. We were hauling around a Genz Benz full bass rig, a road case with 2 Mesa Boogie amps running a wet dry setup, effects tray being controlled midi, a 4x12 and a 2x12 cab. That I had to troubleshoot 1/2 the shows. The guitar and bass rig is now set up and sound checked in 5 min now, we run it direct to front of house, It’s our amps, cabs, and all effects used, and it only takes up 3 rack mount spaces.  I should add it sounds better and cleaner than running a full amp rig, Zero, I mean absolutely zero amp hiss, background noise. The tones are on par with some of the best and most expensive tube amps out there.  

5. What music do you listen to that would surprise people? 

Jimmie: I’ll find myself listening to old Bill Gaither videos on YouTube a lot (old southern gospel music).

Donny: Jane's Addiction

Gabriel: Not sure. The things that surprise people sometimes surprise me. I’ve been a fan of classical music forever; and a huge fan of Blind Melon, Ben Harper, and Fiona Apple for a long time.
Patrick:  Being in a Christian band people would think I listen to other Christian artists, but I don’t really. Back in the day the quality of Christian metal wasn’t equal to that of Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax or Slayer in my opinion and recollection. I think this is why I was inspired to create Faith Head because I felt like there wasn’t Christian metal / alternative music that I liked. Growing up in the rural South there wasn’t a huge variety at the local music store. Though recently people have come up to me and will ask if I listened to such-and-such band. I confess to them I don’t know these artists but then I get to go discover these bands later. My influences are still the old guard: Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, W.A.S.P., the Misfits, Danzig and the Big Four I already mentioned. I don’t listen to them all as much as I used to because they can take me to a dark place in my heart if I let them. But you can hear them in the songs where I am the predominant song writer unashamedly. I think it would surprise people that don’t know me that I do like bands like alternative bands Primus and Rollins Band which are strong influencers on my playing as well. Mastodon has been consistent in my CD players for the last couple of years. I listen to Johnny Cash a great deal which is a cool thing to say now in the hard rock / metal world. I like Junior Brown who is the Steve Vai of country / roadhouse guitar if you don’t know him, but his live performances are the best. I like talent in whatever music I find it. I like discovering new music that speaks to me regardless of the genre. I’m really into new and up-and-coming bands and making sure they get heard.

6. How do we find your music and merch to buy? 

Jimmie: Visit our website at and click on the Merch link. You can find our music on most of the usual suspects. Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio etc.  
7. How did you get a record deal? Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY? 

Jimmie: Faith Head is unsigned. We have been approached from smaller labels in the past but have turned them down. We’re looking for our ‘soul label’ and won’t commit until we find them. In the mean time we’ll fund, record and book ourselves.

Patrick: We can write music and make records on our own. If we were offered a record deal, they would have to be offering us something we can’t do for ourselves. Since a record label is essentially a marketing firm combined with a financial institution that loans artists money, there would have to be a clear plan of return on investment for us to accept a deal. We collectively believe if God intends for us to be on a label, that the path to it would be very clear. Right now, we’re content to do it all ourselves and keep moving forward. 

8. What bands do people compare your music to?

Gabriel: If I recall correctly, some have mentioned Alice in Chains, Metallica, or Chevelle. Each person hears different things with any music they listen to, and I take those noted associations as a compliment. 

Jimmie: I’ve heard everything from Alice In Chains, Tool and POD. I’m not sure if you can exactly put your finger on Faithhead. 
Patrick: We got compared to Soundgarden in the beginning. But since Jimmie has come on board as vocalist, not so much anymore. Our next studio recording will be a step forward in new direction. I am curious to what we’re compared to then.

9. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services? Or do you think it hurts sales?

Gabriel: Where we are in our career is still very early, and with the continuing drastic changes in technology within the music industry, and in listeners’ lives, we embrace most legitimate ways to get our songs into your ears and your heart.  

Jimmie: I’m pro. Of course the current setup of streaming services is harming and discouraging bands in some areas, mostly in being able to tour(lack of income to support). But it does encourage more music and projects that would have otherwise been very costly in pre-internet times. 

Patrick: I can’t say I am a fan. Its great to see you get 100+ plays in one day, but the reality for us that comes out to about $1.00 monetarily if we’re lucky. Not that we do it solely for money, but making money helps us make more music. I like the process of buying music. I am old enough to remember that going to the record store was a thing. I’ve written articles about this in different publications. When vinyl records started making a comeback it gave me hope that the experience of buying music may come back again for this generation. I want my kids to experience the joy of discovering and buying music. It’s a lost experience in our culture now. It makes me sad. It used to take time, now its instant. I still buy CDs if I am fan. I believe its important to purchase the brand, especially if you want more. Unless there is a major change in the industry with this new proposed law I don’t see streaming services helping the industry, more especially for new and undiscovered artists.

10. What’s the ultimate goal for the band? 

Gabriel: We’d like to have the option to make Faith Head a full-time gig!

