Friday, August 10, 2018


 1.Thanks for your time. Tell us about your band and what you do for your band. 

Thanks for having us! I m the singer of the Alternative metal band INK, we formed long ago and we released two albums Diary and Loom. We are realising
our third one Whispers of Calliope next month via WormHole Death. We played a lot of shows and had the chance to share the stages
with international acts such as Fatih No More, Fun Lovin Criminals, God is An Astronaut, Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), Twilight Singers
Nightstalker, Gus G, Craig Walker (Archive), Puressence and many more... 

2.When did you decide you wanted to be in a band? 

When if first watched  Layne Staley on MTV singing Would?, i said this is what i want to do in my life!

3. What is different about being a musician than you imagined? 

We have other professions as well so we are not only musicians. I am a lawyer, i never thought i will become one!

4. What music do you listen to that would surprise people? 

Lana Del Rey

5. How do we find your music and merch to buy? and in the official site of WormHole Death.

6. How did you get a record deal? Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY? 

We signed with different labels so far but i think our latest contract with Wormhole Death is the best so far!

7. What bands do people compare your music to? 

Tool, Alice in Chains, The Doors, The Cult, The Tea Party, Paradise Lost, Soundgarden...

8. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales? 

I love Spotify but yes it hurts the sales, we have to go with the flow though.

9. What’s the ultimate goal for the band? 

Proccess and new steps on our way, better productions, videos,bigger stages and quality albums.

10. Will we see you tour?

Hopefully next year with the new album. 

11. Who would you love to tour with? 

Alice in Chains, The Tea Party, Pearl Jam, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Mark Lanegan, Monster Magnet and of course The Cult!

12.What is your favorite song of yours and why? 

I cant choose i love all INK songs, but our friends and fans will tell you something between Welcome, Sirens, Heart Pills, 
Persephone, Ophelia. You can check these videos and tell me as well!!

13. Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands?

 Because we are passionate enough and we have very deep, heavy and psychedelic moments in our songs.

14.What are your favorite music websites labels podcast etc? 

i read almost everything so i cant choose. 

15. Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover? 

Yes it is. Everyone remembers specific covers and photos from their favourite albums. Art includes imagery as well.

16.If you could choose a cover song your band mates would hate what would it be? 

We have a common taste so i think there is no song that they will hate.
 Our new album is full of covers! I wonder if we ll have another one soon!

17.Is the record or live show more important? 

I like the record proccess but you cant compare it to a great live show.

 18. Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for. 

Jim Morrison, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell 

19. Lemmy Ozzy Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins? 
Lemmy for sure. God bless him.


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