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The German-American Power/Thrash Metal band THEM releases their new single together with an epic video for the song "As The Sage Burns" today. The song is taken from their latest studio album "Manor Of The Se7en Gables". 

Singer KK Fossor says about the song: "After the raven brings horrific news of Peter Thompson's imminent arrival, Sarah, the scullery maid, assembles the coven from the manor in order to perform a cleansing of KK's body and expel the evil spirit known as the Crimson Corpse." 


"Manor Of The Se7en Gables" was released through SPV/Steamhammer last October as CD DigiPak, 2LP Gatefold, download and stream: 

THEM Live 2019:
02.05. SE-Stockholm - Pub Anchor
03.05. SE-Trollhättan - Backstage Rock Bar
04.05. SE-Motala - Bomber Bar
07.05. DE-Bad Friedrichshall - Lemmy's
08.05. DE-Mannheim - 7er Club
09.05. DE-Kassel - Goldgrube
10.05. DE-Hamburg - Bambi Galore
12.05. NL-Tilburg - Little Devil
06.06. ES-Zaragoza - C.C. Delicias
07.06. ES-Bilbao - Santana 27
08.06. ES-Madrid - We Rock
09.06. ES-Valencia - Paberse Club
10.06. ES-Barcelona - Razz 3

For More Info Visit:
THEM Releases New Single and Epic Video!

CRAWLING MANIFEST Launch Their Assault With ‘Lords Of War’

CRAWLING MANIFEST Launch Their Assault With ‘Lords Of War’

The major musical influences for Lords Of War, the latest EP from US metal group Crawling Manifest, are the new wave of British Heavy Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death, Power Metal, and just a dash of Prog. After the release of their EP, Forevermore, the band gained a significant amount of creative freedom, which allowed the band to get back to the beginning of what got them into playing music in the first place. This is EP is imbued with that sound …the sound of pure Heavy Metal.
The EP is stuffed with a blend of classic and modern heavy metal that draws lyrical influence from fantasy worlds and stories of crusades and revelry. In this particular case, Lords Of War is the story of a group of crusaders which evolved into a story of battle, religious crusades, and betrayal.
• Paladin’s March is a thrashy opening track that sets the tone of the EP.
• Lords Of War is a fast paced power/melodic death track that relies on blistering speed and melodic lead guitar.
• Shrapnel Wings sets a groovy Pantera-like tone to a tale about the slaying of a dragon.
• Aim To Kill is a genre bending song bordering between melodic death and early metalcore taking influence from bands like Killswitch Engage.
• Divine Crusade is straight up heavy metal. Combining all that Crawling Manifest has become.
The artwork, in essence, shows a snippet of the story told by this release. A scene of a crusade in action. The band also wishes to thank James C. Kimball And Matthew Majchrzak for story their influences on Lords Of War.
Lords Of War | Released April 30th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Paladins March | 02. Lords Of War | 03. Shrapnel Wings | 04. Aim To Kill | 05. Divine Crusade
Crawling Manifest are:
Andrew Gladu – Vocals/Bass | Andrew Mimms- Guitar/Backing Vocals | Trevor Layton – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick


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Founded by Håkan Ålander (guitar), Daniel Karlsson (guitar) and Daniel Trabold (drums) in January 2017 in Gävle, Sweden. They found the vocalist Oksana “Element” in internet and invited her to record “I am the Danger” in a studio in Gävle. Musicians were much impressed of her voice (growl and clean) and decided to invite Oksana to join the band. Mattias Nöjd was invited as a bass player in the band. Later they are recording the song called “Kiss of Death”, filming the first music video on it and continuing to work on a debut album. Oksana is living in Stockholm County (about 160 km from Gävle) and coming to Gävle for the studio work only, all the vocal parties she creates in a studio while recording. In October 2017 Mattias Nöjd left the band and his place takes Felix Björklund. In May 2018 Carmilla filmed the second music video on the song “Devils Feast” and released their first EP with an eponymous name,which gain popularity in internet and became a kind of trademark of the band. In August 2018 one of the original members drummer Daniel Trbold decided to  leave Carmilla to spend more time with his family. Oksana offers to test her boyfriend Dennis as a drummer who fits perfectly to Carmilla, so they continue to record the debut album with him and the band became a new special sound. February the 2d Oksana and Dennis got married and the same month the band finished to work on the debut album “Deflector” which have been released 12.04.2019.
In July 2019 Carmilla will play on the one of the biggest metal festivals in Sweden “Gefle Metal”.

