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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing CHUGGER from Sweden. By JMACK

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing CHUGGER from Sweden. 


We interviewed the band prior to this publication,  here's what they had to say:


We play in drop C, but as a drummer that’s news to me as well!

Bands you have played with?

We’ve played with a lot of bands over the years, Orbit Culture, Sarea, Despite, My Diligent Future to name a few.

Major accomplishments for 2019?

Winning the Wacken Metal Battle Sweden is (in my opinion) a big accomplishment, and to end up in the top 5 at the wordwide final in Germany was an awesome experience.

Goals for 2020?

2020 will be a new era for Chugger, we are releasing our new album ”Of Man And Machine” on April the 24th. Due to the current pandemic our tour plans are uncertain to say the least but we will work hard to make sure that everyone’s that needs to hear us will be able to! 

Funny/weird story about your band?

We were in Czech Republic and needed to get cash for some food, so we followed Google maps for an atm. We came to this shady looking quarters only to discover that we had ended up at a brothel... I just want to add that we had a laugh at it and went the other way because we don’t support buying fleshly satisfaction!

Our guest panel took the time to analyze the Wacken performance that was previously mentioned, here's their take on that particular show:


Niko Valdez  POWERHOUSE  New Mexico 


Chugger Wacken review:

As someone who’s not so much of a fan of modern metal, and not a follower of current death metal this performance is very good. Chugger comes in, eerie and explosive. Right from the get go, they have really good stage presence and get up. The members seem to have a good chemistry while performing, the string section is put together very well, the drummer is extremely precise and tight and the frontman really delivers! The band in general, seems to have a good component of entertainment and song writing that could easily give them an advantage in their genre.

Steve MacLeod  AXMINISTER  Ontario Canada 


Chugger - live at Wacken Open Air 2018

I love the Wacken Metal Battle!
My friends in the amazing Prog Metal band The Slyde represented Canada in that last year.
I know how many rounds they had to win and a lot of the great bands they competed against.
If a band has made it through that you know they will a great band that’s earned their way.

Chugger comes from Gothenburg to represent Sweden for this.
Freaking Gothenburg - the melodic death metal Mecca!!
How awesome must a band be to capture that honour?
Chugger does the job!

Coming from Gothenburg, you know what you’re getting right?
Not so quick with these guys, they sound as much or more like a “Lamb of God” then an “At the Gates”.
Their sound is a fusion of that though, their sound is Chugger, and it’s awesome!

They look like a metal band.  Like if they were all walking down the street together people would gasp “Oh shit, that’s a metal band” and cross the street, small children hiding behind their parents for safety.

You don’t have to, but it’s always cooler when you look the part and they do.

They did a great job working the stage like they owned it.
It was a good sized and amazing crowd they played for and they had them engaged, banging their heads and loving it.

I’d say these guys, like The Slyde did for Canada last year, did their country proud.
That was a kick ass performance and a great band! 🤘

Jeremiah Pogroszewski  FROM ASH TO STONE  Wyoming 


I liked it dude I really dig live videos even more so when they sound the same live as on there albums. I think they pulled it off really well and put on a hell of a performance from the masks and makeup to the lights and talent themselfs. It sounded amazing and you colud feel the energy and the crowd was loving it,I will for sure be add them to my playlist

Wade Kindel  ROT  Wyoming 


Overall I thought they had a good sound. The beginning was nice starting out at a lower level and building up into a stronger rhythm. However I felt the first song kind just dragged on over and over not much change. The next few songs however got a lot better and they started implementing different time signatures and changes. Much better. Their stage presence could use a little more energy, but overall they have a good sound. I think if they could diversify a little more in their writing they could go a lot farther.

Grant Filer  APOCRYPHA  Wyoming 


So I listened to the whole set and I definitely think the last song “Bleed” was the best. 
Got to go with my buddy Wade on some stuff. 
With that said they were right on time obviously playing to a click track which can have its pluses and minuses if you’re using backing tracks it’s obviously is a necessity. 
However you’ll never get that unhinged just off the rails pure aggression and in the moment feel with that. 
Some bands can play with the click track very well other ones not so much. 
It can steal the life from a song. Aesthetically they were definitely going for a vibe.
Sonically sounds pretty familiar in modern music. 
With that said they got on the bill at Wacken.

Jeremy Amack of The Band Repent in Casper Wyoming reviewed the new album from CHUGGER titled Of Man and Machine.. here's what he had to say:


1.) Turning Point (official lyric video)


Typically what you'd expect from CHUGGER, intense heavy handed pick attacks with amazing vocals and such a great metal sound from these guys.
Video is top notch as well..
Seasoned musicians..
Love the groove of the riffs..
SIC breakdown..
Definitely a banger..

2.) Pigs to Slaughter 

A slower intro but you know it's about to explode and it does..
Great guitar work..
Drums are precise..
The vocals are always so clear..
Nail the quiet part and the build-up was Supreme..
Great guitar Harmony..
Set up well in tempo..
Loved this song.

3.) Flat Line (official video)


Solid grooves into a great lead..
Perfect timing on chugs..
Complex writing..
Bass lines are on point..
Such a metal song..
Love the name of this song..
Absolutely hammering riffs..
Well produced in the studio..
Reminds me of Lamb of God especially the vocals.

4.) The Algorithm 

Nothing soft about the intro..
Verse riff is smashing..
Like the spoken vocals..
Dude growls so well !
I like the slow down they do so much with it concerning the guitars and build it back up into the hammering outro.

5.) Beg, Burn, Fear (official video)


Interesting way to start a video..
The video is really good and well produced..
Solid band..
Great lyrics..
The two guitar attack is awesome..
Lots of blood, Perfect song for a Slaughter..
Band holds notes well..
Intense video.

6.) Polaris

CHUGGER is a GREAT name for a band ushering in a new world order. 

7.) The Icarian Fall

Melodic start..
They just keep building up..
Such complex songs..
The vocal sound hard to do at some point as far as inhaling..
When this band wants to drop back into the lyrics they chug way down with a tasty riff..
Great leads as always..
Slows it down a bit at the end but still is good, finishes hard.

8.) Hollow Lives

Love the creepy intro..
Intresting hammers behind lead..
Vocals set off the bomb..
This song just kicks a lot of ass.

9.) The Demons in Me

Intense right away..
Has a TOOL vibe, which is new..
Love their approach to the sound they want..
The pick attack is really stellar..
Everything enhances each other well. 

10.) Through Suffering Reborn (official video)

Another "killer" video..
Lots of blood..
Awesome guitar work..
Intresting lyrics,  I'm a guy who's intrested in this subject..
SIC riffs..
Music blends so well, it's hard to isolate something specifically,  which is a good thing. 

Overall I love this band, they're intense and know what they want. 
They're definitely worthy of every accomplishment they get and this new album is really good. Ya nailed it guys!!!

For all things CHUGGER please follow them here:




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