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Stealth is an Italian metal band from Corridonia, Marche, Italy. Founded in 1997 they released several albums and EPs and performed all over Italy and in many other European countries.



The band was formed in 1997 by Daniele Gorbini (bass guitar) and Ivan Lattanzi (vocals/rhythm guitar) playing some Metallica cover songs. They performed their first gig on August 3rd 1997 under the name of Metal Militia together with other 2 local musicians. After that first gig Daniele and Ivan chose Lorenzo Pimpini (lead guitar) and Roberto Rastelli (drums) to complete the band line-up. On December 1998 Metal Militia released their first self produced EP ‘Mind Is Blind’ with 6 original songs and also started playing outside of their region and got their first local radio appearances and magazine reviews.

On March 2000 the band released its second self produced EP ‘Existence’ made of 5 original tracks. At the same time the band changed its name into Stealth. At the end of the same year summer, after various gigs to publicize the new EP, drummer Roberto Rastelli sadly decided to leave the band. In November Federico Governatori replaced Rastelli at the drums. The band started writing new material and on February 2001 entered the ‘Potemkin Studio’ of Andrea Mei to record their first full length album.

On March 14th 2001 was released ‘Stealth’, a self produced album of 11 original songs and presented to the public during a gig in a well known local rock/metal club. Soon after they started an Italian tour of 30 gigs that lasted one year and half.

On August 2001 the song ‘Take the Message’ was chosen to be part of ‘Cosarock 2001’, a compilation of local bands released after the ending of the homonym festival, during which Stealth also played.

On January 2002 Pimpini left the band to focus on his solo projects. Nazario Campofiloni, emerging musician of the area, becomes the first guitarist. During summer 2002 the audio/video compilation ‘Kosarock 2002’ was released with 3 Stealth’s songs performed live and recorded during the second edition of that festival.





The band resumed live performing after a forced break due to the guitarist change and worked on the 9 songs that would then be recorded from spring 2003 at the  ZdB studios ,an independent label from Latina. After drums recording sessions ended Governatori decided to drop the band and Mirko Antolini replaced him. With Antolini Stealth started promoting the new album ‘Check this out !’ that was released in co-production with the Italian label ZdB on December 17th  2004.

‘Check This Out !’ is Stealth’s second album, product of one year of work in search of both technical and artistic improvement. The result was an album with a captivating sound where the band pushed on toward a wide internationalism. Tracks are sung in Spanish, German, English, expressing the need of a new communication which aimed to win listeners beyond borders’ (ZdB press release)

The album received good national and international reviews and allowed the band to play their first gig abroad, more precisely in Dubrovnik, Croatia at Klub Orlando on May 13th 2006.

Just after that, Campofiloni told the band that his journey with Stealth was over. After some auditions, Marco Scocco became the new temporary guitarist and he allowed the band to finish the ‘Check This Tour’ including 2 amazing gigs in Latvia on March 23rd and 24th 2007 at Fontaine Palace Club in Liepaja and Klub Depo in Riga.

Also in 2007 the song ‘Crack ‘n Roll’ from the latest album was featured on an Italian heavy metal compilation called ‘SG Revolution II’ and released by SG Records. The perfect way to celebrate the first decade of music of the band.

On July Stealth went back at ZdB studios in Latina to record ‘Cover This Out!’, a project album featuring cover songs the band was playing during their early years and some 80s and 90s remakes. The album was released on 18th July 2008 with a launch gig in Italy. The song Freestyler (cover of Bomfunk MC’s) was included on the compilation ‘Cover For Madness’ released the same year by SG Records.

Some months later Marco Scocco left the band and in the early months of 2009 Stealth announced on its official website the reunion with Lorenzo Pimpini. After 7 years Lorenzo decided it was time to come back and the other members welcomed him back with open arms.