Donny: The ultimate goal would be for us to be successful enough to support our families and do it full time.

Jimmie: To grow the Faith Head brand on the social media front and have a predictable amount of people to come to regional live shows. 

Patrick: I don’t know if there is an ultimate goal other than keep moving forward. Becoming self-sustaining would be it if I had to pick one. As God opens doors we continue to step through them. If God continues to inspire the music, we’ll keep writing and playing it. Every week there is a new opportunity presented for us to explore it seems.

11. Will we see you tour? 

Gabriel: Yes; if you follow us, support us, and get your butts out to our shows!

Patrick: We’re looking to put something together for 2019 where we can stretch our legs a little further. We’ve noticed that we have a growing audience in Denver, Chicago and St. Louis through our distribution services. Its still all in the idea stage at this point. Since we all still have jobs it will have to be a weekend endeavor unless we can get the right financial backing. 

Jimmie: It will be a short tour. Currently we are weekend giggers but would love to take 10-14 days and play 8-10 shows consecutively.

12. Who would you love to tour with? 

Donny: Disciple

Jimmie: Convictions, Disciple, Memphis May Fire, and Unspoken.
Gabriel: Hard question. Tourniquet, Disciple, Living Sacrifice, Daniel AMP, Primus, POD, Chevelle, Decyfer Down, Skillet. There are a ton of great bands out there. 

Patrick: Alice Cooper. I would just love to pick his brain and hear all the stories, plus I would get some good pointers for my non-existent golf game. I think it would be cool to tour with Ozzy. Perhaps get to sit in on a song or two. I would want to go out on the road with someone who’s done it for a while to learn the ropes, that knows all the good places to eat and all the hangouts. Having done a small leg of a tour we know there’s more down time than anything. Touring with someone who’s done it would be the ideal experience.

13.What is your favorite song of yours and why? 

Jimmie: ‘Push’ - It’s a song of encouragement and combats some culturally taboo subjects. It’s one of our edgier songs but it’s fun to see people listen when it’s in song form rather than argue and be offended if it were spoken verbally.

Gabriel: I think right now it’s a new song of ours “Rise Up.” One of the lines is “...give angels a season to cheer! Give demons a reason to fear!”

Patrick: That’s a tough one. “Going to the Mountain” really started it all but “Burn” was our first group collaboration with Jon, Jason, Donny, Gabriel and myself. It’s a toss up between “Push” and “Revolution” which are great collaborative efforts. Your songs are like your children. You don’t really have a favorite but each one affects you in a different way and plays a different role in your life. Each song is a moment in our history with its own story to tell. 

14. Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands? 

Patrick: Hard rock and metal music is synonymous with being music that releases negative energy. There are plenty of people out there that will testify that you can release your negative energy and get recharged with positive energy with our music. Consistently people tell us after listening to our music they feel better and positive, believers and non-believers alike. I believe that is the divine element in our music. Its not your stereotypical Christian music lyrics either. There is something for everyone to hear. Our next batch of songs we’ll be responding to culture.
Jimmie: We are not pandering to a trend or popular culture. Which is unlike 95%+ of the other bands out there. We’re looking to make people uncomfortable but able to dance and head-bang along with the subject of our songs. 
Gabriel: We’re doing this because the Father inspired us to take His message to His children. We want our brothers and sisters and any unsaved to have music that doesn’t lead them to sin. 

15. What are your favorite music websites labels podcast etc? 

Patrick: I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience.

Jimmie: Jesus Wired and Loud Wire.

16. Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover? 

Donny: No.

Gabriel: Imagery can be impactful, but I try not to judge a book by its cover. 
Jimmie: I don’t judge by the cover but it very well could make that album re memorable.

Patrick: Imagery is important to me. As I said before, I enjoy the buying music experience and the artwork is part of that. There used to be an excitement and mystery to it that came from examining the album’s artwork back in the day. That album’s artwork may have been the key factor of whether you bought that album or not. As a graphic designer by trade, it’s something that always goes through my mind when putting together our packaging together. I think the artwork should speak to the contents. I have bought albums in the past because I liked the artwork but hated the album. Album artwork is going to become a lost art if we let it.

17. If you could choose a cover song your band mates would hate what would it be? 

Jimmie: Take a Taylor Swift song and metal it up.

Patrick: No comment.

Donny: Nothing, because, chances are I would hate it too.

Gabriel: I’d rather not be mean and name an artist — which might swiftly create some bad blood, but we recently heard a guy play a certain popular female artist’s music, and we all 4, chins dropped, promised that we’d never commit that horrible atrocity. 

18. Is the record or live show more important? 

Donny: Live. ALWAYS LIVE! 

Jimmie: The record is a tiny bit more important. That is what you use to draw them in. The live music after getting them interested becomes just as important at that point. 

Patrick: I think they’re equally important. Albums are eternal but live performances are memories that you keep with you as an audience member. We want to be interesting to watch live as well as listen. 

