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VHÄLDEMAR the Spanish Heavy Metal band presents "Afterlife"

VHÄLDEMAR the Spanish Heavy Metal band presents "Afterlife" the second single taken from their sixth album "Straight To Hell" that will be released on October 6th , 2020 through Fighter Records worldwide in Cd, Lp and Cassette, the German label MDD will release it on G / A / S (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and Red Rivet Records in Japan.

Production has taken place at Chromaticity Studios owned by the band's guitarist and producer Pedro J.Monge.

The cover has been designed by Darkgrove (Manowar, Battle Beast, Testament ...).

The tour of their previous album “Against All Kings” (Fighter Records) took them from 2018 to 2019 to perform 42 shows in Spain, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands and France.

“Afterlife” Spotify ;

“Afterlife” Youtube:

The Spanish band VELKHANOS present the video clip for the song "Bring Me The Fire", taken from their recent debut album "The Wrath" released through Art Gates Records.

Formed in 2018 the Velkhanos quintet is a melodic Death Metal and Black Metal formation led by vocalist Miriam Ortiz, with a great presence of melodic guitars and rabid solos,

VELKHANOS “Bring Me The Fire” (Video) :

DORMANTH The Spanish melodic Death Metal band has finished the recording of their new album that will be released at the end of the year through Xtreem Records.

The band has participated in a tribute to the old Swedish Death Metal sound with a version of Carnage "Torn Apart" available at:

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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing Then Falls the Sky

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing Then Falls the Sky from Bainbridge.

We asked the band prior to the review our normal questions..
Here's what they had to say:

Tunings - Drop A

Bands played with- Gears, Speaking with Ghosts

Major accomplishments- won an IMEA award for best metal song of the year 2018. 

Plans for the future- Just to keep releasing new music and growing into the regional area. We had to cancel our first planned tour due to the Covid-19 so we are optimistic about getting to actually hit the road in 2021. 

Funny weird story- so most every new venue when we load in. Our drummer is a short 5’ female, but most venues assume she is just a girlfriend and they almost always try to charge her the door cover. 

EPK is available at has all links and more information if needed.

Our guests this week are two members of The Band Repent from Casper Wyoming..
Jeremy Amack and Steve Thomas guitars

They're definitely metalcore..
I liked Complacment, the organization of it, the breakdown was pretty sweet..
They have some beat riffs in there.

This is a very different sounding band, very chunky in places, very strange in other places..
I like the spoken parts and there's a good backing Rhythm as well..
There's elements of creepiness which was pretty cool..
Pretty intense breakdowns..
Well-organized we listen to it at the table with some friends and nothing seemed out of place, everything flowed together like you would just be listening to a normal radio station..
Pretty good timing and blending of the instruments..
Some SIC vocals..
Pretty good riffs in the album as well

For all things Then Falls the Sky please follow them here:



On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the South Carolina band ReDefind

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the South Carolina band ReDefind.

We interviewed the band prior to this publication here's what they had to say:

Tunings? Drop A 

Bands you have played with?
 We have played with tons of talented bands. From amazing local talent to Mushroomhead, Soulfly, Islander 

Major accomplishments? 
We have released a new ep and two music videos this year. Continue to grow even with the bastard that is Covid

Plans for the future?
 To keep pushing forward. Recording a new ep in the fall. 

Funny/ weird story about your band?
 Our first road trip with Jordan. We played some shows in Florida. Our on the road merch guy Miguel (who suffers from sleep walking) was drinking some forties after a show. He and our head roadie Andrew was chatting and being goofs while the rest of us caught some zzz’s. Andrew and Miguel FINALLY fall asleep....until Miguel decides to hit Andrew square in the nuts. While they are both asleep. Andrew wakes up cussing and goes out of the bus and gets into the drivers seat to go back to sleep. Miguel who is now in full sleep walking mode decides to follow Andrew. Miguel taps the window as if he’s some sorta of sleep walking police waits for Andrew to roll down the window. Andrew does so and Miguel tries to hit Andrew in the balls AGAIN! Andrew doesn’t let him get him this time. Miguel goes back to sleep as if nothing happened.

Here's our guest panel this week:

Garrett Sharpnack 
Triangulum Peace 

With the shadows of tomorrow ever looming on us all, there is a strength. A virtual reminder distinguishes the heavy scene as much as the sheer 'Thunder' of extremely dedicated group

And extensively as they are such a powerful and wondrous musical group that their impression is left permanently with their amazing song "Let's Party"

Every singular yet autonomous chord progression withheld sheer chord strength and visibility for classy and electric might. This is the generation of music that displays such accomplished and dedicated bands such as REDEFINED to become the forebears of many beautiful and very successful inspired generations to come. 

