Thursday, August 9, 2018


Want your band to go from local to global? All it takes in one email!
Please send the bio or EPK and a download of your music to 

And use the PayPal link I sent for payment and when I get the info and payment I will get things fired up

From Ariel’s Attic:
Moose goes to work for his bands. Since signing with him we’ve seen undeniable increases on our website and socials, we’re getting played on radio stations we’ve never been able to crack before and we’re being shopped to labels (we’ve even had an offer!) Moose will get you heard by people that matter. We highly recommend Metal Coffee PR

My band, Scanner recently began working with Metal Coffee PR, and the results were instantaneous! Tons of views of our new Youtube video, along with reviews and lots of radio play for our new release! We highly recommend Wes and Metal Coffee PR!

DOAN as been with Metal Coffee PR for two months now and things are moving fast. Worldwide radio play, interviews, reviews and there’s a lot more coming! If you’re ready to work hard for your band, so does Wes Moose Jaques!!! What are you waiting for!!!

Metal Coffee PR is the place to be if you want your music discovered
Blood of Angels

I have myself follow Wes Moose Jaques for many years as he built his connections and taking his work to a complete other level this year! Some promoters charge 300-500 EUR a month, and all you get is some bullshit, this is legit and it will not cost you more than printing a set of posters for your next show but maybe that show will be a venue you dreamt of playing!

Bofo Kwo

MaryAnn Hartman Metal Coffee PR. Is the place for labels to get band news out and placed, and a incredible place to find new artists around the world. ~ Thank you Wes Moose Jaques

VP Rock Avenue Records USA

Christina Baldwin MCPR tenaciously toils away to take bands from obscurity to renown.


Ken Pike Firesphere says go for it. We’re happy with Moose!

Vincent Santonastaso We’ve picked up a bunch of airplay, It was good enough that we just re-upped for another 3 months a couple weeks ago. 

Truthfully, in today’s music industry $100 for 3 months is pennies. I’d advise anyone to give him a fair shot. He’s a good dude, and he’s been great to Symetria.

Ben Knievel Radio play as well as other options carcinogen daily approves

Joseph Sirborg My band has been hooked up with quite a bit of international radio play and reviews. Well worth the $$$

Ted Egger Good connections, for airplay, reviews and general social media promotions.

Wayne Rich Dirty Rats couldnt be happier, even with the crappy exchange rate for US dollars, So happy in fact that we have been with Moose for 4 months and just signed on for another 3.

Bob Ross Ariel’s Attic is very happy with the airplay and reviews we’re getting as a result of joining. Just do it.

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