Friday, May 1, 2020


This interview is part of the busted series. It is a series where I tell them I have tried to reach them through a representative and that the representative failed to reply.
What is the point of this series? Mainly that the most unknown part of this business to bands is exactly that BUSINESS! Bands trust people and often PAY people who make promises to them and those people will walk away with that money and that trust no questions asked and the band is none the wiser. That is where I come in while others steal your money and your trust I step in and get you noticed for free and I point out that you've been betrayed. Well Metal Coffee will not stand for that so for the bands getting ripped off an screwed out there Metal Coffee is taking care of you!

1.Tell us who you are with and what you've been up to in 2020 so far.

We are Diabology! We are:
Jesse Bergen – Vocals and Guitar
Jack Kleinman- Guitar
Joseph Mazisyuk-Bass
Matthew Morales-Drums

At the start of this year, we released our debut album, Nobody Believes Me! It’s out now on all streaming platforms.

2.What plans have the virus changed for the band?

Jesse: Well, all our shows have been cancelled, so that’s a pretty big bummer. We’re pretty much just writing until this passes.

3.Do you think the virus in the big picture is help or hindrance for bands?

Jack: Definitely a hindrance. Everyone’s shows are cancelled, merch sales are down…

Jesse: Yeah, some bands are profiting from masks and streams, but even then I think it’s not enough to outweigh the negatives.

4.Are you doing live streams or special video’s / releases for your fans stuck at home

Joe: We’ve also been live streaming rehearsals on Instagram every Saturday at 4PM.

Jesse: Yeah, it’s a good way to stay connected and it gives us another motive to practice. 

5.What are you doing in quarantine that would surprise people?

Matt: I’ve been working at a kosher deli. That’s been fun.
Joe: No, I’ve just been playing a lot of bass.
Jack: I’ve been taking showers in the dark. I highly recommend it.

Jesse: I strip naked every Tuesday and perform a ritual to communicate with the dark gods of V’ktela. I’ve also been playing a lot of video games.

6.What has been your mainstay music or Netflix?

Jesse: Music!
Joe: Music, especially Opeth.
Jack: Music! Although Tiger King was pretty good.
Matt: Music. I’m annoying the shit out of my neighbors.


7.Will you think differently about touring? And about groupies?

Jesse: No. We were sanitary before all this started, and we will continue to be after its done.
Jack: Agreed.
Joe: No, I’ve never been interested in groupies and I still want to tour.

8.Do you know anyone personally affected?

Jesse: No, fortunately none of us know anyone who has contracted the virus. 

Jack: Everyone is affected though, between the shutdowns and the economy. A lot of people we know are struggling, just not with the virus itself. 

9.Do you think its more important to blame someone for the virus or to get it solved?


Jack: I think it’s pretty obvious that we need to solve it.

10.Last question would you rather cover yourself in honey and throw yourself into a bees nest 
Or see your bassist naked?

Jack: I think I’ll go for Joe naked.
Matt: Same.
Jesse: I think I’ll go for the bees, thanks.
Joe: Same.

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