Friday, September 13, 2019


1.Tell us your name and the band you play for

My name is Frank Palangi - I'm a rock recording artist from Upstate NY

2.Who made you want to pick up the guitar

The film the Crow :) Brandon Lee playing guitar on the roof top , dead rockstar coming back to life -- seemed awesome!! I told my mom I want one of those that he is playing to learn.

3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

Mostly self taught. I took a bit of lessons inbetween. I learn mostly by ear and tabs

4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?

I can read tab, and a bit sheet music.  I have teaching lessons for 6 months now to 12 students and learning a lot throughout that process also.

5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ?

I do feel that way. I've tired a lot of guitars - bought and sold about 20 or so - different brands and makes trying to find that fits my hands and sound. Amps - cabinets - heads - a mix of equipment.

6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color )

I use two EC-1000's from ESP with active pickups now. I love em! :) great tone - solid guitars. I have a black and gold one and a black/white burst. I have Spector for bass guitars in the studio with and ESP baritone trans black color. I use Ovation for guitars when playing out and in studio also. My teaching guitar is a Jackson trans black because felt right. Full circle type thing since it was the first guitar brand I ever got.

7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? Tell us about them

EMG picks :) sick active pickups!

8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc

I use a Blackstar ID series Head now and a discounted Line 6 massive 350w head with the Blackstar UK 2X12 cabinets. I have an old 4X12 stack of ASI's but sold those. I was looking for the clarity and punch at the same time. My first cabinets were CRATE that I owned about 10 years now.

9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy

I have one for acoustic mostly with a octa pedal , chorus pedal going to a Vocalist live box then coming out into a BBA excited stomp for extra bass and clarity. -- Live for electric is same board just add the Line 6 wireless pack :)

10.Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail….

I don’t really have a dream rig.  I am really happy with my sound and set up.  I may change my amp to a Laney.  I played through a Laney amp while touring in Peru.  I really dug it.  It seemed to fit my style very well.

12. Is tone more important or is technique?


13. Name your top 5 guitarist

1) James Hatfield
2) Randy Rhodes
3) Jimmy Hendrix
4) George Lynch
5) Steve Vai
7) 14.Who is the most overrated guitarist   - SLASH

15.Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?

 Randy and Hendrix!!


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