The soothing tones of melodic unison from this very advancing and popular group achieve purest chorus success. REDEFINED syncs extremely well together in their album LET'S PARTY. 

I have much faith in this band as their exceeding excellence continues to reach a worthy genius core audience. 

I myself personally felt flattered to be given the chance to try immediately after listening to heavy core "Step Up" and realizing yet again that this is the ultimate perfect scene for music, aggressive and felt. 

I highly recommend this band, Redefind. 10/10 on my own Richter awesome scale. Thanks!

Allyson Kingsley 
Staff member and music journalist for An Old School Album Review and MCPR 


"Let's Party"

Song review by Allyson Kingsley, music journalist


  Unless, you have been living under a rock for the last six months, it is a crazy roller coaster ride of a world out there. Sometimes you need a little something to help you let loose. "Let's Party" by the South Carolina based metal band Redefind ushers in that good-time feeling.  With a force, energy and rhythm that begs for you to move, this could well be the anthem for the Gen X and Millennial folks who are trying to push that boulder up the mountain.  It's a song that encourages the capture of a few moments of debauchery that we all need and crave as singer Jordan Caparell  extols us to "party until we fucking die". Certainly words that the hedonist crowd can relate to. With phenomenal drumming by Dustan Snow and bass shredding by Drew Porter, the rhythm of the song is almost tribal. And finally Drucipher holds it all together with his ferocious fretwork. Great song to blast to,  just for a few minutes,  forget how sour life has become out in the world. Horns up!

And our first ever reaction video thanks to Glenn Garrison!!!

Be sure to subscribe to the channel !!!

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Our goal for the band is to rock hard . We definately have carved out our own style . My inspiration musically comes from Black Sabbath , Jeff Beck , Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead . Along with a multitude of other influences.The new album planned for  tentatively entitled Ascension . It features Vinny Appice on drums . And features John Avila once again on bass . The new album is atmospheric and heavy . Coming Soon . Keep the Rock n Roll alive !!!

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HEDON "The Beast Of A Thousand Demons"


swedish thrash/death/black metal band Hedon release a new teaser for upcoming video for the track - "The Beast Of A Thousand Demons",
from upcoming release later in 2020!

RUIN "Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2"


"Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2"


1. Into Endless Chasms
2. Manifestation
3. Crushing Insects
4. Deep Wounds
5. Where Monsters Hide
6. The Weak Will Hang
7. Crushed By Depths Of Darkness
8. That 'Holy Spirit' Feeling
9. Orgasmic Catharsis
10. Leaves From The Tree Of Death
11. Pulverize Remains
12. I Love Blood
13. Stab Wounds (1,821,914)
14. Burnt Bone And Ash
15. Trapped In Relentless Terror
16. Starving Dementia
17. Humiliation At Birth
18. Eternal Curse Of Rotten Beings

©Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


1.What is your name and what band do you play for? 

My name is Eric Healy and I play for To The Pain

2.Who made you want to play drums and why?

When I was six I was the Little Drummer Boy for a play, my dad gave me the snare drum his mom bought him when he was a kid and that was it. I still have that snare. 

3.When did you get your first kit?

Tell us about it… When I was 14 I got a paper route and saved up, I found an old CB700 5 Piece kit in the back of a magazine and bought it. I still use it as my live kit. 

4.Where your parents supportive of you and your loud / expensive new habit?

My parents didn’t/couldn’t stop me from playing but they wouldn’t pay for a kit or lessons for drums they pushed the guitar and sports. I just did what I could with what I could get.

5.What drum performance on an album is perfection to you?

Ah man way too many great albums, but I have recently been really impressed with Ken Mary’s performance on the new Flotsam and Jetsam album.

6.Tell us about your current kit and set up in DETAIL.

So I have 2 kits, one for recording and the CB700 for playing out. The recording kit is a PDP Maple 7 piece 8,10,and 12” rack toms, 16 and 18 “ floor toms, Pearl demon drive double bass pedal,  Zildjian A Custom and K Cymbals. 7.5x14” snare that I built. Live kit is 12,13,16 toms, and DW5000 double pedal from 1994, PDP Snare, Zildjian Z cymbals. Mega Bell Ride

7.If you could have a dream kit tell us about it in DETAIL

Tama Star Bubinga, (2) 22x16 Bass Drums, 8x8, 10x10, 12x11, and 13x12 toms 16x14 and 18x16 Floor Toms 14x8 Snare, DW9000 Pedals, Zildjian A Custom and K Cymbals. 

