Sunday, May 3, 2020


1.What is your name and what band do you play for?
  My name is Los Palos and I play for Amnesis

2.Who made you want to play drums and why?
  Adrian Erlandsson, because of the Cradle of Filth song "Hurt & Virtue"

3.When did you get your first kit? Tell us about it…
  I got a Ludwig Accent kit from a friend at age 21 because he needed rent money.
  I was gonna sell them back to him until I heard that song previously mentioned.

4.Were your parents supportive of you and your loud / expensive new habit?
  I was 21 so they had no say in it but, yes.

5.What drum performance on an album is perfection to you?
  Only machines with samples are perfect. Humans are flawed and beautiful.

6.Tell us about your current kit and set up in DETAIL.
  I play a Yamaha Tour Custom all maple kit
  22x17 kick, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12 rack toms
  14x5.5 Pearl carbonply mahogany snare
  Evans drum heads / Promark drumsticks
  Pearl Demon Drive double bass pedals
  Sabian cymbals
  Gibrlatar Stealth Racks

7.If you could have a dream kit tell us about it in DETAIL

  Drum shells made from Plutonium with bigfoot hide skins, on fire in a 
  gold chariot drawn by a seven headed dragon. Dreams are fun.

8.Name your top 5 drummers excluding Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy
  Adrian Erlandsson, Martin Skaroupka, Vinnie Paul, The Rev, Christoph Schneider
  In no particular order. At least those are the ones that helped mold my style. 

9. Do you prefer Live or Studio?
  Studio is work. Live is LIFE!

10.Do drummers really get all the chicks and if so how do we convince the guitarist?
  Of course! Nhiles doesn't need convincing. He knows.

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