    Vocals - Oksana”Element” Blohm Hedlund (2017-...)
    Guitar - Håkan Ålander (2017-...)
    Bass - Felix Björklund (2017-...)
    Guitar - Daniel Karlsson (2017-...)
    Drums - Dennis Blohm Hedlund (2018-...)

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Manalyth brings prog to Metal Coffee

Manalyth is an online band/project consisting of two people: Brodee McLaren and Brandon Craven. The band was first formed under the name “Heavy” in 2013 with only Brodee as the songwriter. The name was later changed to “Manalyth,” and added vocalist Brandon Craven in 2017 after finding him by his YouTube vocal covers. The type of music we make is down-tuned and heavily rhythmic metal with crushing gutturals and concept lyrics that flow from song to song as individual chapters in an overall story. The music that inspires us range from similar-sounding bands like Humanity’s Last Breath,
Angelmaker, Enterprise Earth, and Until We Die, to more progressive bands like Opeth, Devin Townsend, and Fallujah. Currently, Manalyth is working on its first EP titled “Blood Moon EP,” and later on an album. The newest single "Eyes (feat. Christina Rotondo)" was release on December 31, 2018 and can be streamed or purchased from many online services and marketplaces such as Spotify and Apple Music.


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HARNISH comes home to Metal Coffee

HARNISH is the namesake of front-man Patrick Harnish.  Coming out of Tulsa, OK Patrick Harnish has been privately writing and recording music for 20 years. With the help of producer Adam Woods and drummer Paul Brown HARNISH began releasing music to the masses in 2017 with the debut studio Album, In Dark Water.  This was followed by 2018's Ill Omen and two companion acoustic albums. Surprisingly, it has been HARNISH's catalog of softer tracks which have caught much fanfare.  Secret Identities and most recently No Thing Like Me have received a lot of praise for their haunting melodies, intense lyrics, and reinvented cover tracks.  Often beautiful and always dark, HARNISH is certainly the metal band you've been looking for.

In Dark Water (2017)

Secret Identities (2018)

Ill Omen (2018)

No Thing Like Me (2018)


Just Like A Murder (From True Crime) Coming in May 2019

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Bullet To The Heart signs with Metal Coffee

Bullet To The Heart was formed in 2017 out of the ashes of a previous project that went through various trails. Draven DC on drums and Audrey Behun on lead vocals found the perfect set to join their ever growing cause. Brian Benischek was discovered playing out by himself with nothing but a guitar. At that time, he was searching for others who shared his passion for music. Tom Monroe, reunited with his friend Brain and he joined the band to add the essential other half of the rhythm section on the bass.

Adding to the band's original songs, Brian and Tom put their artistic spin on Audrey and Draven's previously written music and the single "Locked Inside" was released. This single was featured on numerous radio outlets including 95 Will Rock, 101.1 WKQX, Asgard Radio, and Q Rock 100.7. Bullet To The Heart's debut show sold out downstairs Subterranean in Chicago. Gaining traction fast the band released a brand new logo via the artist Paul Johnsen. Subsequently, after playing a few shows around the Chicagoland area, their fans were asking where they could access more music. Eager to please their fans and crank out some more tunes, they took to the studio to write their first album.

They began recording their debut album "Bulletproof". The album was to show you move from the old into the new, a new beginning, and to be 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

After much support and love from their fans, "The Bloodline" was born. This would come to be an exclusive group of fans that consist of people who share the same vision and want to help the band spread their message. BTTH embraces everyone and extends themselves to anyone who feels alone and needs a voice in the darkness.

Taking inspiration from "The Bloodline" and seeing their hardships firsthand, the band went back into the studio to create their 2018 release "Trials and Tribulations". T&T features songs about life's trails such as mental illness, drug addiction, loss, rage, and finding salvation. As a result, they released their single/title track "Trials And Tribulations". The band plans to spread their current message, awareness, and to give redemption to those we have lost to life's trails and purpose to those that need it.

Connect with us!




Join our bloodline!

Life can be pure fire a chaos of hell. Our judgement can be overshadowed by our own demons hidden within.

If this describes your current situation in life, Just stop for a moment and just #Breathe #YouAreNeverAlone

  Our new song breathe this is our band speaking out against mental illness

Life can be pure fire a chaos of hell. Our judgement can be overshadowed by our own demons hidden within.