After some weeks spent trying a new set list, the band went back on the road playing gigs in Slovakia, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy during the “Cover This Tour!” In December 2009, due to recurrent problems at his wrist, the drummer Mirko Antolini left the band. On 21st March 2010 Stealth choose David Gasparetti as new drummer. After various gigs in Italy during spring and summer to finish the ‘Cover This Tour !’, on 30th October 2010 Stealth hit the stage of ‘Rout 66’ in Kiev, Ukraine for a memorable show.

On 30th December 2010 the band released the official live bootleg ‘Alive For The Live’ with 13 tracks recorded live during the performance in Kiev, later mixed at the ZdB studios and distributed by CPRS/Venus Dischi.

Two official live music videos were released in 2011 from that album: ‘Crack ‘n Roll’ and ‘Take The Message’.

On 29th December 2011 the band released the single ‘Boiler’, the first original song the band produced since ‘Check This Out!’. In June 2012 Stealth went back to studio but this time at the ‘UNDAtheC studios’ of Simone Cicconi in Macerata to start recording a new album. At the end of that year the band released a ‘Medley ’98-‘11’ of all the songs recorded until that period. The medley is available as free download on both their official website and soundcloud channel.

The song ‘Boiler’ was included on the compilation ‘All Metal 2013’ released by Sonny Music on 21st May 2013. Later that year the band released an unofficial video version of the song.



On 21st February 2014 Stealth released its third unedited album ‘Fight For Your Faith’ .

The album was produced and recorded by Simone Cicconi at his UNDAtheC Studios in Macerata, Italy, mastered at HMM Studios in Lilla Edet, Sweden and distributed by Sliptrick Records.

Few months after the release, the band started the ‘Fight For Your Tour’ performing in many European countries including UK, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. During the tour, after a gig in Rome in 2016, the drummer David Gasparetti decided to leave the band. Following auditions the band welcomed Michele Cipolletta as new drummer at the end of  November 2016. In the meanwhile the album got very good national and international reviews and hundreds of radio broadcastings over the world. The band released 3 official music videos from the album: 7 Hours Under Fire, Perpetual War and Inner Land.

They also appeared in various international compilations such as: the British TBFM breaking bands 2016 summer and winter CDs with the songs ‘7 Hours Under Fire’ and ‘Perpetual War’. On the Issues 31 and 32 of the Spanish ‘Rock Estatal’ DVD Rom released both in 2017 with the magazine, with the songs ‘Lo Que No Sé’, ‘Risiko’, ‘Perpetual War’, ‘Radiophobia’, ‘Boiler’ and the video of ‘Lo Que No Sé (Live in Kiev)’. On the Issue 83 of Fireworks Metal Rock Magazine CD with the song ‘Perpetual War’.

In an interview on Metal Rulz on 3rd February 2017, Ivan announced the band was working on a remix version of ‘Fight For Your Faith’.

On August 3rd 2017, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Stealth released a DVD Rom with almost 2 hours of unedited videos and hundreds of exclusive pictures taking during more of 100 concerts throughout Europe. On the 1st of July 2018 the band released the remix album “Fight For Your Fate” showcasing DJs and artists from many countries. The album is a mixture of genres and styles from industrial to techno dance which well reflects the different artists’ backgrounds.

On 20th October 2018 Stealth released the official lyric video of Radiophobia (Luciferro Remix)

On 3rd June 2020 the band released the Official Live Video of the song Risiko, preview of the Live album released later in December


Stealth is:

Ivan Lattanzi – Vocals/Guitars/Gtr Synth/Background groove

Daniele Gorbini – Bass/Background vocals

Lorenzo Pimpini – Guitars/Keyboards

Michele Cipolletta – Drums





Vampiric Metal


1.Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! You have a new album out, Tell us about it!

Thanks for having me! The new album is a small step in a different direction. The goal with this one was to make it more intense and energetic while still maintaining the atmosphere of the previous album. Basically the first album was more atmospheric while the new one is heavier and more intense. I like both albums quite equally though, they just fill different roles, if that makes sense.

