Friday, September 27, 2019


 1.Introduce yourself and your band and tell us why we should listen to you.

DARREN: Hi we are the band PowerTribe and you should listen to us if you like the old school metal mixed in with some newer, heavier and faster music. We have a nice mix of heaviness and melody.
MISSY: I'm Missy and I play bass, keys, and I sing in PowerTribe. 

JOHN: You should listen to us because you're tired of listening to everyone else ;-)

2.What do you classify your sound as, Who do you tell people you sound like?

DARREN: We are pretty much straight up heavy metal. Influences are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Arch Enemy, Iced Earth.
MISSY: People tells us that we sound like Iron Maiden.
JOHN: Funny because we don't like to classify ourselves. Some people have told us they hear Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or Queensryche influences in there, but we seriously don't try to fit any mold or steer toward any particular crowd or genre.

3.With digital music in today's world would you vote to keep or eliminate physical media?

DARREN: We still like physical media, but also understand the importance of digital. But we still prefer physical.
MISSY: I vote to keep everything physical because the grid could go down at any moment. If I have a digital copy of an important book, I try to find the physical copy and I store it. It is just the way that I am designed as a person.
JOHN: I vote we bring back the 8-track tape! Kidding. You know, there was something to be said about walking to a record store and buying a piece of vinyl or CD or even cassette, walking home, putting in your stereo and sitting on the couch to listen to it from beginning to end while admiring the cover art and reading along with the lyrics. It's a bit of a bummer that people are so quick to listen to half a song and skip to the next one and so on. That being said, it's amazing that music can be so easily shared around the world via digital.

4.What is the reason you decided to be a musician and has that reason paid off?
DARREN: Music was an easy choice. Originally it was just something I was drawn to because I loved the energy. And being able to re-produce the energy I felt from my favorite bands was the best thing in the world. Yeah, it’s definitely paid off. Even if I’m never a huge rock star, being a musician has made me as happy as I can ever imagine being -- that is priceless. 
MISSY: I think that Music chose me. I started playing music at a very young age and I was considered a child prodigy. I actually tried to "leave" Music because I was more interested in natural sciences, philosophy, theology & theosophy, but I would always write music all the time. I realized that I belonged to the "music family" of the world. So then ... I purposely chose Music again. Music makes me feel "normal". And I am able to use my knowledge of my studies to express myself through music.
JOHN: Honesty, I want to play music I enjoy with people I care about. If I get to play it live in front of a crowd or have fans listen to a recording......I consider that a bonus.

5.How do you feel about females in metal getting special attention? Do you feel it is fair?
DARREN: I haven’t really noticed that. I think it’s cool when females are doing metal - they definitely contribute nicely to the music.
MISSY: I am so new to the metal arena that I didn't realize that females were getting special attention in metal. Do I feel that it is fair? Well, I don't think that anything is fair haha!
JOHN: Male, female, white, black, purple, orange, young, old......doesn't matter. All should have a chance to shine........equally!

6.In the world climate with hatred being at an all time high and metal being an “ angry” music Do you think your music contributes to anger and hatred?

DARREN: Oh I never considered metal to contribute to anger. If anything doing some headbanging releases energy and also energizes you at the same time, so I think it's a great counter balance to the anger of the world.
MISSY: I hope not.
JOHN: We believe in self empowerment. We don't want to preach to people, and encourage people to interpret our songs how they'd like, but we certainly hope it makes people feel better, which in turn helps make the world a better place.

7.Are you opposed to religious beliefs or politics being used in music?

DARREN: Not at all, music is an extension of who you are, so I think it’s quite natural to include that.
MISSY:  No. Music is just another vehicle of expression and people can drive where they want to in the world of music.
JOHN: Music is art. And it's interpretive. I like to think our songs have messages, but we're certainly not preaching.

8.We have dive into some pretty deep issues here do you think your music sends a message and if so what is it?

DARREN: I think our music has a super positive message and vibe, we just wanna rock and have a good time with our audience.
MISSY: I think "Prepare For Battle" is more like a commentary or news reporting. I wouldn't say that we are a voice in the wilderness because it is way past any warnings. It is more about a future that is devastated and how you survive in it.
JOHN: Our last album Prepare For Battle isn't a concept album per se, but there is an underlying theme of survival.

9.The market has changed and many bands believe that record labels are a thing of the past, with many labels now charging bands to “sign” how do you think a band can make it in todays scene?

DARREN: Just gotta do the music you love and put in hard work and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.  But loving what you do is key, makes all the energy you put into it not even seem like work.
MISSY:  Location. Location. Location haha! Besides having a great product and package, it is more like promotion, promotion, promotion. Well, we are not signed, but for me ... I think we have already "made it". To me, I have "made it" already because if I died tomorrow, I am happy knowing that I made the music that I have made with the people that I wanted to make the music with. 

