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1. First off thank you for taking the time to speak to the metal times. please tell us your name and what you do for a living.

Hi. My name is Christina Earlymorn and I work in an elderly home as a caring nurse since over more than 10 yrs now. Besides that, I run my own recording studio and write my own material. (Feel free to check out my band - Being „alive“ is beautiful - if you dig Doom metal mixed with black metal)

 2.So obviously this is an interview regarding tattoos, let's talk about your art and why it is important to you. 

Ok! Years ago I hated my body BIG TIME! I was into cutting myself until a friend of mine accidentally saw what I did to my thighs. The buddy of mine asked me, why I won´t start out tattooing because I have a little drawing talent and I could create something beautiful out of it instead of cutting my body. I agreed on that and so I began to tattoo myself I think 9 years ago. (I went to a tattoo shop only for my chest piece and my right, left upper arm and my Zakk Wylde tatt on my left arm. The rest I did myself.)

 3. What made you want to get a tattoo? 

And how many people told you not to do it? And did it make you think twice? As a little girl (even in preschool) I was fascinated by art. I was drawing a lot before I found music to express myself. I never planned to get a tattoo tbh, because I was raised very Christian, and getting/having a tattoo was considered a big sin that would exclude you from getting into heaven. So, my parents always said „not do it!“ if you wanna go to heaven. But as years turned by and all the things I have seen over the last years in my young life – (I have been heavy molested by a catholic nun in elementary school) - I wanted to know what the „enemy“ has to say. Yes. I am talking about the devil. I questioned the whole world and its construct after what I´ve been through. So 12 or 13 years ago I stepped my toe into satanism and I got to say, it liberated me from all the BS my parents and Christian society here in Bavaria has indoctrinated me with. So I got a tattoo.

 5. What was your first piece? how did you pick it out and was it done professionally(where) or underground? (where) My first piece was done professionally in a town near mine. I drew it myself and it is on my right upper arm. I am a MEGADETH fan. (Megadeth brought me into shredding the guitar) So I drew VIC and a Guitar together with a banner that says: Metal S.M.L. and stands for: Metal saves my life – Metal sucks my life – That has a deeper meaning because VIC isn't having his mouth closed, his eyes aren´t sealed and ears aren't sealed as well. He is wearing a cut off noose around his neck, which means to me, that if I „See nothing, say nothing and hear nothing“ I suffocate like being strangled because holding my mouth to injustice. I always speak my mind. I cannot stand quiet if someone does injustice to anyone or me.

 6.were you scared about the pain or the consequences more? No. But my chest piece hurt AF!

 7. How has your art hurt or helped your career or has it hindered anything that made you wish you didn’t have it? I see no point in presenting my art I wear on my body into my music. As ppl know me on social media, I always wear classy outfits that won't show very much of my tattoos.

 8. Are you about a story with your pieces or are you just into cool art? In other words, does your skin tell a story On my left arm, I got my favorite two guitarists tattooed. Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde. Also, I wear my favorite bands on my left arm. (ZZ Top, Type O Negative, Motörhead, Pantera´s CFH and A Pale Horse Named Death) On my chest, I wear 13 skulls with the grim reaper sitting over my sternum. The meaning behind that is, that death is always there. 13 is the holy number of death. ...and yes! I love skulls! On my belly, I have an upside-down cross that represents life to me. (In ancient Sumerian culture the cross (as the Christians use it) means „dead“) Under that, I wear a BLS skull/iron cross with „Zakk – Dime – Metal“ written in it, because I love their sound so much <3 My left leg is tattooed with snakeskin and a WATAIN logo. Underneath that, I wear a few pictures of naked women, because besides men, I am also into women. Unusual huh? Haha! My right leg is a cover-up I did of a tattoo which I fucked up as I began tattooing years ago. I wanted to have skulls with horns puking colorful abstract streams inside each other besides a classic pentagram with the devil's face in it. The funny thing is, that I wear a mixture of dark stuff and unblack stuff, as we all know Dave Mustaine and Zakk Wylde are Christians. I got no problem with that at all. I am for religious freedom. I just hate the radical religious dickheads who always want to put their shit onto your head and tries to convert you into their team! God to me is mother nature and the devil is a romantic figure of rebellion and liberation to me, that showed me, that it is ABSOLUTELY OK to bend no knee! Love is the only religion I have and this world, this universe is my church. 9. Is any of it about extremity pain/pleasure or is it more expression I always tattooed when I wanted to cut myself and TBH, I wasn't tattooing since over one and a half year now, because I am fine. I haven´t felt the need to cut and that's great! I am proud of myself! Also, I think tattooing was/is just a plan B, because I rather enjoy looking to the images instead of watching scars. 10. Is there an and game? When do you think you will be finished Idk. I got one problem now. I am tattooed and I have some free spots, that I want to fill out. Because I don´t like half-assed stuff. I don't know if there is an end game, but I love the fantasy of having a full bodysuit. But I don´t rush myself into it. I am just glad, that I am not more in desperate need to hurt my body, because I am at peace with it now. Maybe tattooing / getting a tattoo will become a completely new thing for me now! My next tattoo is planned for my back BTW.

 11. What is your number one favorite tattoo and why?

 I like them all. But I mostly enjoy looking to my Dimebag Darrell tattoo, because DIME!!!

 12. How do you feel about getting a partner’s name or initials? Is the curse real? I wouldn´t do it. Only if he wouldn´t be there anymore, because I lose him to death somehow. ...But if that would be (hopefully not) real someday, I would get a realistic tattoo of him instead of just his name tattooed.

 13. Do you have and if so are you willing to admit you have a barbed wire band tat? No. But I was covered in barbed wire once in a music video of my band Being „alive“ is beautiful.


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  1. I love this!!! ✌❤🤘
    BTW, I have barb wire with 2 roses on my right