2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

It was recorded at a small home studio up in the mountains! It’s weird because people listening to the album probably think it’s all new material, but most of the album was written around the same time as our first album. I was playing in bands before Vampiric, all of them disbanded, so I had plenty of un-used and un-recorded material from those days that I re-worked and recorded. Much of the songs on all of our releases so far were actually written years ago, probably between 2012 and 2018. It worked out for the best though because it gave the songs time to grow. I was a teenager in 2012 when I started writing some of those songs, so back then the songs weren’t so great, but now I think they reached their full potential.

3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one?

The clean singing is the biggest difference between the two albums. The first album had some clean singing but not nearly as much as the new album.

4.Are you signed to a label? If so, which one and how did they help or support the process?

We’ve been independent so far.

5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?

We have yet to play live. At the time we didn’t have a full line-up, which is something we’re trying to put together. Between albums we’ve been really focused on new merch, rehearsing, and writing.

6.Do you have any new members?

Somewhat, nothing set in stone yet but I’ve been rehearsing some Vampiric material with some friends, hopefully we can make something of it.

7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

We recorded it ourselves! It was a lot of work but we learned a lot from recording the previous album so this time around it was easier. Although, that’s another regret of mine, I wish we had someone else produce it. I think it would’ve been beneficial to have an extra set of ears. But regardless, the album still came out great.

8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio practices?

I did actually record a few times in the dark with candles! I also mostly recorded really late at night, but that’s because I am practically nocturnal. I should’ve recorded naked and in the dark with candles...oh well.

9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.

You can download the album on Bandcamp, it’s basically free or you can name your price

10.What is your plans now that the new album is out?

Getting a live line-up together and we’re also working a lot on new merch.

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Sinsation is from Southern California 
Santa Barbara and Camarillo
From the pristine shores of Southern California rises the Supergroup Sinsation. They are vampires from another dimension and mingle with mortals on earth. 
The fans are known as “Sinsation Nation” 
Sinsation is only a little over a year together and has 3 singles. 2 major videos and a third on the way. Up to 57,000 views on YouTube. Managed by Jaxxrock Entertainment and the mighty Mikey Doling. 
Endorsed by Solar guitars, Felton Guitars, Warp core pickups, and Shroeder Cabinets. 
They are nominated for best metal band of the year and won the coveted Metal Meeting battle of the bands in Arizona. Distribution by Fishbonious Sound Design. 
They frequent clubs like The Viper Room in Hollywood and the latest accomplishment are 3000 followers on Instagram and Signing with Nightrain Records. 
Vocals-Hannah Rebel
Guitars-Austin Shadowsill
Guitars and backing vocals-Sammy Fearce McPherson
Drums-Billy Brown
Bass- Mike Fitzgerald 

