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Center Lane
CD review
BY : Robert Loiacano

CENTER LANE is a pop rock band that brings smooth tight vocals and harmonies along with great musicianship and songwriting ability. Let's have some Fun!! Members are: Jessica Roth - Vocals; Jesse Lee Keeffe - Guitar & Vocals; Michael Buerstner - Bass & Vocals. 
Drummer is Michael West - he joined the Band last April - Ashleigh Morse recorded the Keys for the album - Carissa McKinney joined the band on Keys in September.

An AMAZING song and title track, "Blurry", to start off this KILLER CD!! It's a Hard Rock tune with STUNNING Vocals and and melodic Guitar. Nice break down before going back into the chorus. The ENTIRE group is FLAWLESS!!! A song about a girl who’s had enough. She hides away from the world and accepts the way she’s being treated. Then, she takes the power into her own hands and gets her self out of a bad situation. It could be anyone, a boyfriend, husband, father, you name it. This song is about empowering women. There is a way out and abuse is abuse whether physical or emotional. It’s a very serious topic that is being brought to light more and more in today’s society.

"Jaded" is another FAVORITE off this STELLAR disc!!! Jessica has a powerful voice!! Jesse adds his Guitar sound, a perfect fit!! This song is about a relationship that has reached a stalemate. They are together but emotionally disconnecting for one reason or another. She wants it to go back to the way it used to be but they’ve drifted so far apart. By the end of the song you know it’s about the realization that it’s over and as painful as it is, it’s time to cut ties.

A country song with the Guitar tone and hooks. Again a FANTASTIC track with AWESOME Guitar and Lead Vocals. It's a different vibe for the band, but they do it justice on the song "Jigsaw." It’s always the women who get the reputation of being “psycho” but there’s a lot of ladies out there I’m sure that can relate to the “Jekyll and Hyde” personalities of their man! It’s just a funny way of saying hey man, dudes are crazy too! Honestly it started out as a joke and then turned into something pretty catchy so we decided to keep it! The guys in the band have a good sense of humor about it.

"Smile" is a BEAUTIFUL ballad with heartfelt lyrics and singing. A solid rhythm section and AMAZING Guitar sound!!

"One Night Stand" is pretty self explanatory. The music is AWESOME,along with the words sung with passion!! Love the Guitar licks and solo. He also mixes in some fills that are perfect for the job!!

A funky track called "The One You Want" is DEFINITELY my favorite!! I love it when a group steps out there comfort zone and ventures into different territory!!

"Summer Time" is a party song and reminds me of the warm and sunny days of Summer. It was a last.minute song. It is about myrtle beach and anyone from ages 70 to 30 knows Myrtle Beach, SC - back in the day. Jesse handles the singing on this one.

"With Me" another emotional charged track with the Vocals sung with conviction and integrity!! EVERYONE is AMAZING on this tune!! From catchy Guitar licks to a shredding solo. This actually is the first song she ever wrote and finished. She was 22 when written. I was so broken. It’s about the journey of a first love and first betrayal. At first you know you’re broken hearted and you keep going back thinking this time it will be different. It never is. No matter how much you want it to be. Then after some time, you realize what an ass you’re being and what a pathetic shit they are and you’re no longer sad. You’re angry. You finally feel free of them and can say “I’m done with you, and you’ll never be with me again.” Being strong enough to not need someone anymore is a big deal. I just wanted to share my experience so other girls out there would know it will change. They won’t feel so awful forever and eventually their hearts will heal and they will be able to tell that dude fuck off.

The final track is "Dirty Money," a gritty song with an infectious groove to it!! What an ASTONISHING way to close out this GREAT disc! I HIGHLY recommend that you pick this up!! You will love it and have an AWESOME time listening to It. It has something for EVERYONE! The guys brought it to Jessica set on the hook having dirty money in it. She wrote it on the way to the studio in an hour and it turned out to be one of our biggest crowd favorites. It’s about a chick who’s caught her man cheating and he thinks because he pays all her bills she won’t leave. Well she gets pissed takes her stuff and bounces and says she doesn’t need him to support her.

THANKS to Jessica and the WHOLE band for the opportunity to review the CD!! For more information please visit their Facebook page and website. Thanks.


"The One You Want" 
"One Night Stand"
"Summer Time"
"With Me"
"Dirty Money"

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