Monday, May 11, 2020

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're looking at the Dallas, TX band Silver Tongue Devil.

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're looking at the Dallas, TX band Silver Tongue Devil.

We interviewed the band prior to this publication.. here's what they had to say..

1.) Tunings - we play in E standard, always have. We just like to tonality and not that many bands do it anymore, so it helps add to our unique sound. 
2.) Bands you have played with - Like nationals? Most recently ARKONA & METSATOLL here at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas. Some other notable touring acts we've had a great time with include HAVOK, HATCHET, EXMORTUS, and PARALYSIS. 
3.) Major accomplishments for 2019 - We released our 4th album PAX SATANICA on vinyl and digital download, which was a big undertaking for us. We also played some incredible shows throughout the South and Western US. 
4.) Goals for 2020 - Ha! Well we were planning on getting out on the road and hitting a bunch of new towns for us, but the pandemic has put a stop to that. We're just looking forward to getting back out and playing shows at this point. 
5.) Funny or weird story about your band - We got electrocuted twice on stage while playing at a horror con a year and a half ago. Luckily no serious damage happened, but it spooked the hell out of us and we ended the set after the second time.

Our guest this week is Keith Abt, owner of SpeakEasy Records and Oddities from Illinois.

Here's what he had to say about this particular song..

Hey Jeremy - here's my bit on Acoustic Devils:

So, is “Acoustic Doom Metal” a thing? If it wasn’t before, it certainly is now. 

I spent most of my first listen to this track trying to remember who the singer’s voice reminded me of. It still hasn’t come to me, which means I’ll probably remember it at 3 AM when I’m trying to sleep, haha. 

The second time through, I was impressed with the players’ skills on the acoustic. Is this a one man project? If so, props to Acoustic Devil Guy for being able to play all those intricate, classically influenced guitar parts while singing all those dark, creepy, H.P. Lovecraftian lyrics about spells, death, ancient creatures, and plagues. 

I’ve never thought of acoustic guitar as a particularly “metal” instrument (aside from an occasional acoustic intro to a thrash song before the full electric band kicks in) but this band/project actually makes it work.  Unique and somewhat bizarre, an intriguing listen!

Many thanks to you Keith !!!

I reviewed the following songs:


Aggressive vocals but still clear..
Stage presence is top notch..
Good crowd control..
Great timing with chugs and pauses..
Driving riffs..
Awesome pinch harmonics..
Definitely their own sound..
Left it all on the stage..
Great crowd response at the end.


Immediately aggressive..
I like the flow of this song..
Good mix of low and high notes on guitars..
Love the double bass drum..
Awesome chorus..
Great guitar work especially the solo..
Loved this.


Hits really hard..
Definitely at war march..
Good pick attack..
Just a gut punch of a song..
Very complex writing..
Songs have a lot of depth..
Serious breakdown..
Awesome chugs under another awesome solo..

The band also has another project called Acoustic Devil..

I reviewed this particular song:


Very different from what I usually review..
Quality recording and Good lyrics..
Phased down from their metal set..
Some excitement from the acoustic guitars, like a Spanish theme, about halfway through and continued at the end..
Pretty good song I wasn't expecting that.

Many thanks to Silver Tongue Devil for participating this week..

You can follow them here:

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