Tuesday, September 3, 2019

WHERE HAVE THESE LADIES BEEN ALL MY LIFE???!?!!! Symphonic Hextreme Metal

An all-female metal coven named BLACKTHORN was formed on Samhain Eve and that certainly left a powerful mark on all aspects of the band's activity. Some drops and essentials of Symphonic, Black and Gothic metal, an ethereal soprano, violent extreme vocals, thunderous rhythm section, sinister guitar riffs, mystic sounds of a violin and occult lyrics - here are the ingredients of a magic potion of BLACKTHORN, able to enchant mortal souls.

BLACKTHORN has conducted many rituals in Russia and abroad in such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia and Hungary, sharing a stage with Cradle of Filth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septic Flesh, Vesania, Christ Agony, Catamenia, Battlelore, Tristania, Leaves' Eyes, Graveworm, Trail of Tears, Hate, Frantic Amber and many more.   

The metal witches first entered the studio in 2006 to record three songs for the demo "The Prologue of Eschaton". A few years later, they recorded their debut album “Gossamer Witchcraft”, which was released in 2009 through Ravenheart Records. It's Russian version, entitled "Araneum", was released the same year through Musica Production. Thanks to the soul-stirring music and preternatural magnetic energy, the band was quickly on the top symphonic metal circuit in their homeland.

In December 2011, BLACKTHORN released the second album "Codex Archaos" via Russian label MSR Productions. The album captivated many souls thanks to its dark atmosphere of alchemical chambers and aggressive and creepy sound. After successful release of "Codex Archaos", BLACKTHORN hit studios again to record their first single entitled "Era Obscura" which features two versions of one track in English and Russian languages. The single was released onto the internet on June 17, 2012. A year later, the band covered "Sister September" (a song from French Symphonic Black metallers ANOREXIA NERVOSA's album "Redemption Process") to be released as an Internet single again.

In July 2013, BLACKTHORN presented their debut music video for "Hexshadow Turned to Flesh", the track off the second album "Codex Archaos".
The band's third full length opus entitled "WITCH CULT TERNION" has been released in December 2015, shortly before the longest night of the year.
The album's influnced by one of the earliest world cults - the cult of the moon which was associated with obscure and mysterious side of woman's essence. The storyline deals with ancient triple female deities but interpret them in its own way, enfleshing the vision as three evil witch-sisters, reigning over the world with their dark powers. 

"WITCH CULT TERNION" has been released as a digipack containing 9 songs, 3 bonus tracks and 2 versions of music video "The Spectral Evildence".
Filled with the living breath of string quartet, grand piano and choir, this new creation brings BLACKTHORN to the higher level of symphonic atmosphere.

After the official full-length work BLACKTHORN presented their cover version of CRADLE OF FILTH's "Death of Love", released as Internet single.

In October 2016 the band performed at the Metal Female Voices Fest XIII in Belgium, Wieze.
In March 2017, BLACKTHORN released a new music video “Moonbreed Sigil”, the track off their latest album “WITCH CULT TERNION”.


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