Thursday, September 5, 2019

THE AXEMEN SERIES : Aaron (HAM) Hammersley from Black Tree Vultures

UK heavy rockers BLACK TREE VULTURES continue their climb with a host of live dates and a reboot of the single, Bitter. -https://youtu.be/5bc8AEVlUHY , which has been lifted from their current self-titled EP, out now. Formed at the start of 2017 by Jonno Smyth (Drums) and Aaron ‘Ham’ Hammersley (Guitar), BLACK TREE VULTURES merge together traditional metal influences with a cutting modern edge. After the recruitment of vocalist Celyn Beynon and bassist Ched Cheeseman, and countless hours in the rehearsal room, the band shaped a carefully crafted sound that more than fulfilled their original manifesto. To this day, this sound has seen the quartet win over everyone from new rock kids to seasoned metal veterans. In 2018, the riff beasts dropped their debut EP, Sanity Isn’t Perfect, via BTV records/PHD. The release picked up a surge of support from the underground which enabled the emerging rockers to tour throughout the UK. Along the way, BLACK TREE VULTURES wooed audiences playing alongside Diablo Blvd, Bigfoot, Devilskin and Ryders Creed. The rock ‘n’ rollers also went on to support Snakecharmer, as well as playing a host of hugely successful mainland European shows. This year, BLACK TREE VULTURES revealed their eagerly awaited new self- titled EP. The record picked up widespread critical acclaim and support from Classic Rock/Louder, Powerplay Magazine, Fireworks Magazine, Moshville Times, Maximum Volume Music and Pure Grain Audio. With a host of plans in the works for 2020 and another run of live shows lined up for the rest of this year, there’s nothing stopping BTV.

 1.Tell us your name and the band you play for? Aaron (HAM) Hammersley from Black Tree Vultures 

 2.Who made you want to pick up the guitar?

 As a kid there was always music playing around the house, bands such as AC DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and so on. But my favourite has always been and always will be AC DC. It was Angus Young that made me want to play the guitar 

3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons? 

A mixture of both. My Dad taught me riffs and basic cords when I first stated to play then that progressed to listening to records and trying work out what I would with the hand full of cords I knew. I later started to take lessons to further my playing.

 4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?

 I can read tab I ve never looked at sheet music, but never say never. 

 5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ? 

 I think that I m still searching for my own sound, although I feel I get one step closer to finding it with ever recording session 

 6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color )

 I have two main guitars that I gig and record with.
  They are both Gibson SG’s (Angus Young being my hero). One is a SG standard in heritage Red which features in our “Ode to Johanna” video. The other is a absolute beauty, A cherry Red SG3 custom shop. This guitar is my main instrument she’s been to every gig and every recording session and feature in the video for “Bitter”

 7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? 

Tell us about them.. Passive just standard pickups straight from the Gibson factor.

 8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc Amps!!! 

I ve used my amps in my short career but nothing can top and Mesa Boogie for me.

 I use a 50watt single rectifier with a 2x12 custom made can from Zilla cabs inbuilt with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers used in rectifier cabs.

 9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy

 I have pretty basic cluster of pedals. I use a Jim Dunlop classic wah, MXR phase 90, a Marshall RF-1 reflectors reverb and finally a poly Tuner 

 10.Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail… 

My dream rig..... I would have a pair of 100watt Mesa dual rectifiers with a set 4x12 cabs for each one 

11. Is tone more important or is technique? I believe technique is everything, practice makes perfect

 12 Name your top 5 guitarist?
Angus Young, 
Toni Iommi, 
Dave Mustaine , 
Dave Murray 
Gary Moore 

 13. Who is the most overrated guitarist the most overrated Guitarist.....

 well I believe that anyone who can get up in front of people and take the stage deserves admiration, out of respect to all the guitarist out there I can’t think of one in particular that I would call overrated. 

 14. Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?

 I would love to sit down to have a good old jam with the late but ever great Darrel (Dimebag) Abbott.

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