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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're looking at an Oklahoma City band called Haggardz Hellraizerz.

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're looking at an Oklahoma City band called Haggardz Hellraizerz. 
Super fun and rowdy.. with some serious grooves..

I asked the banner normal questions prior to doing the review..
Bands they have played with?
Major accomplishments for 2019
Major goals for 2020
A funny or weird story about your band

Here's what they had to say..

Wasted Tyme 
Weak Minded
Acez ( pretty much our single)

We play in E standard & Drop D standard

As individuals we've all palyed with some big names to many to list but as Haggardz Hellraizerz we've got the pleasure of jaming with Sons of Texas and Aranda 

Funny story me (Poorboy) worked my ass off for 4 months on booking shows then 1 week to kicking off a run of shows boom this fucking virus kicks us in the nuts and all our hard work and money spent on merch so now no jams and no duckets in our bucket ............... Oh wait that's every musician in the world . Sucks and hope we all get back out there soon

Goals for 2020 
Well 1st kicking the Rona Virus n the sick and getting our shows rebooked and hopefully sell a ton of merch and records then late fall back into the studio.

Our guest this week is  Joseph Huls, of the band Torn Away.. from Michigan. 

You can follow them here..

Let's begin with his review..

I was asked to review HAGGARDZ HELLRAIZERZ. The band name kind of gave me a bit of concern, the whole purposely misspelled name thing reminds me of some middle school kind of stuff. I tried to put those preconceived notions out of my head, however, and give this disk a fair shot.  

I sat back, cracked a beer and hit place on the song "ACEZ." I was very pleasantly surprised that a real swampy sludgy riff sprang forth, one that would not be out of place on an ORANGE GOBLIN disc. Grizzled vocals soon joined in, remeniscent of early Black Label Society, perfectly in step with what you would expect with this band name. It all actually works pretty well, spelling skills be damned. The drums and bass are mixed a little softly for my taste, but as a bass player, I fully admit I am biased. The song ends rather abruptly, I would have liked to see these dudes stretch it out a little bit longer. At 3:24, it doesn't overstay it's welcome. It's over almost too soon. 

The second track I put on was called "WASTED TYME." Let's get these dudes some spell check, pronto! The opening riff made me think of the all time classic intro to "Symptom of the Universe" by Black Sabbath. Taking some influence from the godfathers of metal is NEVER a bad approach... some bands have built respectable careers doing just that. Thankfully, Haggardz Hellraizerz make it their own. I really dig the groove on this track. It makes me think this was written catering to degenerates and hellraisers in mind... I would love to be in the audience watching these guys play after about 7 P.B.R.'s and a couple hits off some green. These guys aren't reinventing the wheel - there is no need. They put their own spin on said wheel, and it rolls along just fine. 

The final song I hit play on was called "WEAK MINDED." This is definitely a throwback jam. The opening riff could have been transported right out of 1972. This is the kind of stuff my dad would have played for me in the mid-80s, riding in the back of his old light brown Chevy Nova. The vocals on this song almost take on a Lemmy-esque quality. The guitar solo is pretty tasty on this one.... It's pretty basic but trying to play something like Jimi or Stevie Ray on this tune wouldn't have worked at all. This song also ends very abruptly.

Overall, I enjoyed this disc. It's dirty. It's rough around the edges... It is most definitely haggard. I imagine these guys are big fans of Blue Cheer and Atomic Rooster. My biggest criticism on this disc is that I would like to see a little bit more variety in the songwriting... The song lengths are 3:24, 3:15, and 3:18... They all seem to end a bit quickly. Have an outro riff... Extend the intro... Add a couple of bars to the final chorus... There are a ton of options these guys could explore, and I have a sneaking suspician they will have a blast in doing just that.  I look forward to hearing more from these dudes... Let's get some beers, look at some girls, and crank it up loud! 

FOR FANS OF - Orange Goblin, Motorhead, Blue Cheer

Jeremy Amack 

I  loved this band. It definitely had the groove based rock sound carrying it. I just pictured myself sitting in a sleazy bar listening to this band on the jukebox wall Ruffians play pool.. when I got the file and noticed there was only three songs on it.. those three songs were enough to make me want to hear more from this band.

Sounds as muddy as the Red River they were super fun to listen to and I could just picture a sleazy dive bar.

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