If this describes your current situation in life, Just stop for a moment and just #Breathe #YouAreNeverAlone


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Who could imagine that right here in OKC Wes Moose Jaques a guy dedicated to helping bands is blacklisted hated and hunted. Its the most ridiculous situation in the world but I guess thats what happens when you call out the promoters in the city for raping bands. But enough of that the following band Another Round along with many other bands have been told Wes and Metal Coffee PR are nothing but a joke and CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!
BTW Jackass promoter dont flatter yourself, I am doing this for the band because they deserve more than you can give them A**HOLE
I am tired of watching you destroy the dreams of talented bands and anyone and everyone who disagrees with me can kiss my ass all day long because Wes and Metal Coffee is 100% about the bands and we get results
Straight from my mouth ANOTHER ROUND KICKS ASS!

 Another Round is a rock band based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They perform their original songs with very high energy and enthusiasm, and have been described as having an exceptionally tight and unique sound between the impassioned vocals of Daniel Aguirre, the heavy drums of Trey Rollins and the crushing guitars of Matt Hudson and Travis Scott. They have been performing in and around Oklahoma for years, and have opened for national touring acts 3 Doors Down, Saving Abel, Smile Empty Soul, Saliva, Hurt, 12 Stones, and Adema.

Another Round is on regular rotation at KHWL 98.7 out of Lone Wolf, OK, have appeared as guest hosts of the “All-Request House Party” and have performed live acoustic sets of their songs on the air several times at KHWL’s studio in Altus, OK. They have been played many times on, and have been featured guest hosts of “The Local Talent Show” at Rock 100.5 The Katt, out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, also performing their song “Pistols” live in The Katt’s “Jungle Room.” They were featured many times on the “Born and Bred” show of the former 94.7 The Buzz out of Oklahoma City. As well as being featured on 97.5 KMOD out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the internet radio stations Rock 106.1 based out of Georgia and SpyFM based out of Oklahoma City.

In early 2013, they won the 1st Annual Rock ‘n Rumble Battle of the Bands in Altus, Oklahoma, sponsored by the local radio station KHWL 98.7. They have also appeared twice on the show “Oklahoma Live,” for an Oklahoma City local television station, KSBI. In the June 26, 2013 issue of the Oklahoma Gazette, Another Round was given a very positive review of their “Just Walk Away” EP.
They have played shows all around Oklahoma, very heavily in Oklahoma City, but have also performed in Norman, Stillwater, Tulsa, Edmond, Guthrie, Piedmont, Choctaw, Harrah, Chickasha, Lawton, and Altus, as well as performing in out of state markets. They have also performed for various charities and benefit shows, including the tornado relief and the 2010 Haiti hurricane relief fundraisers, as well as performing to benefit other local charity organizations.

Another Round’s music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and many other online retailers, as well as always being available at their shows, along with a wide variety of other A.R. merchandise. To this date, they have released one full-length album, “King Me,” released on July 9, 2011, their single, “What Goes Around” was released on November 23, 2011 and was subsequently featured with four other tracks for their “Just Walk Away” EP, released on December 15, 2012.

They recorded the tracks “Kiss of Death” and “Baby” with Provo of Pirated Sounds Studios for the “King Me” album, with all other songs from that album being produced by Trent Bell, who has produced and recorded for many bands such as The Flaming Lips, at Bell Labs Studios in Norman, Oklahoma. Their first single and the subsequent “Just Walk Away” EP was also recorded and produced by Trent Bell. All of their songs were mastered by Garrett Haines of Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On September 6th, 2014, they released their newest creation, "Sonder". The songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered with a new producer, John LeCompt, former guitarist of Evanescence, at Red Room Studios in Benton, AR. With a new perspective from behind the studio sound board, and with their constantly evolving styles producing new songs and a fresh sound, the "Sonder" E.P. is truly a new beginning for Another Round and an accomplishment that they are very proud to have under their belt.
Also in September 2014, Another Round won Rock 100.5 The Katt's Battle of the Bands, winning the top prize of being the only opening act for the national, multi-platinum selling band 3 Doors Down in Enid, Oklahoma on September 14, 2014. This was a major accomplishment for the guys in A.R. and they were extremely proud to see all their fans come together to help them win the opportunity to share the stage with 3 Doors Down.

