Wednesday, August 15, 2018


1.Thanks for your time. Tell us about your band and what you do for your band.

My name is Breno and I am the guitarist/vocalist of LOST GRAVITY, a grunge/metal band from London, England. 

2.When did you decide you wanted to be in a band?

When I was 14 or 15 years old I decided that I wanted to play drums in a band but then I “accidentally” started playing guitar (laughs). I found a music teacher but he didn’t have a drumkit so I ended up taking guitar lessons. Two weeks after I picked up a guitar for the first time I formed my first band with some friends from school. We weren’t good but that was my “school of rock”. We used to play covers of AC/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden and that band taught me lots about the dynamics of being in a band.

3. What is different about being a musician than you imagined?

I don’t think it’s different from what I imagined really. It’s a job like every other job. You work, you get paid and you pay your bills. (laughs)

4.What gear do you use and why?

I play Gibson guitars and Marshall amps. I love that raw rock’n’roll tone. I guess it’s the influence of my favorite band: AC/DC. 

5. What music do you listen to that would surprise people?

I listen mostly to rock, grunge and metal. People get surprised when I say that I like Radiohead.

6. How do we find your music and merch to buy?

Everything is on our website: We have released two full albums: our debut album Lost Gravity in 2014, and How to Make a Giant in March this year. Both albums are available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Band Camp, etc., and they are also available on CD. You can order them from our website or from our webstore We also have t-shirts, drum sticks, guitar picks and other merch available online or at the shows.

7. How did you get a record deal? Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY?

Everything we do we do it independently. We have released our music via my own label Priston Records. Before we recorded our latest album, we were approached by a record label from London but we chose to stay independent. If the right offer comes up from a label then we will consider getting a record deal.

8. What bands do people compare your music to?

We are mostly influenced by AC/DC, Metallica and Alice in Chains but we don’t sound like any of those bands. We’ve mixed our influences to create our own sound. Some people hear some Soundgarden in our music which is funny as I never got into their music. Led Zeppelin, Megadeth and Dream Theatre influences can also be heard in our music. They’re some of my favourite bands by the way. 

9. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services? Or do you think it hurts sales?

Yes, and yes. At the same time that it’s great that anyone can listen to our music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., many people don’t see the need to buy our albums because it is already there available for free. Also, not many people own a cd player these days, but those who do they still buy the albums. 

10. What’s the ultimate goal for the band?

“There’s no finish line, so love the journey” – that’s one of my favourite sayings. We’ve been around for a while now and we will keep recording and releasing new music and playing live. We love what we do and as long as we are having fun with it we’ll keep doing it. 

11. Will we see you tour?

After our new album “How to Make a Giant” came out earlier this year we played a few shows in England and toured Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine. We have something else lined up for October/November but it’s not announced yet. Stay tuned on our website and social media pages for news updates.

12. Who would you love to tour with?

I’d love to support Metallica on tour. 

13.What is your favorite song of yours and why?

That’s a difficult question as it changes from time to time. At the moment my favourite track of the new album is Broken Bones. It’s a 9 minutes long song with lots of changes and riffs, and it’s really fun to play live. From our debut album my favourite songs are What Goes Around Comes Around and Alone. 

14. Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands? 

If you like rock/metal you’ll like LOST GRAVITY. What we do is genuine and you can feel it when you listen to our albums. Get on Spotify or Apple Music now and check it out for yourself.

 15. Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover?

A good album cover helps get some attention but what matters is what’s inside. The quality of the music is what really counts. The same is valid for live performance. It’s pointless to have the best visual show in the world if the band sounds shit or plays shit music. (laughs)

16.Is the record or live show more important?

Both things are important. A great band writes great music, releases great albums and put on awesome live shows. If you listen to LOST GRAVITY you can feel the intensity of our music on the records, and when you come see us live you’ll feel that the energy gets even more powerful. 
On our new album “How to Make a Giant” we managed to capture that live vibe. We recorded all the instruments in only 4 days. Everything sounds very organic. We didn’t chop or edit the tracks and you can feel that when you listen to it. The album sounds just like we sound playing live.

17. Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for. 

James Hetfield, Dave Grohl and Layne Staley. 

18. Lemmy, Ozzy, Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins?
Lemmy of course! 

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