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The OddEven was formed in June of 2019, comprised of seasoned vets of the U.S. rock scene.  Once established, the band quickly began writing new material while simultaneously booking opening slot road dates with established bands, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, Soulfly, Last In Line (Dio) and Nonpoint in VA, GA, and LA respectively.  The OddEven also played the Rock Solid Industry Showcase in NYC October 2019.

A new record, "Space Juice" is slated for March 2020 release, with tour dates to follow in April, May, and June.

Jon Weed - Bass/Vocals, Todd Stevens - Guitar/Vocals, Robb Wise - Lead Vocals, Kevin Flinn - Drums

1.Metal Coffee is going to attempt to create an interview that ask questions the others will not ask. 

First tell us your name , your band name and a social media link  we can find your band.
Secondly tell us why you joined or started a band and tell us what YOU think you sound like NOT what people say you sound like.
Name:  Weed
Band:  The OddEven (you can find links to everything on the website)

I started this band because we were having problems with the singer in my last band.  Things were moving a bit slower than I had liked songwriting-wise, there was some in-fighting, and we weren’t all on board with the direction.  We had a few long conversations about fixing things, but I decided it wouldn’t work, and it was time to go.  A couple of the guys ended up leaving with me and forming The OddEven.
The OddEven is a melodic hard rock band, with some grunge/alternative tendencies of the 90’s and 00’s sound.

2.What part of being in a band did you not expect? 
And knowing now what you know what would you have changed before joining or starting a band?

The amount of work outside of the writing, rehearsing, and performing that goes into being successful in the business.  As far as changing things, being in a band is about chemistry and the ability for the others in the band to pull out the best of you in various areas…  if I look back on all of the bands I have been in, I would change/avoid wasting time with people that don’t have the same drive that I do.  Nothing stops the success train quicker than band members that are not motivated to succeed and push the envelope as far as it can go.
3.How long did it take you to figure out that talent has much less to do with things and money had much more to do with things?

 Probably right away.  Early in my career, I would get gigs at clubs because my bands could draw…  we knew a lot of people in the DC/Baltimore area, and we would pack places with the young 20 somethings (and the kids with fake IDs).  Looking back, we weren’t very good, but we would draw big, which meant a lot of money at the door, and even more money selling drinks to everyone looking for a good time.  Nobody expected to see Led Zep or Rush when they came to see my bands play, but they knew there was always going to be a party before, during, and after the show.  Obviously look at some of the top acts over the years in rock-n-roll, there are tons of examples where a band or artist gets money and solid marketing thrown at them and that will top talent alone.

4.That being said how many bands out there do you think made it on talent and how many made it on money?

There are lots of examples of both, but the absolute is that talent alone will not get it done.  Someone has to put money and marketing behind an act for it to be successful in most cases.  Of course, there are tons of levels of success too, but the mega successful had money behind them at some point whether that came from the band itself initially or if someone else was backing them.  Very hard to just be good and have everything handed to you because of talent.

5.Do you still believe in good song writing knowing it doesn't really matter?

I disagree with that statement.  I think it very much matters…  the best bands have a mix of good players and good songwriters.  Its what happens with the songs after they are created that will make or break a band/artist.

6.Honestly how does it make you feel knowing there are bands with women who show their t**ts and get big tours and bands with women who dont and are playing the bars?

LOL!!!  Umm…  what?  I guess that might be a thing.  Sex sells.  I don’t know…  Joan Jett just landed the Motley Crue, Def Leppard tour, and I am pretty sure she didn’t show her tits to anyone to get the gig

7.Why do you think we including you are so scared to say our political beliefs? 

And why are people afraid to say if they dont like an artist? Is it ok to have different opinions / beliefs and still be united as people?
I would have answered that differently four years ago.  Sadly, the Trump administration has deeply divided the country – he has made many things a question of being human or not vs. a political affiliation or ideology.  Some of his action, opinions and beliefs are not helpful or beneficial if our goal is having a safe and productive society.

Why wouldn’t it be ok to say there is an artist someone doesn’t care for?  

There are bands out there that I like, there are bands out there that I don’t.  There are bands where I can respect their musicianship and artistry, and others that I don’t…  and there a bands that are a combo of the two.  Sometimes I will go see a band with a great show even though I don’t like their music much.  There are also bands that have great musicians, but I would never want to see them live because I don’t like the songs, etc. 

8.Without a simple question , if you broke a law that could cause you to lose your children would you break it fair or not?

I would not break a law that would cause me to lose my children

9.Who would you pick to produce your next album and why? Only one catch it has to be a pop star.

A pop star…  hmmm…  maybe Lady Gaga?  She writes a bunch of her own stuff, and certainly knows how to make a hit song.  I wouldn’t mind taking that all the way to the bank.  Maybe The Weekend – that would be fun to see what that collaboration would look like.  Bruno Mars?

10.Who is your worst nightmare as a tour manager?
Jan from the Toyota ads

11.If everything you did on tour was on video and you had to sit and watch it with your parents and little sister would you watch it or choose to never tour again?

I don’t have a little sister, so I cleared one hurdle.  Some of it would be tough the watch with my parents, but I am sure they already have some idea of the debauchery over the years…  while it would be shocking, at least it wouldn’t be unexpected.  A couple of the “off to jail”, the fights, and hotel scenes might be tough – lol!   BTW – never touring again is not an option, so I guess get your popcorn ready mom and dad!

12.A lot of people consider metal as a satanic drug and alcohol fueled tornado of criminals , in honesty would you feel better playing kids Possessed or Kanye West ? And why?

This is the second question that had me laughing…  how do I get someone to write a review of The Oddeven saying that we are a “satanic drug and alcohol fueled tornado of criminals”?!?!?  I am certain I could take that a long way.  Possessed is fun, and artistic.  Kanye West is an idiot and his “music” sucks…  and his opinions that he generously offers up, are even worse.  Kanye West is way more “satanic” than Possessed!

13.Ok we believe it is ok to have hatred  you hate someone we all do who is it and why do you hate them?

The top of my list I can not disclose because there is a legal issue pending.  Let’s just say this person is a complete nightmare who’s only quest in life is to make my life difficult.

14.Your wifes leg is caught underneath your car after a terrible accident after you grab _______ do you call 911 and try and help her. Now answer that question and replace the word wife with your singer………

Yes – I would help my wife and my singer.

15.Who are the biggest crooks in the music industry? 

Some of the pay-to-play guys are pretty bad.  I have seen shit where a band sells 100 tickets at $10-20 a piece and at the end of the night, the band gets $150.  That shit is fucked up.  Whatever happened to the promoter and the venue being responsible for getting some asses to the club?!?  I have been a booking agent and a house buyer at various times over the years, and that “all responsibility goes on the bands” and then crap pay at the end of the night is bullshit.  I would never do that to anyone.

16. Lastly who are you droppin the d with even if you get covid?

My bass, my guitar, my wife (not in order or frequency)

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