Gabriel: The live show requires much labor, but seems to be the most rewarding. We get to interact with great people, and share and trade some very exciting energy and emotion.

 19. Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for. 

Jimmie: Larry Norman, Sonny of P.O.D. and I don’t know who else .. 
Patrick: Jimi Hendrix, Cliff Burton .. Elvis. 

Donny: Jesus .. that's cheating, we do that every time we play. My dad, he would be proud. Tavner Smith, so that he would get a good dose of Biblical Truth for once.

Gabriel: There are so many! Some of the most incredible live performances I’ve experienced have been at Cowboy Mouth concerts, so it would be extremely cool to have them in our audience one day, and their drummer happens to be the lead singer! Dave Matthews’ drummer, Carter Beauford, is an immensely talented drummer, and seems like very cool guy, so I’d like to be able to share our music with him. As a drummer, though, how could I not want to have the opportunity to meet Rush’s Neil Peart?! 

20. Lemmy Ozzy Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins? 
Jimmie: Dio.
Donny: Dio.
Patrick: Lemmy.
Gabriel: Hands down; Lemmy. He’s the most “man’s man,” out of those 3.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018


Chapter ONE - Enduring the smell of Burning Flesh

The blood was running through his veins as he heard something in the distance, it sounded like a desperate gasp for air. His father had told him a long time ago that he would amount to something strong, fast, and powerful. As he heard something crack in the woods, he knew the enemy was close. Normally calling his opponents “the Enemy” was the best way for him to motivate himself but he knew now that the word enemy was giving the opponent too much credit. The more suiting word would be hunted terrified pray, a victim. The legend had grown strong and as the Tribes of this land had seen terror, war and was now for the first time nearly freed of excessive violence. There were only a few exceptions of horrific dangers out in the deep parts of the massive vegetation surrounded the land and he was one of them. 

He smiled at the thought of all the fear he had put in this population for decades then he snuck up behind the Enemy and in 2 seconds, he snapped his neck. The hunt was over and the opponent was dead, yet his soul was still troubled. He sat down and started a fire then he closed his eyes and in and with the fresh image of the fire his past appeared as a majestic creature with its own life spirit. Through the flames, his father’s face became visible. He turned his head and saw a visitor talking to the leader of his first tribe. The leader pointed and screamed at his father. The next second the father had his throat slit by a knife shaped object, and the blood ran down his chest. The Tribe leader approved the visitor to cut off his father’s foot, and then drag the rest of his body to the side. The Visitor attached a piece of flesh from the body to his spear, and then roasted it all in the fire.

He opened his eyes again and realized that it was almost dawn as he thought of that day many years ago for most of the night now. The sky was completely black when the spirits named him and it was said that Darkness would follow him wherever he would go. Bofo Kwo was his given name but the Legend tells of a King, a Cannibal King. He slowly started with separating the foot of his prey and left it aside when he was done. As the fire burned the brightest, he cut off a piece of flesh and attached it to his long stick. He thought to himself that if the world knew the truth was even more disturbing than the Legend they would bow to his feet. From the moment he saw the ritual for the first time, he learned to endure the smell of burning human flesh. He could feel his soul growing more and more powerful and as he carved his mark into the foot of his enemy, he stood up and felt a powerful force rush through his body. That night he fell asleep knowing that one day the whole world would chant Bofo Kwo and bow to his presence, for he was the true King! 

*Note from Wes of Metal Coffee. Hey Metal Scene you are welcome. I knew these guys were special years ago. I have been privileged to watch them grow. The future is bright for BOFO which means they will ignore me soon. Kudos my brothers

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Formed mid 2017 by frontman, RJ Vargas, Anhedonia first began its inception in studio at Rapture Recordings located in Hayward, CA.  The concept of the band and sound came to life when recording the single titled, "So Far Below" mixed and mastered by Cody Fuentes of SPITE who also introduced Josh Miller of Emmure into the track.

After full production of the track, guitarist Jason Anaya and Joe Anderson were recruited; and who would then transition into taking over the main writing aspect of the music.  The songwriters continued to produce heavy works with relentless determination and ambition to form the sound that is ANHEDONIA.  In the ensuing months, bassist Jose Jimenez was eventually recruited to fill the next lineup slot for the band.

Working into 2018 with production of album material, it was then announced that Andrew Holzbaur, formerly of Oceano and The Devastated, would officially complete the lineup as drummer. 

On September 7th 2018, the band released their lyric video single for, "So Far Below" (FEAT Cody Fuentes & Josh Miller) via Chugcore Promotions, thus setting the punishing and unforgiving tone of the upcoming album titled, "Virulence".

The band continues to fine tune the content of their upcoming record set to hit the studio at Rapture Recordings once again in January 2019 with the backing of promotional entity, Chugcore, for its release.

This is high impact for radio / press now!! request for interviews can be set up by emailing as well as request for music or any other info you need.
The Bands on Metal Coffee PR are always available for print interviews as well as album reviews!
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