Wednesday, September 18, 2019

‘HELGRIND’ Joins Metal Coffee PR!

Formed in December 2000, London based thrash metal band ’HELGRIND’ played their debut show in March 2001 headlining a 300 capacity sold out show in Hemel Hempstead.  This was the beginning of a journey that saw the band play out sell out shows of 200 to 250 venues across the UK.  

In its short life, the band had support shows with Obituary, Hecate Enthroned and Return to the Sabbat before releasing their debut album ‘Denial’ independently in 2005, the first of four critically acclaimed albums ‘Fallen Prophet’ (2007)', ‘Religious Persecution‘ (2008) & 'Inquisition’ (2010) and unleashed their fury with ‘Insurrection’ (2017) a powerful sonic beast that can be described as the perfect mix of all the band’s influences!!

2010 the band turned their attention to continental Europe with headline tours following in the next 7 years, with the most successful tour being ‘Insurrection Europe’ lasting 3 years with the highlights of playing Budapest to a sold out 400 capacity, Vienna to 250 capacity and Chojnice, Poland to 150 moshing underground metal fans and building audiences throughout Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Their music crosses all genres of metal and appeals to all metal music fans spread throughout the globe with diverse melodic undertows and an aggressive vocal sound that carry the ethos of the band to higher statures and charge the band with the determination and brutality that was true in ‘HELGRIND’ from the beginning.

‘Insurrection’ encompasses 9 tracks in the vein of KREATOR, EXODUS, DEATH and SODOM. 

Helgrind received the tag ‘ one of the heaviest bands in the contemporary scene ’ from

If you haven’t already got one, now is the time to get a neck brace, you will need it.
The future plans are already taking shape signing to One Eyed Toad and Devil’s Clause Records to release ‘Still In Denial’ a 15 year celebration of the debut release ‘Denial’ and releases of ‘Live, Thrash, Die’ a live album recorded in Vienna in 2020 and the band scheduled to record a new studio album ‘Shadows of Souls’ in Autumn/Winter 2020

There are also plans to do extensive promotional tours for these album releases throughout Europe and the UK, which will include the band’s debut at ‘HRH Metal’ in February 2020 

This is high impact for radio / press now!! request for interviews can be set up by emailing as well as request for music or any other info you need.



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