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BAND OF THE MONTH, When we ask you bring it BIG or go home!

“A breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale environment.”
“ Brilliant all round. In actual fact it's a masterclass. 10/10”
“Heist 2-11 seem destined for the big leagues of rock and metal. They are clearly ambitious and with this EP, they prove they’ve got the songs for it too. Punchy groove with catchy choruses and melodic hooks, its easy to draw comparisons to some of the bigger bands out there. A little bit of Stone Sour, a little bit of Five Finger Death Punch and a whole lot of metal.”

“Each track delivers a gut-punch of heaviness while also showing off an ear for variety and showmanship.”
“Heist 2-11 take me back to when I first started to listen to Metal, bringing back that original sound but with an edge- With strong vocals and smashing riffs, you’ll want to get up and head bang.”
“Well written, original and intriguing. I look forward to hearing more from them.”
“Chock full of awesomness- check them out and buy the EP, it`s absolutely brilliant!!”
“Thank you for sharing your music with me... I don`t like it....I F**KING LOVE IT!!!”
Their words- not ours.......

Welcome to the first installment of UNSIGNED BAND OF THE MONTH!!!
Our first guest was handpicked after going through over a hundred submissions, and selected to be first out of the 8 finalists!!!
We went through a ton of material and we're absolutely stoked about this band..

HEIST 2-11 from Newcastle, U.K.


We spoke with the band prior to this publication..
Here's the discussion:

1.) What's the name of your band and where are you located.
We are Heist 2-11 from Newcastle, UK

2.) Where did you all meet and describe to us how you formed your band.

Some of us were in another band together that split up and reformed a couple of times, then on the third attempt we decided we wanted to try a new direction both  musically and visually and this is what we came up with.

3.) How did you decide your band name?

Well when we regrouped we also decided that the new band should be just that- a new band, with a new name, but we wanted a name that wouldn`t make people have a preconcieved idea of how we sounded as that could be detrimental to growing our fanbase.  
When we were throwing ideas around, our manager - Big Toe - said why not use something with numbers like Heist 487 whereby the 487 was police code for grand theft auto and we liked that idea but thought the GTA code didn`t go with Heist that well so looked up the code for armed robbery and found it to be 2-11.

4.) How long have you been a band?

Heist 2-11 has been around for about 5 years now but this line-up has been together for around 18 months.

5.) Tunings?

Everything tuned down to D with the bottom E dropped to C

6.) Bands you have played with?

We`ve played with alot of local bands in the underground music scene- Newcastle has a great live scene with loads of new up-and-coming bands - aswell as playing all over the country with bands that have been making waves in the UK like Sulpher and The Heretic Order- we`re still a relatively new band and so we have to do the leg-work to get the name out there and grow our fanbase in order to get the bigger, better gigs.

7.) Major accomplishments?

Getting to where we are at the moment has been a major accomplishment for us as a band (haha!)- we`ve been shafted by several people in the past, lost alot of money and faced alot of setbacks that might have seen others give up but our determination and strong self belief as a unit has kept us going and it`s starting to (finally) pay off- culminating in us signing to UAC Managent based here in the UK and in New York.

8.) Goals?

Our main goal at the moment is to get the album finished and released - we were looking at a summer release but then this virus took over the world and everything has been put on hold until we can get back together.
Plus we want to get back out gigging asap as we love being onstage in front of a great crowd!
Future goals would be to get on some decent tours and build our fanbase big enough to be able for all of us to make a living from being Heist 2-11.

9.) Tell us about your Biggest/ best show?

Well, like we said, we`re still a relatively new band on the scene- we`ve only been gigging this line-up for a year so we`ve yet to play a BIG gig but that in no  way undermines the gigs that we HAVE played as we always have an awesome time being onstage and interacting with the crowd.
That said, the show we did with Sulpher stands out as probably the best so far- prior to that gig they had recently played at Bloodstock festival here in the UK and been on tour in Europe so we knew we had to be on top form and the venue was packed- needless to say we raised our game and played a blinder, winning over the crowd and making many new fans, which is always nice.

10.) Any radio airplay?

We were featured on BBC Introducing which was a nice surprise being a metal band- BBC Radio is not renowned for playing metal haha and we`ve also had plenty of airplay on independent stations- the 2 songs we released in the last half of last year were very well recieved and were/ are still being played on stations like Hard Rock Hell, Planet Rock, World Metal Scene, C.O.A.R and many others.

11.) Any Label interest yet?

Unfortunately not yet but the music industry is in such a mess at the moment, even more so with this pandemic that there doesn`t seem to be many labels signing bands these days!

