Sunday, September 1, 2019


Stays In Vegas is an hard rock band from Little Rock, AR. Their sound is a mixture of gritty rock, grunge, hard rock, metal and punk that has been related to Nirvana, Helmet, Kings X, Green Day, Tool, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones Their first album Faces for The Moment, is a 10 song LP that illustrates the dynamic flow of genres that the band loves. Their second studio album, Revelations, shows how the band have progressed their sound and become more dynamic across genres through a 15 song LP. Their third studio album, Kings of Pain, which released August 1, 2019,
is an 8 song LP that introduces a harder, darker and more energetic side of the band. But nothing beats their energy and impact of Stays In Vegas live shows on their US tours. They are currently signed with Pet Brick Records and have endorsements with In-Tune Guitar Picks, Alien Ear Monitors, Zemaitis Guitars and Dort Bag Clothing. They were fan nominated for the 2018 Rock Band, Rock Album and Rock Song of the year with International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA)

Song Review Quotes:

• “Metallica sound. Singer can actually sing! That is pretty cool. So many in this genre do not have any real vocal talent. The musicians are pro-level too. They know the riffs and rhythms for the genre and nail it in this track.” Crowd Review for Lower I Go  • “A very powerful vocal performance, which is supported with a strong rhythm guitar and a really good solo guitar... This will be played on radio of all genres and could even manage to get into the charts.” Crowd Review of Myself • “Stoner rock with a Queens of the Stone Age vibe. Haunting guitar riff gives the sense of impending doom and the echoed vocals add to that mood.” Crowd Review of Who Am I. • “Their new album, "Faces For A Moment" is bound to be enjoyed by everyone in the US with it's heady mix of Alternative to Indie and Chris's great songwriting…What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, true, but this band has no worry of that!” Review by Kerry Hall, Creative Director of 

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