Thursday, May 14, 2020

The 1994 Cult Classic Doom Metal Returns

The 1994 Cult Classic Doom Metal Returns
Enchantment's 1994 doom metal classic Dance The Marble Naked is receiving its first US CD pressing since Century Media's 1994 release. For the first time ever, it will include the bands 1993 demo A Tear For Young Eloquence, in its entirety. 26 years ago the band released their debut album and were never heard from again. The highly anticipated follow up never materialized and the band faded into oblivion. But for doom metal fans, that solitary release remained a steadfast classic of the genre. The inclusion of the original demo tracks will give fans a glimpse into the history of a band that would rapidly mature its sound between 1993 and 1994. 
With the renewed interest in their past, the band is active again. Will the world finally get to hear the sophomore effort that never was? Stay tuned!

Both CD and Cassette will release worldwide on Transcending Records on July 3rd, 2020.
Now pre-ordering at https://transcendingrecords.com/products/enchantment-dance-the-marble-naked-a-tear-for-young-eloquence-pre-order-only

CD Tracklist
1 Kneading With Honey 
2 My Oceans Vast 
3 The Touch Of A Crown
4 Carve Me In Sand
5 Summer For The Dames
6 God Send
7 Of Acorns That Gather
8 Meadows
[ Bonus Tracks 
9 Yearning Antethesis (intro) 
10 God Send 
11 Lusus Naturae 
12 Amidst The Mourning Wake 
13 In Articulo Mortis Cogito Ergo Sum

Cassette Tracklist (Limited to 100 Worldwide)
A1 Yearning Antethesis (intro) 
A2 God Send 
A3 Lusus Naturae 
B1 Amidst The Mourning Wake 
B2 In Articulo Mortis Cogito Ergo Sum

Enchantment on the web:

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