JOHN: We aren't signed and enjoy the freedoms we have with creating music; however, it sure would be great to get some help with promotion and booking us on some bigger show.

10.Why with the thousands of options including netflix , sporting events everything on demand Why do you think people should take the time to listen to what you have to say in your music?
DARREN: Music has an energy that can bring joy to people, and I think people will get joy from listening to our music. It will take you somewhere all those other types of things can’t.

MISSY: Because we are another quality option for people. We are also more than just entertainment. It is hopefully thought-provoking too.

JOHN: I think most people have a "soundtrack to their lives". Whether you go to live concerts, or need background music in your car, or hear a score in a movie or TV is everywhere. We've been lucky to be on internet radio, terrestrial radio, streaming (like Spotify), and even in the end film credits to a wonderful flick called "Black Flowers".

11.How do you feel about pay to play? Do you think it is fair for a band to have to pay money to play?

DARREN: I think it's fine - it's just another promotional tool. Paying to play could open you up to an audience that you would possibly have never reached any other way.

MISSY: Like I said before, I don't think that anything is fair and I don't expect everything to be fair. I don't live under an illusion that everything can or should be fair.

JOHN: I wish that didn't exist, but I also wish I didn't have to pay taxes. We've been very selective about shows we'll play and we prefer to share nights with bands that we truly admire and believe fit our demographic. We've opened up for Quiet Riot, Dokken, Hammerfall, John 5, and others.

12.It is fact that you are the talent and the entertainment explain what you think is the most important key to success?

DARREN: Hard to say, success comes in so many different 

ways. Networking is definitely a big part of it.

MISSY: Writing, Recording, and Providing music that people desire to hear. Then the key is to get it out there for people to hear it. So again ... promotion, promotion, promotion. Oh and maybe a GINORMOUS email list :)

JOHN: Hopefully if we can create songs that people can relate to, they'll continue to support us.

13.In country music and even in some cases rock music is written and performed by different people would your band perform a song written by someone else?

DARREN: If it was the right person/right song we might do something like that.

MISSY: If management required it (and we really liked the song) ... maybe. But we don't have management haha! So ... if we all decided to as a band (because we loved and respected a song) ... sure.

JOHN: Hmmmm.......we've actually never done a cover song. Other than a heavy metal Christmas rendition of Carol of the Bells. Sometime I'd love to hear someone cover a PowerTribe song ;-) But no, I don't think we'd hand the writing reins over to someone else. That's the point of being an original band. Not really sure why we'd want someone else to write for us?

14.If you are pro female in music are you pro using sex to sell your music?

DARREN: It’s not really necessary. And in metal I don’t think it’s really a thing.
MISSY: I think you should utilize every area to share your music ... including writing great music as well as looking good as a band. So this includes all the band members to look good (as a band).
JOHN: ???

15.What is your view on the lawsuits against people saying lewd or unprofessional things to women or men and how does that affect an art described as sex drugs and rock n roll ?

DARREN: Oh wow, not really familiar with that at all to even comment.

MISSY: It all sounds like sex, drugs, and rock n' roll craziness to me :)
JOHN: ???

16. Ok lets lighten up a bit. What is your favorite band of all time and why?

DARREN: I’d say right now Arch Enemy. The whole orchestration of the melody with the singer and the way their songs move is just perfect for me.

MISSY:  Gosh, I don't have a favorite band ... um ... PowerTribe? Yes ... PowerTribe. That's my favorite band. Why? Because John and Darren are in it haha!

JOHN: Don't have one favorite band. I don't even have a favorite decade of bands. There have been so many great artists in the past and I'm really excited about finding new bands all the time.

17.What would you be doing if you were not in a band?

DARREN: Oh I’d still be playing guitar and doing something with music.  It’s all I really know.

MISSY: I guess I would be a solo musician haha. Maybe a writer ... a teacher ... a web developer ... youtuber ... martial artist ... too many to list!

JOHN: Definitely a beach bum ;-)

18. Do you have a favorite sports team? 

DARREN: Nah, not really.

MISSY: College wrestling: Penn State 

JOHN: College football: Penn State, and NHL ice hockey: New York Rangers.

19.If you could get on stage with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
DARREN: Randy Rhoads

MISSY: For Classical: Edvard Grieg / For Country: Johnny Paycheck / For Jazz: Gonzalo Rubalcaba / FOR METAL: Dio
JOHN: My twin sons. However they're athletes and not musicians. Well, one can dream ;-)

20.This is your shot to let loose, Throw down your biggest complaint about the music biz

DARREN: No complaints - it is what it is. Just play the game, do what you love, and no matter whatever happens, you will still be happy.

MISSY: Huh ... there's a music biz?  Just kidding. Seriously, I'm too busy writing, recording, and playing music to complain.

JOHN: The fact it hasn't yet recognized that PowerTribe should be on the top of the charts and touring the world ;-)


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