@nightrainrecords @warpcorepickups @feltonguitars @shroedercabinets

1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Metal Times! You have a new album out, Tell us about it!
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. The EP is called “Cursed”
2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?Our EP will be out Jan 10th 2021, so right
around the corner. We recorded, mixed and mastered the songs in different locations to get an
individual sound for each song.
Rock City Studios in Camarillo.(now Music Freqs) tho place is amazing! Austin and Hannah
both work there and Max Dickinson is an incredible engineer, an extremely talented musician
and coffee maker. His Pour-Overs are legendary. . Also
Fishbonious Sound Design in Santa Barbara California. We continue to work with Daniel on
distribution and recording. Mixing we utilized Max Dickinson, Daniel
Fishbonious. Mastering Maor Appelbaum from
LA and Sean from
rose Lane Studios. These are our first 4 songs we wrote for the band, so yes all new.
3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one?
We are only a little over a year old, so we have been releasing singles and they keep getting
heavier and more nuanced with every release.
4.Are you signed to a label? , If so which one and how did they help or support the process?
Fishbonious Records has been a sinsational ally on all releases. Daniel
Is a stand up guy, no contract needed for distribution. We are currently under contract with
Nightrain Records out of Italy for the single Sleeping Death and the EP titled “Cursed”
5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?
We played a bunch of shows pre Covid and won a battle of the bands in Arizona. We are always
writing and making videos. That keeps us really busy. We are working on our third video right
now for “Alligator”
6.Do you have any new members?
We had some drummer issues at first. Ha ha We had Mike Sharpe from The DTease then a
session drummer helped us record one song. Then we got Billy and it all fell into place. He is
incredible and has exquisite vampire taste.
7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?
I (Sammy) feel like it was very collaborative. Sinsation produced the entire EP with the help of
all the engineers, mixing and mastering engineers. Everyone put their unique stamp on every
8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio
practices? Ha ha. So when we recorded Alligator, Hannah did the most brutal Alligator growl
with a bottle. It was mind blowing. Also in our Sleeping Death video a spider showed up and
made a legitimate cameo, spinning a web and showing off to the lights and camera. We named
it Caprese.
9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.
We take turns peddling copies off of the corner of Ventura Blvd. hahaha , just kidding. All the
music platforms. Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
10.What is your plans now that the new album is out?
Quick shout out to Warp Core Pickups, Felton Guitars, and Shroeder Cabinets.
Nightrain Records and Fishbonious Sound Design.
Sinsation thanks you and all the humans of earth. And of course next is WORLD
Release date- Nov 2019
Label-Fishbonious/Nightrain Records




Album Review: The Trilogy Ecliptic
Unto the Wolves has brought a powerful EP to the table with The Trilogy Ecliptic. This album packs a powerful punch of metal, progressive rock, djent, thrash, and an eclectic blend of all things heavy. The songs are a shred fest in that satisfying guitar God style. Pulse pounding percussion, nasty breakdowns, and hellish screams/chest rattling vocals that make this adventure a wild roller coaster ride of badassery.
“Destroyed” is a perfect opener, beginning with a choir of evil monks/synths and then fades in a powerful double bass beat that creeps into a sorcerer metal meltdown. The songs takes you even down the rabbit hole with monstrous riffs. The harmony leads act as a symphony of evil to really get your head banging. The song is such a fun construction, while being about destruction, this tune builds and creates an awesome visual.
“Rebuild” continuing down the concept of the three songs, the vocalist paints ominous pictures of ego tear down, realization, and acceptance. Beautifully written, the lyrics to this trilogy run in sympatico with the ambience of clean crunchy guitars with killer delay swells. The song begins to build into a metal operatic anthem of a phoenix rising out the ashes.
“Alignment” the third and final track, is a banger of an ender and leaves you wanting more material. A powerful, progressive riff overlays some powerful theory driven runs that sync with the percussion to create a marching, charging, and motivating collision of sound. I love the breakdown/bridge taking you into the quiet intro riff only to blast your fucking face off again and again. “There is no life without pain” the singer proclaims. Everyone who knows this knows it’s a lesson learned hard.
This EP is a rarity, in the sense that everything about it is cohesive in concept. It takes a lot of talent to make a record this epic! This record is for fans of all genres of metal. They take you on a wild ride, bonded in covalent musical mayhem with the lyrical prophesying of a life endured.
Bryan Blake
©️Vinyl Lollipops
All Rights Reserved.


Vicious, all-female hard rock/heavy metal band, Stormstress, released a brand new single on November 20th, recorded at The Den Studios of North Reading and produced by Liz Borden and Sarah Fitzpatrick. Along with exhilarating music video for their aggressive anthem “You Can’t Hurt Me Now,” due out shortly, filmed by brother and sister team Troncat FPV and Fuel Heart Productions.

Their second single, “You Can’t Hurt Me Now,” reflects on a sweet situation gone sour and the true empowerment that comes with not only realizing that you’ve been mistreated and that it’s time to go, while also summoning the courage and power to walk out the door, slam it shut, and lock it behind you. The music video features unique drone footage showcasing the band driving home their newfound freedom. The trio speeds down the highway in a convertible amidst shots of them rocking out on their instruments. It’s classic rock ‘n’ roll.


