Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Low and behold the truth shall set you free! Now look I have enemies lots of em and you know how I made them? I called them on their lies.
On Aug 7th a " journalist " decided to hit social media and call me a thief.
Now the situation goes like this. I will not use names to protect the parties involved.
One of the bands I work with said to me " Hey I know a guy you can get interviews and reviews published with" GREAT!!!! I contacted the individual and worked out doing interviews and he offered me 2 interview templates to use I said whichever will work and he sent me one over. I coped it down and he told me to get it published it would cost. We has an extensive conversation about finances I even tried to work with him but t cam down to $$$$$ , I folded and said i could do $10 probably and he was in Europe so he said it would be like $15 american dollars due to currency rates.
Ok , Ok I want to do this for my bands I will do it. I paid and sent my interview off and returned it back to him after the band had answered the questions. Man I am excited here we come Revolver , Decibel , Metal Hammer........ WRONG!
It ended up in a blog I had never heard of NEVER and well I was excited for the band and this could be a valuable contact and maybe a good partnership why not try this source again? I paid again got excited again SAME NEVER HEARD OF IT BLOG............
I extended the contact information for ANOTHER interview this time DIRECTLY to the blog owner who told the band " I do this to get paid" and was rude to the band. This is where it ended done finished over!
Now in my relentless destroy all records haste I had already sent said interview template to oh I would guess 500 people thinking this was going to be  normal source for me. CRAZY I KNOW
a bunch of them came back filled out and I posted them on my own DAMN blog for FREE!!
Now take in mind i had ZERO idea who or where the questions originated from it was a generic interview template.
I received a message from the NEVER HERD OF IT BLOG owner stating I stole her questions.
Brakes applied deleted the interview template.NEVER used it again ( unless one came in from a previous send out ). I wrote my own version of the damn thing and have used it ever since.
Instead of gong on a smear campaign and trying to destroy people on social media maybe next time contact me and talk about this in a civil manner. Its called being an adult I have no issue with you I have no issue giving you credit I have no issue at all even though you charge for interviews and are rude to my one of my bands I just chose to not use your services any longer. I did not go SCORCHED EARTH and try to destroy you. So thank you for this opportunity to clear my name.
If anyone worth IMPORTANCE wants to see the PayPal proof etc. Let me know
Wes J

P.S. The companies you threatened to contact have not fired me.

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