Thursday, May 14, 2020

BOFO KWO – Space/Time Carnivorium F**k YEAH!!!

Chapter ONE - Enduring the smell of Burning Flesh

The blood was running through his veins as he heard something in the distance, it sounded like a desperate gasp for air. His father had told him a long time ago that he would amount to something strong, fast, and powerful. As he heard something crack in the woods, he knew the enemy was close. Normally calling his opponents “the Enemy” was the best way for him to motivate himself but he knew now that the word enemy was giving the opponent too much credit. The more suiting word would be hunted terrified pray, a victim. The legend had grown strong and as the Tribes of this land had seen terror, war and was now for the first time nearly freed of excessive violence. There were only a few exceptions of horrific dangers out in the deep parts of the massive vegetation surrounded the land and he was one of them. 

He smiled at the thought of all the fear he had put in this population for decades then he snuck up behind the Enemy and in 2 seconds, he snapped his neck. The hunt was over and the opponent was dead, yet his soul was still troubled. He sat down and started a fire then he closed his eyes and in and with the fresh image of the fire his past appeared as a majestic creature with its own life spirit. Through the flames, his father’s face became visible. He turned his head and saw a visitor talking to the leader of his first tribe. The leader pointed and screamed at his father. The next second the father had his throat slit by a knife shaped object, and the blood ran down his chest. The Tribe leader approved the visitor to cut off his father’s foot, and then drag the rest of his body to the side. The Visitor attached a piece of flesh from the body to his spear, and then roasted it all in the fire.

He opened his eyes again and realized that it was almost dawn as he thought of that day many years ago for most of the night now. The sky was completely black when the spirits named him and it was said that Darkness would follow him wherever he would go. Bofo Kwo was his given name but the Legend tells of a King, a Cannibal King. He slowly started with separating the foot of his prey and left it aside when he was done. As the fire burned the brightest, he cut off a piece of flesh and attached it to his long stick. He thought to himself that if the world knew the truth was even more disturbing than the Legend they would bow to his feet. From the moment he saw the ritual for the first time, he learned to endure the smell of burning human flesh. He could feel his soul growing more and more powerful and as he carved his mark into the foot of his enemy, he stood up and felt a powerful force rush through his body. That night he fell asleep knowing that one day the whole world would chant Bofo Kwo and bow to his presence, for he was the true King! 

Chapter 2 begins!
BOFO KWO – Space/Time Carnivorium
Space/Time Carnivorium is the first full length album from Finland’s very own Bofo Kwo. Since their start in 2014, their unique sound following the adventures of three “cannibals” through their journey, has swept across the planet. This album marks their return to space through time. With symphonic black metal landscapes, mixed with punk, grunge and classic blast beats, Bofo Kwo has created a unique sound in the extreme metal world. 

Space/Time Carnivorium also contains Guest Vocals from Dirty Rat's Wayne Rich. 

Track listing:
01. Plate of Hate | 02. Second Sun | 03. Epic | 04. New Destination | 05. Green Leviathan | 06. Bullets of Despair | 07. The Massacre

Bofo Kwo are:
Ted Egger (Bofo Kwo) – Vocals | Janne Winther (Bomari) – Backing Vocals | Kimmo Lindholm (Wamufo) – Lead Guitar | Elmo Winther (Lord Elmonioz)– Backing Vocals

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