Saturday, May 16, 2020


1.) How long have you been on the air and where are you located? Can you describe your first broadcast.
  I started as a podcast called Ripper Podcast back in February of 2016, as a weekly show then grew

to be 5 days a week, then in DEC of 2018 i launched  the 24/7 station. We are located in Mansfield OHIO, my first podcast was about 45 min long, was nervous as hell. I hadn't dj in a long time and never on the radio, I was a club dj in metal bars then strip clubs is were i
improved my mic skills, was just trying to work out the format of talking to music content, the show kinda sounded awkward at best.

2.) What's your favorite part of hosting a radio show?

 I'd say the best part to me is the road of discovering new music, I've always been in the underground side of
the biz and bands that most have never heard of, always buying stuff I never heard of just by the cover and song titles alone i would say, making  connections with lots of new bands and interviewing them is the next best thing in having a radio show.

3.) Can you tell us about some bands that you have played as "underground" that went really big?

  Well there is a few bands  #1 is DIVINE EMINENCE  from my home town of Columbus Ohio I was the first show to play them and over the last year or so they have blew up  big time including wining band of the year on my
station. Big things in there future for sure.
 #2 is GRAVEHUFFER  out of
Missouri they have grown like I've never seen in the underground due to Ritchie Randall's  never ending  promotion and #3 is THEN FALLS THE
SKY out of Bainbridge Ohio they have expanded there reach 10 fold since i first heard them and see it not stopping anytime soon they all aare staples on ripper radio.

4.) What are you looking for in new music?

  Good production is key  it don't matter how talented you are and technical sound the playing is if the mix is bad its all lost. Though it doesn't stop me from playing it
most of the time lol, of course the song writing with a hook that just grabs you and holds on and you cant get it out of your head for days, is always a plus to.

5.) What's your average audience?

  Hard to put down exact numbers do to multiple platforms between live radio and podcasts but it varies
from 20 to 100 a show on any giving day and the podcasts totals are 49,166 plays and downloads any can be found on all major streaming sites and the live station has been heard in 90 countries and climbing.

6.) What's your plans for the future?

  To continue grow the reach of the station and website ad in the future have Ripper Radio TV on my on
television channel  and off of YouTube.

7.) Can you describe to us your relationship with Wes of Metal Coffee PR?         

Strictly business for the most part haven't really had a
chance to just talk or anything out side of getting promos weekly.

8.) Can you tell us a funny / interesting story about your radio station?                  

Well I'am at work at my day job and the new guy i was training were talking about music ect. I haven't mention the station yet then he asked me if i ever heard of Ripper Radio that he really likes it i should check it out,  i said i don't have to I own it. I don't think he believed me at first, till l  pulled up the website and showed him the dj profile page and there my name and picture.

9.) How do bands submit their music to you for airplay?

Sure the submission email is:
ripperradio6@gmail.com  send promo materials please make sure songs are in mp3 format and a bio of the band. If you would like to check the website and take a listen its www.ripperradio.com  you can also
download the Android app the iTunes app is coming soon i hope.

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