They are currently working on their next E.P. which they plan to record as a follow-up to "Sonder" by heading back to Red Room Studios to work with John LeCompt after receiving such a great response for the production quality and overall sound of the last album.

You will NOT be dissapointed this band deserves your attention, they deserve a record deal and they deserve to be on tour.
Just  follow up the band told me " we will not pay you $30 to send emails NOBODY reads" Then they challenged me to do PR free and I accepted but have yet to receive the info I need to do proper PR. So let me reply to your comment fellas I will be waiting

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BLOODY HAMMERS Release Official Video For “Now The Screaming Starts”

[photo by Andres Manga]

BLOODY HAMMERS Release Official Video For “Now The Screaming Starts”

New Album "The Summoning" Out On June 28th!
Inspired by the 1973 horror flick “Now The Screaming Starts” the Transylvania County based duo BLOODY HAMMERS release the first official video of their upcoming album "The Summoning." The video transports the sinister and dark feeling that BLOODY HAMMERS create as no other band in 2019.

Anders Manga on the video and the song:
“When I was thinking about my approach for the “Now the Screaming Starts” video, I just happened to be watching some classic movie trailers. The trailer for ‘The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave’ and some other classic Giallo slashers got me inspired to go for that high contrast, color washed look. I think I accomplished it and we’re really stoked on the vibe of it now. 

The song was originally inspired by the Amicus Productions film, “And Now the Screaming Starts!” from the early 70s but it eventually took on its own narrative about a narcissistic killer who’s being haunted by his past victims. It all comes together in the video… BUT.. please Don’t Watch It Alone!!! ...or at least have a nurse present. Up the Hammers!” 

Watch “Now The Screaming StartsHERE.
BLOODY HAMMERS deliver their fifth studio album entitled "The Summoning" on June 26th 2019 via Napalm Records! Halloween comes earlier this year! 

The U.S. duo has prepared a wonderfully creepy horror musical experience that pays homage to classic flicks such as Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) and Now The Screaming Starts (1973). BLOODY HAMMERS’ idea of a soundtrack for your favorite video nasties holds some surprises on their upcoming record. 

Pre-Order "The Summoning" HERE.
"The Summoning" track listing:
1. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
2. Now the Screaming Starts
3. The Summoning
4. Fire In The Dark
5. The Beast Is Coming Out
6. Welcome to Darkness
7. Tales That Witness Madness
8. Condemned, The Prisoner
9. From Beyond The Grave
10. Unbreakable

"The Summoning" will be available in the following formats:
-4 page Digipack
-1 LP Gatefold
-2LP Gatefold (purple) – Napalm Records mail order exclusive, strictly limited to 200 units
-Digital Album

Anders Manga: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Devallia: Keyboards, Organ


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Ignescent release new video / Sign with Metal Coffee

Female fronted and from Chicago, Illinois, Ignescent is a rock band founded by Jennifer Benson. Since 2008, the band has been primarily touring throughout the Midwest and Nashville area.  Ignescent is comprised of Jennifer Benson on lead vocals, Deven Elion on lead guitar, Joey Sepulveda on rhythm guitar, and Chris Calix on drums.

Ignescent’s first CD, Electrified, was produced by 4 time Dove Award winning & Grammy Nominated producer Travis Wyrick (10 Years, P.O.D.) and recorded at Lakeside Studios in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The first song on the CD, “Calling Out to You”, was co-written with former lead guitarist of Skillet, Ben Kasica. Ignescent's 2nd CD was produced by Eric LaBrosse of Cherry Pit Studios.  Their song, "You Got Me", has been played on many radio stations including 95 WIIL Rock. Ignescent's new song "Into The Night" was produced by Cameron Mizell (Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens).

Ignescent has had the honor of opening for Stryper, Flyleaf, Eve 6, Megadeth, Saliva, Lacey Sturm, Otep, Fight The Fury - featuring John Cooper of Skillet, Another Lost Year, Art of Dying, Letters From The Fire, Like a Storm and has played at fests with  

Switchfoot, Colton Dixon, Memphis May Fire, The Devil Wears Prada, Veridia, and TobyMac. Ignescent has also played on Vans Warped Tour, at world famous - Rock Fest - in Cadott, Wisconsin with Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Anthrax, Lita Ford, Slayer, and Sevendust, at Summerfest, and recently co-wrote a new song with Sameer Bhattacharya of Flyleaf.