“They have a sound that seems influenced by the melodic metal of such pioneers as Dio and lyrics that have an intelligence and relatability to them.” - Black Serpent Press


Combining their shared love for heavy music, ambitious spirits, and a unified dream of achieving greatness while bringing their self-empowering message to the world, mirror twins Tanya Venom (guitar/lead vocals) and Tia Mayhem (bass/vocals), along with their best friend, Maddie May Scott (drums/vocals), knew that forming a band together was an undeniable necessity. Thus, in October of 2019, amongst the rare bomb cyclone that hit Boston and under the influential Hunter moon that inspires drastic change and taking action, Stormstress was formed, striking with electrifying riffs, thunderous grooves and catchy choruses.

With their first release since the COVID-19 Pandemic devastated humanity, immediately following their debut show and single release, Stormstress aims to remind the people of the world to stay strong by accessing their inner power in these introspective times, and to use it to decide what deserves to remain with you on your journey, and what to leave behind.


They are ready to take the world by storm.



Official Website:


Instagram & Twitter: @stormstressband

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1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Metal Times
You have a new album out, Tell us about it!

Our first full length, a concept album titled “Dear Boss,” is slated for a 2020 release. It’s a theme derived from their lifelong fondness of the art of horror films, infamous stories in history and disturbing folklore that connects to the unpleasant nature of the human psyche. Ward said, “When you dig deep into the mind of an unsavory person, perhaps that of a killer, you unearth the inner, complex thoughts of horrible human beings that have negatively shaped the course of innocent people’s lives...and that’s intriguing. Not because it’s something to celebrate, but because it’s a human response that is quite difficult to understand.” TCT’s lyrics on this particular record attempt to expose the minds of Texas serial killers. The listener experience will be a glimpse into something that is often off limits, even in simple conversation. “Society avoids discomfort and the unease that comes with topics that are considered taboo.” Ward said. This album has become a research project that forces the audience to try to perceive the sick perversions that can exist, from the profound internal conflict of these individuals, which is often deeply rooted in the agony that fills their sick minds. 


The El Paso Walmart shooting on August 3, 2019 almost halted the decision to bring this album to fruition. Ward stated, “It wasn’t just close to home, it was in OUR home. In the end it left us asking ourselves ‘why?’” The person that committed this atrocity “is not a serial killer in my mind, he carried out a mass murder that was politically motivated. A serial killer is quiet, vindictive, and often blends in while they execute a plan in a calculated way...this monster was just riled up by the political climate that the current president has created, where people think it’s okay to discriminate and be violent towards one another.” Nonetheless, Arellano and Ward couldn’t help but ask ‘What’s in the thought process of someone who acts out in violence?’


These questions led to a desire to discover the answers to why people kill; creating an opportunity to explore the mind and showcase the results through art. “We refuse to investigate the rationale of mass shooters...they don’t deserve our time,” Ward insists. However, for this record, TCT is determined to portray the inner workings of true serial killers; their stories run deeper; there’s layers upon layers. There’s an unknown psychology that TCT seeks to interpret and artistically portray through the subtleties of both lyrics and sound. 


2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

The album is currently being recorded at Nevermore Records in El Paso, TX. All the material on the album is new.


3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one?

Before this, we released six singles over the course of 2019; a showcase of what we’re all about. So, this is our first full length! On this record, we’ve made a point to include more dynamics between songs. We love all types of music and sometimes feel the need to add in more than just the heavy grinding. With this album, you will get the heaviness we all love, but interwoven will be dark and gloomy electronic pieces. The purpose is to capture the chaos that can connect to the concept of the album that may not always be heavy.


