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Old School Album Review Brackish Tide. The album is "The View From Below."

On this episode of An Old School Album Review were taking a look at a band from the Maryland/Virginia area called Brackish Tide. The album is "The View From Below."
Band members:
Goat - vocals
DD - bass/vocals
WW - guitars/vocals
Murdock - guitars
Tim 6 - vocals

I asked the band our normal questions..
Bands you have played with..
Major accomplishments for 2019..
Major goals for 2020..
A funny story about your band..

Here's what they had to say:

Tunings, D standard  and drop C. 
Bands, Silvertung, Lydia Can't Breathe, Offensive, Big Handsome, Ammune among many others. 
2019, played several new venues and several benefits. 
2020, finish and release a new album.
So for a funny/weird story.. Our guitar player (Murdock) had been jamming with our bass player DD along with another guitar player when he moved away.. after much searching for another, Murdock was parked at a McDs when he noticed a drummer he had known for several years and thought- hmmm - maybe he'd be up for jamming?! He just happened to have his phone number and called him right then and there and asked him to swing around (which he obliged).. unbeknownst to Murdock this was his second trip through because he always ordered fries with no salt and of course they got it wrong!! After finally getting his order they talked for about an hour and from that initial meet Jeremy became our original drummer!! ONLY it would seem because he wanted "fries - no salt"!!

Our guest this week is Matt Greenlee of Wreckards.. a Casper Wyoming punk rock band. We asked Matt to review the newest single.. Carpe Noctum.. let's start with his review of that first:

Carpe Nocturn:

"The biggest thing that stood out to me in this song was the time change at the bridge. Not only did it shift from swing to straight, but the time signature also cut in half. That was pretty damn cool. The drums are loud and punchy, the cymbals are nice and bright. It kind of sounds like a heavier version of Volbeat at certain points, which I think is pretty cool also. Definitely a song I could see on a playlist I made for doing home improvement work/project building."

Matt was kind enough to review "Devil's Daughter" as well.. here's what he had to say about it:

Devil's Daughter: 

"Definitely a quintessential heavy-sounding rock song. Loud, fuzzy, vintage distortion, heavy bass mid-range, and what sounds like real drums. (Not sure if they're sampled or not, but they sounded pretty real to me.) I definitely think that Carpe Nocturn had a little more energy and a little more dynamics because of the wild bridge transition, but I can see how these two songs would sit well together on an album. I could definitely see these guys playing some stages at events like the bike rally in Sturgis, and making a damn fine profit, along with some great exposure. All in all, I think the songs are recorded well, these guys are a solid heavy rock band worth giving a listen to 🙂"

Thank you Matt we really appreciate it. 


When I first started hearing the material I was instantly reminded of Danzig. But with a heavier,  Black Sabbath sound.. then the vocals kick in like Sepultura.
This was a really heavy album and I enjoyed it..
Let's get to the review:


Supreme riffing..
Extended chugs, very straight forward..
Good vocals,  especially the growls..
Solid grooves..
Shows no mercy..
Has the Black Label Society feel with a touch of Lamb of God


80's rock n roll feel..
Good pinch harmonics..
Solid drive in chorus..
Probably really good live..
Solid grooves on main riff, vocals ride that wave and the group vocals match that as well 


Has that Danzig feel..
Sludgy distortion tone with a really heavy groove..
I like the vocals on this as well 


Fast intro, very swarming..
Pretty intense song..
Good breakdown..
Goes from fast to very slow quickly then back up in tempo, but keeps the same intensity..
Sic breakdown again but its heavier and different..
Might as well burn the place down as this song ends


Black Sabbath feel..
Super good chugs..
Solid lyrics, really like the story..
Build up is good..
Just bottom heavy..
The yelling is amazing..
Picks up tempo without losing the heaviness, which I attributed to the drums..
Really loved this song 


Love this creepy intro..
They have their own distinct sound..
More of a Danzig type of song..
The acoustic riff has a really kewl sound to it..
Really creepy accompanied by awesome vocals..
It's hard to create such a full sound that blends well together..
I love it when they yell at people


Another creepy intro leading into a solid groove..
Darker song with heavier riffs..
Just a whole lot of solid chugging with some big power chords..
I'm surprised by the harmony in the vocals,  the ability to switch from singing to growling..
Solid transitions..
Perfect timing..
Love the ending, Ch3no2 is a drag racing fuel and the sound they created at the end is spot onPAINISM

The vocals hit really hard here..
Really impressed with the harder styles..
Guitars are perfectly in tune..
Good up tick in tempo 


Another Danzig feel..
Upbeat tempo..
Solid Guitar Work..
Really heavy

Overall this is a super heavy album and definitely worth checking out!!!

For all things Brackish Tide please follow them here:

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