Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Lisa Lemon Interview Frantic Amber

Known for their raging live show and heavy sound, FRANTIC AMBER is is an international melodic death metal band. With a captivating mixture of beauty and brutality, their momentum is unstoppable! In 2012 FA played the TV broadcasted P3 Guld Awards and festivals Wacken, Metaltown and Rockstad Falun.

FRANTIC AMBER started in 2008 as a project in Stockholm by founding guitarist Mary Siebecke with the intention to play metal with females. At first it was an experiment through various genres and with clean vocals. It wasn’t until 2010, with the recruitment of Danish ballet dancer Elizabeth Andrews on extreme vocals as well as Japanese vocal and guitar teacher Mio Jäger handling lead guitar and main songwriting, that the identity of FRANTIC AMBER started to take its form into the melodic death metal beast they are known as today.

Their music can best be described as melodic death metal with thrash, black, progressive, classic heavy metal and symphonic elements. The thunderous bass together with the technicality and power of the drums provide the backbone, while the guitar’s shredding and soaring melodies complete the soundscape together with Elizabeth’s powerful and aggressive vocals.

Their first EP "Wrath of Judgement" was released in 2010 and landed them the opportunity to play live on national TV at the prestigious "P3 Guld" awards. From then on things went straight forward: Tours in Europe with Six Feet Under among others and multiple tours in Russia followed by releasing three videos for the songs "Wrath of Judgement", "Bleeding Sanity" and "Ghost". In 2012 they won the Swedish Wacken Metal Battle and got to play a show on the huge W:O:A festival.

Their debut full length album "Burning Insight" was finally released worldwide in 2015 and caught raving reviews. Due to internal differences a lineup change was made and they found a perfect fit in immensely talented bass-player Madeleine Gullberg Husberg from Swedish heavy metal band "DWARF" and Colombian drummer Mac Dalmanner, from brutal death metal legends "Insision". With a stronger than ever line-up, they continued their journey and toured Europe and Sweden to promote the debut album. They also won a show on Sweden’s biggest rock festival, Sweden Rock Festival, competing against thousands of bands.

They have since released three more videos for the songs "Burning Insight", "Soar" and "Gráinne Mhaol" and have gained millions of views on Youtube. They sold out and re-released their debut album, played numerous festivals and toured around Europe. They have shared stages with bands like Behemoth, Exodus, Sabaton, Exciter, Hammerfall, Carach Angren, Dark Tranquillity, Unleashed, Taake, Insomnium, Myrkur, Sportlov and Tarja.

FRANTIC AMBER continue to conquer stages all over the world with their fierce and powerful live-show and will stop at nothing to share their passion for music with metal fans around the globe.


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