8.Name your top 5 drummers excluding Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy

Danny Carey,
Tomas Hakke,
Gene Hoglan,
Charlie Benante,
Dan Lamagna

9. Do you prefer Live or Studio?

I like playing around in the studio, live is fun but I gotta carry all of that stuff, find a place to park it, get it set up in 10 minutes and then break it down quick to give the next guy time to get ready. I might like it more if I had help. 

10.Do drummers really get all the chicks and if so how do we convince the guitarist?

I guess if you’re Tommy Lee then you get the girls, I don’t remember them beating down my door. Lol

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The story of Dead Harrison begins with The Story of the Mortuus Ortus (2014), the band’s first full-length album. This is a post-apocalyptic story of life, death, love, and rebirth. Like many of us, the main character of the story faces loss in life and triumphs in the end, learning who he is and rebuilding for the future. 

Through heavy, down-tuned, melodic guitar riffs, psychedelic bass licks, tribal drumming, and hypnotic vocals interspersed with insane death growls, Dead Harrison brings to life songs that speak to our greatest hopes, fears, lessons, and dreams, and reminds us of the human spirit’s ability to rise. 

The music is dark and emotive, with melodic, slow tempo grooves, and a high-energy performance. The creative vision of the band reflects the stylistic elements of classic horror and the gothic sub-genre. with a futuristic tinge of the post-apocalyptic. The art and music thoughtfully express concepts of life, love, death, and the end of the world. 

Dead Harrison has been likened to Kyuss, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Sisters of Mercy and the Misfits. Their sound is a combination of heavy doom riffs, gothic melodies, and upbeat punk-rock tempos interspersed with harsh metal growls and mesmerizing vocals. 

Their EP All for None (2017) was created as an ode to the scene with punk rock anthem Black Collar, gothic rock club song The Darkness, and psychedelic doom ballad, The Struggle. Reminders all, to continue on through life's challenges, rise through the darkness and understand that limits are only a construct of the mind. 

Dead Harrison also produced a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's folk masterpiece, Bad Moon Rising, and gave it a dark and haunting apocalyptic edge with this doomed-down rendition of the hit song. 

The band is a two-time nominee of the New England Music Awards (2018 & 2019) in the category of Best Hard Rock/Metal Act of the Year. They have been working at their craft for a decade, celebrating their ten year anniversary and adding a new drummer to the line-up this past year. 

In 2020 Dead Harrison is releasing two singles with videos for their songs Nameless Dream and End of the Bloodline, for which the band created a craft beer with Lithermans Limited Brewery in 2018 called End of the Blood-Lime. 

Dead Harrison is Drae the Dead - Lead Singer, Percussionist Shawn the Dead - Guitarist, Backing Vocalist, Death Growler Jason Skulls - Bassist and Backing Vocalist Drummer, Thraxx

We hope you enjoy the music and become a part of our community of friends and fans who connect to the music. Thank you for being with us!

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“A musical honesty that's hard to find in today's instant Snapchat generation, System Restore is the band America needs right now far more than the band we deserve.” - Musical Osmosis

“In your face punk tracks that follow the old tried and true method of: fast, hard and in your face.” - Dying Scene

“Anarchist-ish ideals mixed with the self-deprecating yet unclear tone of a suburban teenager growing up in hectic times.” - Colorado Punk Rock Army

It’s damn easy for artists to become dormant in small, middle-of-nowhere towns. For the members of Casper WY’s System Restore, this dormancy could have been their legacies. According to bass player and Wyoming punk vet Dan O’Hara, that’s where he was headed. “I was going on the occasional Lillingtons trip with my brother [Lillingtons drummer Tim O’Hara] as a merch guy or stage tech. I thought, ‘this might be fun to try again. But maybe later.” However, following the death of local legend and Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle, O’Hara realized that life is too short to postpone one's dreams.

With guitarist/friend Brent Phillips, O’Hara started System Restore. The two soon began writing melodic punk songs a la Pennywise and A Wilhelm Scream. After solidifying a lineup - which now includes drummer Jeff Nock, guitarist Mike Toups, and vocalist Billy Ray Whittington - the band hit the ground running. They recorded their first EP, 2018’s “Suburban Drones,” at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. They've been vigorously touring ever since, bringing their brand of thinking man’s punk to every corner of North America.

