Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bofo Kwo The Grinder Interview

1.Tell us about your band and what you do for your band.

The Tribe members are:
Wamufo - Kimmo Lindholm, Bomari - Janne Winther, Bofo Kwo - Ted Egger 

Wamufo: Live guitarist and I handle the programming and arrangements. And I try to bring the visual ideas of Ted & Janne to life. 
Bomari: We eat humans and i cook them, I do vocals and costumes too. 
Bofo Kwo: METAL, song writing, vocals.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be in a band?

Wamufo : When I was 12.
Bomari: I didn't. 
Bofo Kwo: From birth 

3. What is different about being a musician than you imagined?

Wamufo: The high amount of bad jokes impressed me a lot, but the amount of free drugs is depressing. 
Bomari: I heard there was a lot of people at concerts but there werent 
Bof Kwo: I never had the chance to stop and wonder.

4. What gear do you use and why?

Wamufo: Whatever I can get. The cheaper, the better. Louder is also better. 
Bomari: Fire, water, air and some dirt, bones and vodka and a hint of flesh 
Bofo Kwo: Skulls, whiskey and the lost souls of the discarded.

5. What music do you listen to that would surprise people?

Wamufo: New age stress relief bullshit and relaxation music. 
Bomari: Psytrance. 
Bofo Kwo: 70's & 80's porno soundtracks.

6. How do we find your music and merch to buy?

Wamufo: Cheapest way is DIY. Tape it from Spotify.
Bomari: Probably on the interwebs or if you stop by i'll feed you cookies. 
Bofo Kwo: I guess that Facebook thingy, Apple, Amazon, Deezer and so on...MERCH will be ready and sold via our WEBSITE 2019. 

7. How did you get a record deal? Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY?

Wamufo:   ???
Bomari:   There has been some issues with suspecting us for some of the staff disappearing so we haven't heard from labels in a while but i think we are still looking 
Bofo Kwo: Despite the confusion among the tribe members we got a record deal and we are signed to Sliptrick records via hard work, a lot of help from Wes and Metal Coffee PR 

8. What bands do people compare your music to? 

Wamufo: I haven’t heard any comparisons. 
Bomari: What kind of people are you referring to?
Bofo Kwo: Some say early Satyricon, some say EMO Rock, hard to tell who knows what in the djungle?

9. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales?

Wamufo: Inconclusive
Bomari: Yes
Bofo Kwo: Yes, and No - it helps getting shows so you can get more success that way

10. What’s the ultimate goal for the band?

Wamufo: Live off the music and see the world while doing it. Play good shows and make music. 
Bomari: World Domination
Bofo Kwo: Apparently dreaming big if you ask the above tribe members, I just want free food.

11. Will we see you tour?

Wamufo: I hope so. We’re preparing our live set and it’s definitely going to be great to do this live.
Bomari: Yes.
Bofo Kwo: We will start the adventure during the year 2019 and finish somewhere out in Deep space in the year 2220.

 12. Who would you love to tour with? 

Wamufo: Iron Maiden, because I’ve heard they don’t charge the openers. 
Bomari: My cats
Bofo Kwo: Bomari & Wamufo + my cats

13. What is your favorite song of yours and why?

Wamufo: The new one is always my favorite. 
Bomari: Black unicorn 'cause it's me.
Bofo Kwo: Taste the Violence, cause it is the closest to a love song. 

14. Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands?

Bomari: Because time is an illusion
Wamufo: Because they want to.
Bofo Kwo: eh? They shouldn't but who am I to stop 9 billion people to download our albums for free?

15. What are your favorite music websites labels podcast etc?

Bofo Kwo: Soundchecked, Justin Sane Show, Nick & Bootsy Basement tapes, EverMetal, World Metal Scene, Metal Coffee PR, MetalHammer, Sliptrick Records, Whatever 68 Radio, Amnezia Music Management, High Speed Hangover Podcast, Paul Mash TV to mention a few.

16. Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover? 

Wamufo: Yeah I do. I kind of wish I didn’t. 
Bomari: Yes.
Bofo Kwo: There are contracts in place preventing me to comment any stage DESIGN, props/costume designs, & artwork (digital or Physical), please refer to Wamufo & Bomari on all these matters. 

17. If you could choose a cover song your band mates would hate what would it be?

Wamufo: No such song exists. 
Bomari: Justin boober - sorry.
Bofo Kwo: Hate? They should only hate our enemies, and listen to their master. 

18. Is the record or live show more important?

Wamufo: They’re equal. 
Bomari: Record.
Bofo Kwo: It depends, to me the live show is more important, there is no catering when a person buy our CD.  

19. Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for.

Wamufo: Anyone who’s interested and my deceased father in law. 
Bomari: No
Bofo Kwo: Jesus, Buddha & Santa Clause - EPIC songs about Love & peace, and milk and cookies. 

20. Lemmy Ozzy Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins? 

Wamufo:Rob. Because Lemmy and Dio are dead, and Ozzy is halfway there. 
Bomari: Who?
Bofo Kwo: Ozzy, he bites the head off them a Cannibal you don't have that many role models.

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  1. One of the most insightful, honest and downright hilarious band interviews I've ever read!