Sunday, March 15, 2020



Cameron Frechette: Vocals
Mike Landers: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Joe Huls: Bass Guitar
Kevin Bindschatel: Drums/Custom Percussion

“Hideous devastations, lifeless serenity
My abstract emotions, somehow, get the best of me
Lord take away my sorrow, Lord take away my pain
Erasing life tomorrow, ain't the motive to the game
My mind is dangerous, that's who I'll always be”

Life of Agony - “My Mind is Dangerous”

The compelling lyrics of Life of Agony have spoken deeply to a generation of heavy music fans, including the members of Torn Away. Using the power of music as both catharsis and absolution, the band continually strives to reach higher and go farther. As a phoenix rises from the ashes, so do the members of Torn Away.

Formed in the blue-collar city of Flint, Michigan, the music scene veterans of Torn Away have come together to play melodic groove metal with engaging lyrics, hypnotic vocals, incendiary leads, and dynamic rhythms. A sledgehammer with ball peen precision, some might say.

Torn Away carefully construct songs designed to bang your head while resonating emotionally and gutturally, each member taking influence from trailblazing bands like Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, and Iron Maiden to more modern sonic titans like Alice in Chains, Seether, Acid Bath, and Down. Featuring equal parts melody and aggression, Torn Away's music will burrow deep into the grey matter and reverberate in your skull long after the audible energy has dissipated.

The core components of Torn Away came together in late 2017, working together feverishly on songs to unleash to the world while searching for the final piece to bring their alchemy to full fruition. In 2019, Cameron Frechette joined on vocals and brought an exciting new element to the band with his dynamic ability to sing clean melodies and gruff harsh vocals.

In October of 2019, Torn Away was invited to be the guest band on “Unsigned with Jill Elinor,” an hour-long show on Rewind 94.3-FM WERW in suburban Detroit, which hosted Torn Away for a live acoustic performance in the studio while also debuting several of the bands recorded songs, all to rave reviews. With more media opportunities and the full-length debut album coming in 2020, the future is bright for Torn Away.

“The only way I know
to survive an unknown road
is to mask the things I've shown
and be the man made of stone”

Torn Away - “Made of Stone”

“You guys are definitely good! Hell.... It's cool that there's actual rock bands out there. Phenomenal band, ya know? This is one of the reasons why I started doing internet radio way back in the day, discovering these new bands. They are definitely a band I want to see more of!”
Rikki Roxx, host of Roxx100 radio show

“The song structure and dynamics are great!”
Elijah White, guitar, HEART OF JORDAN and owner of Mission Media Group

“I really like that melodic groove!”
Jill Elinor, radio host, Rewind 94.3-FM WERW

“An aural assault on the mind, body, and soul that leaves the listener seeking shelter while craving more.”
Chris Solari, Detroit Free Press

“Torn Away is one of the heaviest hitting bands out there. They bring down the house at every show!”
Jay Coffey, Verbal Abuse Entertainment

“Torn Away is a hard hitting, talented group that really knows how to put on a show, as well as having a great attitude with their fans! It has been an honor to work with them and look forward to working them again!”
Quinn Iejir, Michigan Metal Association

"Totally dig it! Reminds me of C.O.C. Has what a lot of metal bands these days don't have from the past, and that's soul!”
MASADA, legendary death match professional wrestler

“Finally got a chance to listen to your songs... Really dig it man! Love the depth and dimension to Torn Away!”
Nick Simon, writer and director, The Girl in the Photographs

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