In their few short years as a band, System Restore has made appearances at several festivals and completed three tours. They’ve shared the stage with The Lillingtons, Reno Divorce, Avenues, Bricheros, Voice of Addiction, and many others.

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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Canadian band AXMINISTER by Jeremy Amack

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Canadian band AXMINISTER..

We'll get started with our normal interview:


All songs are in D standard 

Major accomplishments?

From Nick..

I think our greatest accomplishment is the fact that we're still doing this so many years later and have absolutely no desire to ever stop. 


Next plan is record an ep and release on vinyl.
Side 1 is a 15 minute epic on Napoleon Bonaparte 
Side 2 is Vlad the Impaler pt.1 & pt.2

Our guests this week are:

Allyson Kingsley 
Staff writer and music journalist at An Old School Album Review 


Betray Everything 

Album review by Allyson Kingsley music journalist 

  AxMinister is a band that I was introduced to several months ago as I did a review of their album, The Crucible of Sin. They hail from Canada and if you open your ears you will hear alot of amazing metal bands of many subgenres  from our neighbors of the north. AxMinister is described as a theatrical thrash metal band and they are from Toronto. Genre descriptions aside, these guys have an immense sound and each musician is distinctly talented. I'm invited and honored  to do a review/revisit of 2015's Betray Everything. 

    We begin the album with the battle beats of opener "Gears of An Empire" and it feels as though it is a nod to the speed metal of the 80s. The beats are brisk and the vocals promote power and energy as such is what you need for a battle type song. "Gods of the Sea" slays with some chugging riffs and then its just this phenomenal wailing flair and flurry of fretwork. Kinda gives me a hankering for a bottle of rum and my own ship to steer to port. We get to see bits of their humor interposed in "Betray Everything " and "Arnold Schwarzenegger". It keeps the mood light for sure.

   When I dig into "Chalice of Stillness" some of the rhythms remind me of when I first heard Manowar do "Flight of the Bumblebee". Very chaotic and potent patterns make this an enjoyment. I dig the innuendos in "Marauding Calamity" as they bring up the lies inherent when politicians take their oaths. We all know not a one of them follow the oaths. All politics aside the riffs are phenomenal. We finalize with closing song "Suicide Pact with the Devil" and as we know since the dawn of rock n' roll, musicians have been making pacts with Old Scratch and we have read/seen the consequences. Revisiting this album has been a real treat and definitely a great break from the ills of the current world.

Erick Draven of Misanthropic Records and Misanthropic Torment

Hello I'm Erick Leviathan from Misanthropik Records, Misanthropik Torment and the EAT SLEEP AND BREATHE METAL SHOW. 
 I was asked to review the Axminister album Betray Everything, by my colleague Jeremy Amack from Musical Chairs. 
 This album kicks right into high gear, taking its listeners into battle and patriot mode.
The signature changes along with the lyrical content is most appealing to the ear. 
I recomend anyone to give this album a listen.
 With that as I always say 

Jeremy Amack 
The Band Repent
Musical Chairs 

I chose 3 songs off the album Betray Everything let's check those out first:


Ok I like the way this starts out..
Very good guitar riffs..
Tom Araya type of vocals..
Cradle of Filth sounding backing vocals..
Super crunchy drums..
Absolute great timing..


I chose this song because the name made me curious..
Has a ska/punk sound to it..
Fun lyrics..
Serious uptick in power towards the middle..
Technically sound..
Over quickly but still a catchy jam.


Immediate impact with hammering riffs and Slayer like vocals..
Really amazing Groove riff..
Very unique song..
Has a creepy part towards the end that I enjoyed..
Smooth guitar tone in the solo..
Great backing vocals..
Loved the voice chorus.

I also selected two LIVE songs to feature here let's get to the review on those:


At over 12 minutes the song clocks in for the job..
I'm reminded of Tenacious D..
Really tight as a three piece band..
Rhythm Section is precise..
Really amazing guitar work on that Zakk Wylde Gibson..
Several Tempo changes..
Stage presence is good..
Very busy song has many parts but it's really good as a story.


Really good bass solo to start off the song..
Stage costumes are awesome..
Unique sound on this song as well everything comes together with amazing guitar work.

Overall I really enjoy AXMINISTER I've heard a lot of their stuff before.
This was fun material to review and really good friends to me as well.

For all things AXMINISTER please follow them here:

by Jeremy Amack