12. Let's discuss the demographics of your social  media accounts.
Where are people listening to you the most based off of your Spotify and YouTube, etc accounts?
We don`t really follow stuff like that as much as we probably should as we just put stuff out there and are happy that people are listening to it- that said, our management did a promotion on spotify of our last release, "I Am Alive" and we looked then at our top destinations and found that Los Angeles and New York were at the top of our audience figures, which was cool as we`d absolutely love to tour the U.S!!!

13.) Any awards like Battle of the Band winner, Band of the Month, etc?

From past experience we decided long ago not to bother with BOTB events but we have recieved accolades in our own right- C.O.A.R radio (U.S) picked both of our single releases as Pick Of The Week, we`ve had Demo of the Month in several magazines and were even made cover stars on a magazine called Independent Music Showcase here in the UK.

14.) How are you marketing your band?

These days it`s all about social media presence so we`ve got all the usual stuff going on- Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Amazon etc and probably some we don`t even know about (lol) but we honestly prefer the old-school approach of getting out there and playing everywhere we can and connecting  with a crowd face to...mask haha!!

15.) Let's discuss your gear.

We don`t have any endorsements yet so we all have gear we`ve been using for years, hoping it doesn`t break at shows (lol) but currently we use the following :-

J.K- Shure radio mics, vocalzone and a baseball bat!
Leathers- Peavey Head, Laney cabs, Boss pedal board, Schecter/ Ibanez/ Epiphone guitars
Higs- Tama Superstar custom, various cymbals from Sabian, Zildjian, Meinl, Mapex Falcon double-pedal, Stagg oak drumsticks
Stoff- Headrush board and speakers, Schecter guitars
Tak- TC and Laney cabs, Boss effects, Schecter and Cort bass guitars

16.) Day jobs?

Unfortunately yes- it`s a burden of many struggling musicians though with the current lock-down being extended some of us may find ourselves without one.

17.) Describe your music to us in one sentence.

Hard Hitting but melodic metal that makes you want to bang yor head!!!

18.) Influences?

Independently, as musicians, we all have our own influences that make up our individual playing styles but as a band we aren`t influenced by anyone in particular and we think that`s what helps define our own sound- we`re not trying to be/sound like anyone but Heist 2-11.
The problem with alot of bands these days is that they all want to be the most brutal, fastest, heaviest band in town and ultimately they all sound the same- the only conscious decision we`ve made is to NOT be like that and it seems to be working as we stand out for being different to what has become "the norm".

19.) Your stage presence is amazing! Can you explain the suits and ties and the masks?

Well that all goes back to the beginning, when we decided to be a new band- we wanted our live appearences to be more of a show than just a gig as it makes for a better experience- you can walk into any live music venue and see countless bands on-stage in their everyday clothes and it`s nothing special, so we decided against that- we wanted to give the people who turn up to see us something more than that, something they`ll remember and something to talk about.
With that in mind and the band name we settled on, the image came naturally - we liked the idea of the Reservoir Dogs suited and booted, clean look and that was echoed from the images of the game Payday which some of us were fans of too and in most films involving a gang of bank-robbers the gang are wearing something to hide their faces, be it masks, stockings, bandanas etc so, after the stockings-look got rejected by some (lol) we decided on masks but for uniformity we would all have the same mask, just painted differently. When we settled on the new line-up we decided to custom paint them ourselves in only black and white to match the suits and it works a treat- IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH "COPYING SLIPKNOT"!!!

20.) What would your band like to accomplish if you were signed?  

The absolute dream would be to get signed to a major label, recieve a huge cash advance, support the worlds biggest bands on tour, become a household name and  sell millions of records and then become one of the worlds biggest bands ourselves and spend the rest of our days recording, touring and living the dream- but unfortunately those dreams don`t come true very often anymore haha!
In reality, if we were to get signed and be able to make the band become our way of making a living, so we didn`t have to do crappy day jobs, so we could spend our days writing, rehearsing, recording and releasing more albums - we`d be happy with that!

Heist 2-11

Our guest reviewers are:

John Beamon  TORN ASUNDER  St. Joseph,  MO


"Heist 2-11 is providing us with a real throw back to early 2000's alternative rock. So for anyone feeling nostalgic this song is for you. The production on this song is absolutely fantastic and the band itself is very tight. Adding to that is a great job on the mix as well as the creation of an interesting lyric video."

Stephen Hegarty  SAGEN  Swansboro,  N.C.


