Thursday, May 21, 2020


1.Metal Coffee is going to attempt to create an interview that ask questions the others will not ask. First tell us your name , your band name and a social media link  we can find your band.
Secondly tell us why you joined or started a band and tell us what YOU think you sound like NOT what people say you sound like.

Patrick Harnish of the band HARNISH.  You can look us up at harnishmusic.com
I've had music in my blood for as long as I can remember.  I'd write little songs on Casio keyboards
when I was barely potty trained.  It never went away.
I haven't often been told we sound like anyone.  A recent review compared us to everyone I grew
up loving like Type O, NIN, Manson...and so on.  And I certainly write with elements of all those
sounds, but I think you'll find we are quite unique.  Our music is heavy content delivered in a 
whole bunch of different ways.  Hard, soft, and everything in between.  

2.What part of being in a band did you not expect? And knowing now what you know what would you have changed before joining or starting a band?

I found out early on how difficult it is to keep a group together.  Whether its ego, life, money...people
find so many reasons to leave or flake out.  My band experience wasn't successful until later in life, and
I don't think I'd change that.  The local music scene is filled with great people.  I'm more
mature now.  I am a better writer and performer.  I'm at a good time in my life to be here doing this.

3.How long did it take you to figure out that talent has much less to do with things and money had much more to do with things?

There's never been a truer statement.  I see bands all the time that are just incredible...and they
probably won't go anywhere.  But I can turn on the radio and hear non stop garbage.  It's a money game...
for sure.  I let all the record deal stuff go in my mind.  I just do my thing and self fund.  If someone
likes it and picks me up one day...awesome.  If not, I'm still having a great time.

4.That being said how many bands out there do you think made it on talent and how many made it on money?

I think talented bands with dedication make it sometimes, but its probably like the same
odds of getting drafted to the NFL.  There's a lot
of talented musicians out there who can't afford to just travel the country and survive for years.  So
they move on.

5.Do you still believe in good song writing knowing it doesn't really matter?

I truly do.  There is no greater joy than writing a song I'm proud of.  If it doesn't make money, who gives
a shit?  If I'm not writing for me and everyone else I'm lost already.

6.Honestly how does it make you feel knowing there are bands with women who show their t**ts and get big tours and bands with women who dont and are playing the bars?

Sex and money get you in the door sometimes.  That's just life.  It's not lasting.

7.Why do you think we including you are so scared to say our political beliefs? And why are people afraid to say if they dont like an artist? Is it ok to have different opinions / beliefs
 and still be united as people?

It is a scary thing.  The extreme on both sides just go bananas if you say anything against their beliefs.  It's nearly
impossible to have rational discussions that don't explode into hate.  But as a musician, I don't think
politics should be a part of my writing.  I want
anyone to be able to dig my music without me shoving my political feelings down their throat.

8.Without a simple question , if you broke a law that could cause you to lose your children would you break it fair or not?

I wouldn't do anything to risk losing my children.  I'd hang up the guitar, the job, my life.

9.Who would you pick to produce your next album and why? Only one catch it has to be a pop star.

If I couldn't pick Adam Woods...I'd go with Billie Eilish so my kids could meet her.  I'd be best Dad ever.

10.Who is your worst nightmare as a tour manager?

Are we still talking politics?  I wouldn't care to have Joe Biden as my tour manager, sniffing me and what not.

11.If everything you did on tour was on video and you had to sit and watch it with your parents and little sister would you watch it or choose to never tour again?

I got nothing to hide.  Let em' watch.

12.Alot of people consider metal as a satanic drug and alcohol fueled tornado of criminals , in honesty would you feel better playing kids Possessed or Kanye West ? And why?

I don't think music turns kids into anything.  It's about their environment and upbringing.  Music is sometimes therapy.
And I'm sure some times it gives people a nudge to do something bad.  It's just like any other
media.  But for my kids...I'd like them to try out both Possessed and Kanye.

13.Ok we beleive it is ok to have hatred  you hate someone we all do who is it and why do you hate them?

You can't make hate not exist.  It's a natural emotion.  If someone feels hate...that's a burden they have to deal with.
I've felt hate to some individuals who've hurt me or those I love.  But even in time those feelins fade.
It's just not an emotion worth holding on to.

14.Your wifes leg is caught underneath your car after a terrible accident after you grab _______ do you call 911 and try and help her. Now answer that question and replace the word wife with your singer………

I'm the singer! Save my leg...do whatever it takes!

15.Who are the biggest crooks in the music industry? 

Those fake music labels who get bands to pay for their own record deals believing its actually a record deal.

16. Lastly who are you droppin the d with even if you get covid?

I'm only guessing what dropping the D means.
My wife might give me a hall pass with Marilyn Manson.  That's about it.

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