Friday, March 27, 2020

BATTERY DRUMMER INTERFVIEW : Jeremiah Bertin, The Stone Eye

1.What is your name and what band do you play for?

My name is Jeremiah Bertin, and I play drums for The Stone Eye.

2.Who made you want to play drums and why?

My very first influence was my father. He had started showing me classic rock and world music at a young age, and this love for music began to rub off on me. It also helped that he was a drummer himself, so he would emphasize the rhythms to me which I would quickly pick up on. With his support, I soon started to explore different styles of drumming, like progressive rock, jazz, and funk, and I feel that my style of playing is a combination of these genres and others as well.

3.When did you get your first kit? Tell us about it…

My dad bought me my first kit when I was about four. However, it is fair to say that there were a multitude of bongos and other hand drums around the house, so I certainly had some experience in rhythm-keeping even when I got my first kit. I played it for a bit, then I stopped for about six years to pursue other interests. But the kit started to beckon my name, and then I started seriously playing at age eleven and now here I am.

4.Where your parents supportive of you and your loud / expensive new habit?

Hell yeah! My parents have always been supportive of every endeavor that I have pursued, and this is no exception.

5.What drum performance on an album is perfection to you?

Danny Carey's drumming on Lateralus is incredible, but also two others that come to mind would be Elvin Jones' sweet swing on A Love Supreme by John Coltrane, and the incredibly pummeling drumming of Mario Duplantier on The Way of All Flesh by Gojira.
6.Tell us about your current kit and set up in DETAIL.

I have a 4-piece Mapex kit from the 1980s that my dad and I renovated, but I have a 14" wooden Tama snare instead of a Mapex Snare. I also have Zildjian 12" Avedis hi-hats, an 18" Avedis Custom ride cymbal that I use as a crash, and a 20" K Hybrid ride cymbal that I have beaten the absolute shit out of so now it has about three cracks in it.
7.If you could have a dream kit tell us about it in DETAIL

The kit that I have right now, but without all the cracks in the ride cymbal.

8.Name your top 5 drummers excluding Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy

Danny Carey, Jimmy Chamberlin, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Tony Allen

9. Do you prefer Live or Studio?

Live for sure. I get to release my inner primal beast when I get behind the kit onstage.

10.Do drummers really get all the chicks and if so how do we convince the guitarist?

Of course they do!! The other guys can attest to this fact too. The key is to look extremely intense and aggressive onstage, but then after the set you get as humble and shy as a puppy dog. It also helps to play without a shirt on too, though.

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