Heist 2-11

Review by Stephen Hegarty

    "Seeing Heist 2-11 is an added bonus for this band.Their entire look makes them the total package. The matching suits, originally-styled masks, and the red siren lights make for killer and engaging stage presence.


    Best described as an Alt-Rock/Metal band, the music strays away from cliches with added heavier sections that you would find in the metal world. It’s a great heavy sound, with dynamics to show contrast and musical depth. 

    For a great introduction to Heist 2-11, check out the song “Fight”, first. The energy this band exudes is showcased right away with a hefty intro. After the pounding verses and a catchy chorus comes a meticulous build-up that leads to a hard-hitting breakdown. The vocals especially stand out throughout this song. I wonder if Corey Taylor is an inspiration. 

    The next song “I Am Alive” packs the same energy as “Fight” does. Heist 2-11 does a fantastic job moving from section to section with their music. This song exemplifies that with seamless transitions throughout the 4:35 play time. This all culminates in a tastefully written guitar solo with a refreshing blend of melody, catchy licks, and shreds sections. 

    Finally we come to the song “Save Me”. I watched a live version of this song. This video backs up what I said to begin my review; you need to see this band live. I will say that they do not seem to stray too far from the sound that works for them.  However, “Save Me” takes a few risks to be different and to stand out. This song definitely showcases what this band is capable of in a few different ways. This is best shown during the musical break that leads to another well-written guitar solo. The difference for me with this solo section is the added heaviness in the rhythm section. Heist 2-11 even stretches further by continuing that leadwork into the next chorus and outro. 

    Overall, this band puts on a fantastic show. I would definitely be in the crowd if they gigged in my area. I also think that they should be on the radio and even some extreme sports video games. One last thought.. The baseball-bat microphone stand is one of the coolest mic props that I have seen on stage."

Emin Aghajanian  CALIBRE  Iran


"The first thing I noticed was the really good production on this, it was well mixed and also well mastered. Their songwriting is very  balanced with a good mix of melodies and groovy riffs. The vocal performance is superb. I also loved the lyric video itself. I didn't like the explosions but all in all it was a very well made video."

Scott Sinclair  SIN MG  Chicago,  IL


"Sporting some cool disguises, Heist 2-11 is a hard-hitting melodic metal band that reminded me a little of Slip Knot even before I saw their live performance. Their sound has some hints of Avenge Sevenfold and a touch of Five Finger Death Punch as well, but they are definitely original. The vocalist’s strong baritone voice blends perfectly with the heavy, drop tuned, riffing guitars. Their single “Fight” is an in-your-face metal anthem that is sure to get audience members fist pumping during the chorus and moshing during the bridge about ¾’s of the way through the song. Their single “I Am Alive” hits you, brings you back to life and hits you again before releasing into a powerful chorus. Heist 2-11 is a cool band that I can’t wait to hear more from."

Andy Beam  BRACKISH TIDE  Appleton, Wisconsin 

Heist 2-11

Songs: I Am Alive, Fight, Save Me

"Here is a solid hard rock/metal band. I checked out their songs I Am Alive, Fight, and Save Me. It harkens back to the days of the hard rock/nu metal scene of the mid 2000’s, melodic and angry vocals accompanied by hard hitting drums and solid, heavy, memorable guitar riffs. I’m instantly reminded of Evoked, a local band from Appleton, Wisconsin. 

The vocalist has a good range from his angry growls in Fight to his clean melodic singing in I Am Alive. He brings a vast range of emotion to every song and they have choruses that anybody could sing along with and bang their head. The guitar riffs are heavy and they change them up so every song stands out and doesn’t sound the same. The drummer keeps an energetic pace with his hard hitting beats. This is a band that should be making an impact in the future."

John Hoffman  BLACK SUN TRINE  Pasadena, CA


"I listened to 3 tracks ..“ I am alive “ 
“Take everything “ and “Save me “ . They have a little touch of a tool or perfect circle kinda vibe . On the positive side sounds produced decently . This should do well commercially . The best in my opinion was “save me” . This bands music is not really a style that’s for me . If you like disturbed , and stained , it’s along that vein ..But ,..I’m sure people might like ?"

Jeremy Amack  THE BAND REPENT  Casper, WY


"It was an absolute pleasure working with these guys, I loved the suit and tie approach and they are well deserving of this award!!! The songs hit like a sledgehammer. Its very obvious they are serious about their music. Quality guitar shredding and a distinctive sound of their own, but reminded of Slipknot. Vocals were spot on. I watched a lot of their live footage and that's what moved them to the front of the line. I'm looking forward to what this band does next."

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