Ignescent combines their musical backgrounds to form a harmony that is both addictively musical and inspiring. Ignescent is more than just a rock band, they are real people with a combination of great stories.  These stories, combined with moving guitars riffs and a driving beat create a sound people enjoy and relate to.  Their influences include Flyleaf, Evanescence, and Paramore.

Ignescent’s music is a great mixture of rock and pop with a great message. You can tell that their music has a rock/alternative edge that sounds right at home with most Top 40 formats.

Ignescent is excited to share their music. They have been working hard creating and perfecting their sound. Relatable lyrics with a rock and roll vibe, Ignescent is sure to entertain and inspire.  “We’re authentic people that just want to encourage others with our message.  We’re also a rock band and put on a great show!  The music is addicting, it’s catchy with a real message.”

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Blackhearth Joins Metal Coffee PR

Blackhearth is a Heavy Metal project formed in Durango (Bizkaia) in 2010. Asier Larrea (Drums) and Alex Hernández (Lead & Rhythm Guitar) have remained Blackhearth's primary driving force throughout the years. Their songs include strong influences from the best classic Heavy Metal bands, acoustic guitar passages and     some atmospheric landscapes. Over the years, the band consolidated with different changes in formation and style. After several concerts and with great effort they decided to look for professional musicians and carry out a project in which they believed blindly. At the beginning of 2017, they focused their minds on recording the album, showing strengthen and ability of the group to recover from difficulties.
The album was recorded at Tio Pete Estudios and Auryn Studios between august 2018 and January 2019. It was mixed and mastered by Tristán Iñiguez at Auryn Studios.
► Facebook:
► Twitter:
► YouTube:

This is high impact for radio / press now!! request for interviews can be set up by emailing as well as request for music or any other info you need.Every reply we get will be broadcast on our social media platform of over 30,000! So if you play a song , review an album , interview a band etc PLEASE! Let us know so we can show the world you support the bands!! Just send a link to your review etc to





"The Depth of the Abyss Knows No Bounds" is Hypnotic Dirge Records' latest compilation, and the first compilation since the Subarctic Nocturnes Trilogy (2015-2016). It includes tracks from both recent and upcoming releases.
Hypnotic Dirge Records is an independent record label and webshop based in Saskatoon, Canada, having released over 70 albums from all corners of the world since its founding in 2008, and now celebrating its 10th anniversary. HDR's intention and raison d'être remains to promote quality expressive and eclectic art through aural manifestations. The aesthetic of the label goes beyond strict genre classifications, although many of the album releases so far probably falls within the Black Metal and Doom Metal umbrellas of sub-genres though with consistent experimental deviations.
100% of donations from this compilation will go to This is a small gesture to offset some of the environmental impact associated with running a record label, printing CD's and merch, and shipping worldwide.
HDR will make its first donation on June 30, 2019 and every six months thereafter. Screenshots of the Bandcamp stats as well as the donation receipt will be shared on social media for full transparency.
“350 is building a global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice.
That movement is rising from the bottom up all over the world, and is uniting to create the solutions that will ensure a better future for all. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions bring together a global network active in over 188 countries.”                                  More info:

Tracklist: 1 - Marche Funèbre - Death Wish Woman 2 - Mavradoxa - Maple 3 - Ah Ciliz - People of the Stars 4 - Eave - Each Fang Falls 5 - Omgeving - VI - Eenzaamheid in Extase 6 - Kval - Laho 7 - Il Vuoto - V (The Fifth Nail) 8 - Frigoris - Minervas Flehen 9 - Feral - Destroyer and Terminer 10 - Chiral - Queen of the Setting Sun 11 - Vin de Mia Trix - Fuimus 12 - netra - Could’ve, should’ve would’ve 13 - Kassad - The Boundary 14 - stroszek - The beast who dreams of man 15 - Odradek Room - Silt Flower 16 - The Haunting Green - Natural Extinctions 17 - Altars of Grief - Broken Hymn 18 - Norilsk - Weepers of the Land 19 - NONE - The Damp Chill of Life 20 - Eye of Solitude - Collapse 21 - Omination - The New Golgotha Repvbliq 22 - Tamerlan - Indivination Path 23 - Melankolia - Wellspring Labyrinth        (Left Hand ‘til Mourning)


Ruinkrôs Interview

1.What is the name of your band and how did you come up with it?
What is your name and what do you do for the band?

