Saturday, August 18, 2018


1.Thanks for your time. Tell us about your band and what you do for your band. 

Hi, we are Sercati a melodic black metal band. There are three members : Yannick is the drummer/guitar player/backing singer, Simon plays lead guitar and my name is Steve, I'm the bass player and singer.

2.When did you decide you wanted to be in a band? 

Long time ago (I've got this feeling), almost ten years ago, september 2009.

3. What is different about being a musician than you imagined? 

There’s too much work. Being musician in a band, it's not only about music but also communication, managing, team work. Sometimes it feels music is not the main part of the band.

4.What gear do you use and why? 

 For drums, Yannick uses Pork pie drums. It sounds just amazing and it’s handmade.
For the recording, we use a lot of great gear. Perfect drums for trigger and midi drums, Ik multimedia for instruments (so realistic), Mercuriall for the guitar sound.
For the bass, I use hotone amp because they are really usefull, small, and the weight isn't a problem with their stuff. I use skull strings for their amazing sound (exposed core, really good) and Tonegear string cleaner to give longer life to my strings.

5. What music do you listen to that would surprise people? 

A lot of original soundtracks from old movies: my favourite is Conan the barbarian

6. How do we find your music and merch to buy? 

On itunes and different music online shops and of course on wormholedeath website

7. How did you get a record deal? Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY? 

Long time ago, we had a myspace page. Somehow we’ve been discovered by Alkemist Fanatix Europe with Carlo Bellotti and he gave us our first recording deal. Thanks to him for the rest of our life. Since then he takes care of us… a lot.

8. What bands do people compare your music to? 

It depends. Some elements for different bands. For some orchestrations Dimmu Borgir and for other stuffs 90's black metal.

9. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales? 

I don't think all streaming stuffs are bad ideas. It's another way to share our music. I prefer to know that a lot of people can listen to our music.

10. What’s the ultimate goal for the band? 

Find a way to have a long life. A lot of band split or stopped, but if the bands mates have a goal, there is always a way to have a long life.

11. Will we see you tour? 

It's not for now, finding gigs is really difficult for bands because condition are really bad.

12. Who would you love to tour with? 

 I have a lot of ideas but only one comes to my mind : Right to the void

13.What is your favorite song of yours and why? 

The Nightstalker track from our first release. It's the song from the beginning. In our tracks, we tell a story about a fallen angel and the story really starts with this song. I sometimes try to find the same energy, the same feelling but I can't. We are always evolving.

14. Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands? 

 We tell a story in our songs and each album is a chapter in the story. We follow the journey of an angel who’s decided to descent on Earth to help Mankind. This involves new feelings, new ways to live, ordeals, enemies…

15.What are your favorite music websites labels podcast etc? 

Wormholedeath website Vacula productions and some experimental like eighth tower records or unexplain sounds.

16. Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover? 

No I never judge an album by the cover. I want to listen but I think artwork and music need to connect. It's the first contact with the listener so it's important to give something. Further, our albums tell a story, the artwork has to make sense.

17.If you could choose a cover song your band mates would hate what would it be? 

Carelian satanist madness from Satanic warmaster

18.Is the record or live show more important? 

I think records. Live shows have more energy but records can be spread and it's a capture of a moment. There is something really important to have the feeling at this moment.

19. Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for. 

Dead from Mayhem – Satanic tyrant werewolf – Jonathan Mazzeo

20. Lemmy Ozzy Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins? 

Dio of course Dio

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