4.Are you signed to a label? If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

Yes, we are signed to Nevermore Records, LLC. The label is our own. We have been fairly successful in our personal lives and are in a position to not have to worry about signing our souls away to funders, so we decided to do it all on our own. Having been signed to a label in past projects, it’s exciting to know that we can now do everything our way and make our own rules along the way.


5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?

Unfortunately, we have not yet toured for this project. We’ve been locked in a studio for roughly a year cranking out song after song; we want this album to be just right. Our goal is to first put out a great debut record, then the touring begins.


6.Do you have any new members?



7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

Our very own Paul Ward. He’s produced many artists over the years, and after working with both top notch and low-level producers in the past, we came to terms with the understanding that he just knows how to do it best. Paul is able to create high quality work that gets that raw emotion across that you want the listener to feel.


8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio practices?

Adrian has to get down to his boxers when he records vocals. Paul likes the studio dark with ambient lighting, and always wants to record early in the morning with a nice warm cup of coffee.


9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.

Our first full length “Dear Boss” will be available everywhere. There currently isn’t a release date set, but it’s 3/4s complete and should likely be available in Spring of 2020.


10.What is your plans now that the new album is out?

We will be performing everywhere; looking at a tour being scheduled for Summer of 2020. The details are currently being sorted out.




1.What is your name and what band do you play for?

Dylan (Toki) Jenkins and I'm the drummer for VIA (2 years) and just recently joined WOR

2.Who made you want to play drums and why?

Joey Jordison of Slipknot. Was there a better band for a 13 year old to scare his parents with?


3.When did you get your first kit? Tell us about it…

I was 13 years old when I asked my dad for a drums set. He was hesitant because I didn't stick with the first instrument I had asked for (guitar) but we struck a deal that he'll get me the drums but I'd have to mow lawns till it was paid off. So we found a cheap Rogers kit on Craigslist and the rest is history.


4.Where your parents supportive of you and your loud / expensive new habit?

Very! From putting up with all the noise in garage  to coming out to shows.


5.What drum performance on an album is perfection to you?

Brann Dailor of Mastodon on Crack the Skye

6.Tell us about your current kit and set up in DETAIL.

I have a 6 piece Mapex MyDentity kit. Bottom end is birch and the top is maple. It has a flat black wood grain wrap with slime green hardwear. Sabian cymbals and pearl eliminator double pedal.

7.If you could have a dream kit tell us about it in DETAIL

That's difficult to say. I switch up configurations quite often to keep things fresh. But I have been wanting to get a sweet hybrid kit together for a while now. Something similar to my current set up with VIA with the addition of a few Mandala electric drum pads.


8.Name your top 5 drummers excluding Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy

Danny Carey, Brann Dailor, Chris Adler, Benny Grab, and Luke Holland


9. Do you prefer Live or Studio?

Definitely live

10.Do drummers really get all the chicks and if so how do we convince the guitarist?

I wouldn't have the job security if we did..

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Vile Cynic is an emerging metal band based out of Chicago. Their dynamic blend of death and thrash metal was inspired by bands such as Pantera, Iron Maiden, Dissection, Vital Remains, Lamb of God and Behemoth. The combination of aggressive vocals, harmonic riffs, heavy bass, and powerful drums merge to form their savage sound.




Band Members

Vocals - Angelo Hakey

Lead Guitar - Jacob Banjeglav

Rhythm Guitar - Jake Meditz

Bass - AJ Miller

Drums - Hector Huizar











1.Introduce yourself and your band and tell us why we should listen to you.

I’m Jake Meditz, I play in Vile Cynic.  You should check us out if you’re into fast paced metal with catchy hooks, blast beats, pummeling double bass and groove.  We are all into different types of metal so we combine a lot of influences in our music so they all have a different feeling and vibe to them. 

2.What do you classify your sound as, Who do you tell people you sound like?

I’m really not sure who to compare our sound to.  I’ve never put much thought into it.  Our influences and writing are all over the place.  We just classify ourselves as Metal basically.  If we feel like writing a black metal influenced song, then so be it,  we might add in some Maiden inspired harmonies as well.  Just whatever we’re feeling. 

