Monday, March 30, 2020

Pulchra Morte

 Greetings! We in the Pulchra Morte camp are pleased to share with you this song, entitled “Knife Of The Will”, as a preview of our forthcoming album. Writing for this album commenced immediately upon completion of our prior effort, Divina Autem Et Aniles, and continues our journey into what has become known as “death doom” metal.

While Jeffrey Breden remains the primary songwriter, this album is our first written with Jarrett Pritchard as collaborator from the impetus. His participation brings together the two guitarists and really enables us to highlight the back-and-forth that comes with two guitarists. Being able to have “dueling leads” and additional complementary melody lines allowed us to push further into the realm of the possible. The addition of John Porada’s expertise on bass brought the sound we were looking for and helped ground the tracks in lock-step with the drums, while adding the unique sound and range of Adam Clemans’ voice really elevated this work. We are extremely proud to have them join the brotherhood.

Sonically, we wanted this album to reinforce our “back to the roots” approach to songwriting. The drums were recorded at Matt Talbot’s Earth Analog studio, directly to 2” tape, laying the...  more
released February 3, 2020
Adam Clemans - vocals
John Porada - bass, backing vocals
Jeffrey Breden - guitars
Jarrett Pritchard - guitars
Clayton Gore - drums

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