Monday, May 25, 2020

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Tulsa, Oklahoma band CARCINOGEN DAILY. By Jeremy Amack

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Tulsa, Oklahoma band CARCINOGEN DAILY. 

We asked our normal questions prior to the review,  here's what they had to say:

"Ben Knievel here from Carcinogen Daily. We would like to thank Mr. Amack for chatting with us, and reviewing our Newest Single " Sterilized".

  - We play in C standard or drop A# depending on the song.
 Sterilized is played in C standard. 
Bands you have played with?
 - We have had the honor to share the stage with a number of great Oklahoma and regional bands such as Grass Giant, Devil Theory, Haggardz Hellraizerz, Arjuna, Dope Patrol, She The Serpent, 6th Gear, Witch Sister, Self Inflicted, Destro, Spooky Fruit, Iron Cathedral, Machine In The Mountain, Garrett Heck, MuddFlux, Follow The Buzzardz, Lady Sin, Razorwire Halo, Constant Peril, Inere, & Agentz of Khaos to name a few.
Major accomplishments?
- We are extremely proud of our 2 EPs and music videos.
Plans for 2020?
- We are planning on recording more music, shooting another music video, and playing some more shows in 2020."


Starts out really awesome I dig the sirens and warnings..
The video is really good..
Pretty accurate lyrics for today's world..
A solid groove song played perfectly..
They get a lot of sound with their tunings.

We went ahead and reviewed 3 more songs from CARCINOGEN DAILY you can check out here:


Kewl video..
Very slick vocals, starts out slow and sludgy but it has such a good vibe and some great riffs..
Clocks in at just under 9 minutes so there's a lot of different turns on this ride.


I really like the production of this video, it has a slow Groove to the background and a nice little solo to start the song..
The vocals match the guitar tones so well..
Good hook..
Suddenly switches gears..
It's hard to compare them to any other band their music is just kind of all their own.


Love how this song starts out..
A really solid groove on this one as well..
Really enjoyed how the vocals are presented..
The guitars are really in tune with a solid riff sequence, and the drums match that perfectly.

This was a really fun review from a very sludgy band with a heavy sound all to their own.

For all things CARCINOGEN DAILY please follow them here:

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