The name of the band is Ruinkrôs pronounced “Ruin Cross”. The name derived from the term, "It is the cross I bear". As artists, we feel that we wear our suffering and pain around our necks and on our chest like a crucifix. We are just lucky enough to be able to express our pain through our music. So, we came up with Ruinkrôs to show the world what ruins us.

Ruinkrôs is a two-member band featuring brothers Abel “Shade” Martinez on vocals and Elias James Sworn on synths, guitar, bass, drum programming, sampling, and producing.

2.Tell us where you are based and describe the scene. How do you think where you are located influences your sound.

Ruinkrôs was conceived while Hellbound Studios was active out of Edinburg, TX but we have temporarily set up camp in Donna, Tx which is now Origin Sound Studios. We have built a place for us to conspire and create music on a much grander scale.

I think our location most definitely influences our sound via our culture's raw energy. We feel very connected to our native roots here. Our 2nd single "VVitch" was especially motivated by curandismo. We feel it in our blood.

3.Who influences your sound that would surprise people?

Oh man. This is a very hard question to answer. We are influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Judas Preist, NIN, Depeche Mode, KMFDM, Ulver and especially early 90's Black Metal. We are inspired by film score. Several of our songs have a heavy score work woven into electronic beats. We also can't deny groups like Mazz and La Mafia who used the synth as a lead instrument.

But, to answer your question fully, what would probably surprise people the most is that people like Franco from Wizard Wolf, Joe Dan Delarosa from Severance, Jamie Martinez from Belligerency, and Robert Canales from Unholy Desecration deeply inspire us. Bands like Blast Perversion, Twin Tribes, Pantheon, and Dezorah spark something in me and every time I get to see them live I find myself in the studio right after. The list would go on and on. Visionaries like Robert Hahn too. Producers like Joshua Lopez from Widowmaker Studios and Charlie Vela from Casa Panchita Studios put me in awe each time they post something on their social media pages. It's the entire scene. I take something from everyone I involve myself with. I'm constantly learning from everyone. We have an amazing gamut of musicians evolving down here. Soon it'll be like Austin where?

4.Are you endorsed by musical companies , if so who , and if not who would you like to be endorsed by?

We are currently not endorsed by any musical companies at the moment but it would be an honor to have future endorsements from Korg, Arturia, and/or Roland. Those are the companies we’ve invested in over the last few years. A "blessing" from the keeper of the Vatican book vaults would be nice too.

5.When you started what was your ultimate goal? And how close to the goal are you now?

Well, our musical journey started about 20 years ago as a Black Metal band named Of Forsaken Divinity. Our goal at the time was just about the same as any other band. We wanted to get signed and tour. At about 5 years into our musical endeavor, Myspace came out and changed the game for us. At the time we were playing live almost every weekend. From house parties to venues like Koolie’s, Tejano Saloon, Bar Rock, and the famous Trenton Pointe. Myspace opened us up to a larger demographic and managed to reach a gentleman by the name of Dave Pybus who is the former bass player for Anathema but most notably, Cradle of Filth. He had just started a label called Six Six Six Records. We had started conversing about possibly joining his label. He featured our band on his website and added us to his radio station rotation. Then, at the height of our career, band drama caused us to falter, and all was lost. I found myself alone with the band name and had to rebuild. That’s when my brother, Abel, joined as vocalist and I took over all other instruments. We've released 5 albums together along the way as OFD. That eventually turned into Ruinkrôs. Now, our goal is to play live and bring dark electronic music to the Texas live scenes. Then, to eventually, one day, get into scoring films.

6.In today's digital environment it takes creative strategy to keep things moving. What creative ideas do you have to keep your band relevant over time?

Well, thanks to Confused Records, we’ve been accessible worldwide via streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, and YouTube. We have 3 singles out at this time. I think that releasing singles helps get the hype going. It builds anticipation. What I personally like to do is share practice videos of us in the studio writing the songs that will be featured on the full-length album, “The Symmetry of Suffering”. This strategy allows people to get an inside view of all the work that’s going into making this album. It seems that keeping the public involved in the entire process really helps develop an emotional investment and intrigue.

7.We've all seen a terrible live band that is awesome on CD. Is that cool with you or do you lose respect for bands that cannot pull it off live?

