Wednesday, September 25, 2019


1.Tell us your name and the band you play for

 Tyler Gilbert, I am the front man of hard rock group Tyler Gilbert.


2.Who made you want to pick up the guitar

 My good friend Matt "Lunchbox" Levesque was the biggest reason I started playing, I remember talking to him over the phone one day and he was playing and I thought to myself I should do that.

3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

.I took a year of guitar lessons, im not a theory guy by any means, I prefer the adventure of improvisation and discovery.

4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?

 .It's been a long time since I have read music, It would take me awhile to be able to figure it out again. I prefer tabs and use them frequently even with my own songs.

5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ?

 I do feel like I have a bit of my own sound, everyone is a product of their influences and I feel being that I have a diverse mix of influences that my guitar sound reveals the straightforward heaviness of metal as well as the pentatonic blues aspect along with hints of modern players.

6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color )

 I have always been an SG guy. I have alot of guitars mostly Gibson and Epiphone SG's, however my main live axe is not my most expensive. It's a 2012 Gibson SG Faded - Worn Bourbon. My main studio axe is a 2006 Gibson SG Supreme - Midnight Blue


7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? Tell us about them

 I have always used passive pickups, however I have been lately wanting to slap some actives in my live sg. I don't get too crazy with my pickups I mostly use Gibson Gear 57 Classic Humbuckers.

8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc

 For years I've used Marshall. My main live rig was a Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead half stack. However since my last album I have switched over to the Kemper Profiler Powered Rack, however the amp i use in the Kemper is a profile of my Marshall stack.

9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy

 I have always used pedals to help reach my tone, My board has a Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR 6-band Graphic EQ, Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, Zakk Wylde Wah, Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. They help me reach my heavy crunchy rhythms yet still allow for squeals and cutting solos.

10..Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail…..

I pretty much have my dream rig, It's everything I've always wanted and as long as im happy with the sound then that's all I need. If I had to choose anything I would choose a guitar tech to help bush buttons at the show.

11.What guitarist can you not stand?

For some reason I'm not a big fan of Yngwie Malmsteen. Amazing player I just like more soul in playing than technicality.

I12. Is tone more important or is technique?

 I think they go hand in hand. I think a tone can produce techniques, if you grow up playing with a crummy tone I believe it will affect your technique. I think artistically you cant pick one over the other because its all art, because something is technically sound does that make it better art that something thats not but still sounds cool?

13. Name your top 5 guitarist

Dimebag Darrell
Zakk Wylde,
Eddie Van Halen
Angus Young
Randy Rhoads

14.Who is the most overrated guitarist

I would say Tom Morello.

15.Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?

That would have to be King Dimebag, his playing is just untouchable.


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