Wednesday, September 18, 2019



WORLDWIDE Digital/Physical Album Release – Out Now: “Prepare for Battle” – available most digital platforms.
    PowerTribe is fronted by the wild-child vocals of Missy Percifield, and echoed by the virtuosic guitarwork of Darren Stroud while being driven by the massive drumming of John Chominsky … this three-piece female fronted heavy metal band generates electricity any time on any stage.

Considered once a child prodigy, Missy Percifield, (singer, bassist, keyboardist) gave up the rigid boundaries of the classical music scene for the rock arenas of Los Angeles. She exported Darren Stroud when she heard his solo talents on guitar, and they began writing their rock catalog. This band came together when John Chominsky was added to the mix. The three became known as a female fronted heavy metal band called PowerTribe.

Backed by a huge catalog (of guitar instrumental originals, vocal originals, and a few personalized covers) and taking the more artistic road with good songs, chemistry, and higher level music prowess, PowerTribe delivers a warrior-like approach with lyrics that are well-crafted — driven by social landscapes or human interest.

Missy’s vocal style has been compared to the likeness of Kate Bush in approach and Nancy Wilson in vibe; Darren’s guitar work to that of Randy Rhoads in technique and Joe Satriani in vibe; and John’s drumming style has been compared to Mike Portnoy with his rock-solid feel.

PowerTribe has been described by those that have witnessed a show as “… a more-diverse female RUSH mixed with Satriani and a hint of a more-melodic Arch Enemy …” all rolled into one. With the guitar acrobatics of Darren Stroud at the helm, this rock trio steers agilely through the raging waters of hard rock, progressive alternative, and heavy metal … landing perfectly with ear-friendly songs using aggressive guitar styles.

These skilled musicians are vigilant artists, convicted to the music, purposeful and concise in their progress and dedicated to creating good, accessible music in this slipstream of rock and heavy metal music.

This is high impact for radio / press now!! request for interviews can be set up by emailing as well as request for music or any other info you need.


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