That is my biggest fear right now. Transposing Ruinkrôs from a studio band to a live act will be a challenging task. We have multiple layers of synths, drum triggering, and intricate looping on the songs. I’m having to condense my entire studio into several synths to play live. It’ll still be a large rig on stage, but still, I’m a little worried about replicating so much sound at once. So, I have respect for ambitious bands that go all out on an album and have to hire extra live members to help. As of right now, even though there are other local musicians interested in playing live with us, it’ll only be my brother and I pulling everything off.

8.Tell us your “core” are you Metal , Rock , Punk , Pop etc because people just have to categorize these days you know?’

Well, we like to call our style of music “KVLT WAVE”. We are a dark electronic group influenced by Metal. I don’t know how to begin to even categorize ourselves, to be honest. We are sonic nomads, wandering the musical spectrum, lurking in the dark. We are free of any genre constrictions.

9.This is a tough question but a very real reality, Is your band actually talented or just popular? Many bands make it with a cliche or publicity stunts etc. Would you accept fame even if it was just because of being the “ in” thing or is it actually important to you that you gain favor with talent?

This is a great question. Both my brother and I are multi-instrumentalists with at least 25 years of experience under our belts. Not to mention that we produce our own albums as well as create most of the artwork for our releases. Talent is subjective to me personally, but I’d like to think we’ve managed to stay relevant in the scene, considering we don’t play live, because of our dedication to our respective craft. We’ve gone as far as to adding hidden images into our music that when played through a Spectrogram, you can see the hidden messages we’ve woven into the track. We take our music very seriously and strive to put out quality and original work. What we’re doing with Ruinkrôs is definitely not “in” right now because I strongly believe we are breaking ground on a new subgenre of music. We are unkown. We don’t fit perfectly on any musical spectrum yet. I don’t favor bands that make it big solely based on imagery or controversy unless their music overshadows the hoopla. Idk, my brother and I like to make music. It's as simple as that. We don't aspire to be the next big thing. We only want to be able to continue doing what we love doing and to share it with like-minded individuals.

10.Tell us what to expect from you live. Nothing is more boring than watching bands stare at the floor and bob their heads to music nobody but the band knows. What can your band offer in a live setting that people will remember?

Our live rig consists of about 13 synths and several percussion modules, visual graphics that will coincide with our playlist, drone & score work like orchestral movements, horror movie samples, and operatic vocals with some black metal implementations. Idk, I hope we can make people dance too!

11. What releases have you put out , When will we see something new?

We have 3 singles out at the moment via Confused Records on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal. “No Safe Passage”, “VVitch”, and “Necromachina”. These songs, although having their own individual meaning lyrically, they also explore the aspects of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We are strong advocates for mental illness awareness.

Our full-length album, "The Symmetry of Suffering" will feature all 3 singles plus an additional 6 tracks. I think last time I checked we clocked it at bout 42 minutes and 42 seconds. It will be relased by Confused Records.

12. If you have videos where can we see them?

We have some DIY videos on Youtube and are in pre-production planning on filming an official music video / mini-film that’ll be used as a live intro.

13.Everybody has Bandcamp , ReverbNation , Soundcloud , etc
Why do you think this is so important? Doesn't it seem like everyone is giving everything out for free?

It’s a tough industry right now. It seems that almost everyone has a band these days. It’s a sign of the times. Due to that, I have no issue with giving out music for free in hopes of them buying the full album when available. It’s also a great way to connect with people from all over the world. I’m all for it.

14.Best moment of your career so far?

This right here. Having our music reach a huge amount of listeners on the Q94.5 is honestly one of the most amazing feelings and opportunities we've ever had. We've spent so many years under the radar, making music deep in the underground. We are excited to bring something new to our scene. It's time.

15.Your message to the fans?

First off I’d like to say that we appreciate the overwhelming response towards Ruinkrôs. When we decided to step outside of the Black Metal realm, we expected some backlash from those who have been following us. To our surprise, it’s been a hit with many metalheads throughout Texas and we look forward to crossing over into the Goth / Industrial scene as well. Secondly, I’d like to dedicate these songs to all the RAZA out there fighting the good fight. To those that are echando le ganas surviving this crazy world. Self-care and seek help if you find yourself going down that dark path of suicidal ideations. We're loosing too many loved ones to desparity.

Bonus Question who do you bring back
Dime , Cliff , Dio , Lemmy , Randy

Lol, only DIO is real.