3.With digital music in today's world would you vote to keep or eliminate physical media?

Never.  I love buying Cd’s.  There’s nothing better than having a physical copy with the artwork in your hands. 

4.What is the reason you decided to be a musician and has that reason paid off?

I think the reason for all of us becoming musicians is just because we love writing heavy music and getting on stage and putting on a good show and entertain people.  Whenever I see people knowing the lyrics or catch people wearing our merch, I think it’s paid off. 

5.How do you feel about females in metal getting special attention? Do you feel it is fair?

I think it’s great that they are getting more attention this day and age.  I’m sure there’s been plenty of great female musicians in metal that may have been overlooked just because of that. 

6.In the world climate with hatred being at an all time high and metal being an “ angry” music

Do you think your music contributes to anger and hatred? I think we definitely contribute to anger.  I think that’s part of the point of heavy music.  It’s a great release.

7.Are you opposed to religious beliefs or politics being used in music?

Not at all.  Some of the best metal songs were written about politics and religion. 

8.We have dive into some pretty deep issues here do you think your music sends a message and if so what is it?   I wouldn’t say we send a direct message.  People can interpret them as they want.  Our latest EP has some lyrics and themes with some deeper meanings in them. 

9.The market has changed and many bands believe that record labels are a thing of the past, with many labels now charging bands to “sign” how do you think a band can make it in todays scene? Busting your ass, getting out there to promote, learn how to make contacts, get your fan base to help share your band on social media.  Hiring a good PR company, taking every opportunity you can to get your music heard.  It seems like it’s mostly DIY these days.  Making sure every band mate is equally dedicated to do what it takes to promote and get you heard and jumping on every chance they can to network. 

10.Why with the thousands of options including netflix , sporting events everything on demand

Why do you think people should take the time to listen to what you have to say in your music? With the amount of politics and bias news spewing their filth and becoming more and more involved in sports events, and since half the country has been stuck home for the past year almost, I feel like people are tired of sitting home doing the netflix routine.   Now is as good a time as ever for people to start checking out their local talented musicians, bands, artists and support them and the venues.  We have a few songs that might really resonate with some people lyrically, we have a broad range of styles we like to play to keep it interesting instead of sticking to one type of genre of metal.  That’s a hard question to answer.  You never know what song, lyric or riff might resonate with someone. 

11.How do you feel about pay to play? Do you think it is fair for a band to have to pay money to play?  Not a fan of pay to play.  Bands always seem to get fucked in the long run.

12.It is fact that you are the talent and the entertainment explain what you think is the most important key to success?  Dedication and persistence

13.In country music and even in some cases rock music is written and performed by different people would your band perform a song written by someone else? Yeah i definitely think we would.  Why the hell not.  We’ve talked about doing a cover for awhile, but not a typical metal cover. 

14.If you are pro female in music are you pro using sex to sell your music? Absolutely pro female in music.  Haven’t pop stars been doing that for the past 30 years?

15.What is your view on the lawsuits against people saying lewd or unprofessional things to women or men and how does that affect an art described as sex drugs and rock n roll ?

I think it makes people think twice about making asshole comments in general.  It can still be sex drugs and rock n roll, but maybe don’t be a piece of shit. 

16. Ok lets lighten up a bit. What is your favorite band of all time and why?  Our lead guitarist is absolutely obsessed with Iron Maiden.  As for the rest of us it’s so hard to pick.  We all listen to an insane amount of different bands it’s almost impossible to pick. 

17.What would you be doing if you were not in a band?

I would probably try opening a bar/venue

18. Do you have a favorite sports team? Jake Banjeglav’s favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens.  The rest of us aren’t really big sports fans.

19.If you could get on stage with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

Jake Banjeglav- John Petrucci,

20.This is your shot to let loose, Throw down your biggest complaint about the music biz

Venues and record labels taking advantage of artists and bands.