Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Shiva Hypothesis (TSH) Now Available from WHD USA

The Shiva Hypothesis (TSH) is a collective of musical deviants hailing from the Twente region in the Netherlands. TSH has been pursuing its own brand of dark and extreme metal with relentless fervor and mad perseverance. The first part of the band’s history mainly involving a search for the right expression and sound, with the occasional loud outburst in the form of some instrumental live gigs. With the addition of vocalist MvS, giving a voice to the band’s inherent philosophy, the band is now ready to spout its vision into the world.

TSH can be sonicly categorized as a mix of black metal aesthetics, occasional aggressive outpourings in the vein of 90’s death/thrash metal and some strong atmospheric touches.The band strives for a mystic, gloomy, murky sound (with a slight hint of madness) to underline the main theme: destruction and creation. The band’s lyrics incorporate elements of comparative religion and mythology. Musically, TSH has drawn inspiration from the works of such bands as Behemoth, Emperor, Immortal, Death, Ved Buens Ende, Mayhem, <CODE> and Gorgoroth, as well as numerous non-metal artists. 

The release of a full length album is planned and at the same time work on an EP is already in progress; written, recorded and produced in accordance with the band’s strong DIY ethos.Tracklist
5.Build  Your  Cities  on  the  Slopes  of  Mount  Vesuvius
6.Maze  of  Delusion
7.Carrying  off  the  Effigy
8.With  Spirits  Adrift

The  Shiva  Hypothesis  (TSH)  is  a  collective  of  musical  deviants  hailing  from  the  Twente  region  the  Netherlands.  TSH  has  been  pursuing  its  own  brand  of  dark  and  extreme  metal  with relentless  fervor  and  mad  perseverance  since  2012.TSH  can  be  sonicly  categorized  as  a  mix  of  black  metal  aesthetics,  occasional  aggressive outpourings  in  the  vein  of  90’s  death/thrash  metal  and  some  strong  atmospheric  touches.  The band  strives  for  a  mystic,  gloomy,  murky  sound  (with  a  slight  hint  of  madness)  to  underline  the main  theme:  destruction  and  creation.  The  band’s  lyrics  incorporate  elements  of  comparative religion,  philosophy  and  mythology.  Musically,  TSH  has  drawn  inspiration  from  the  works  of such  bands  as  Behemoth,  Emperor  en  Gorgoroth,  as  well  as  numerous  non-metal  artists  likeFields  of  the  Nephilim  en  Huun-Huur-Tuu.

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