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Interview from: Metal Coffee Interview to: Sambata Mortilor

1. Please tell us about the about the band and its members.

Actually Sambata Mortilor is an one-man-band which was created by me, Iorgu Mihai. In recording sessions and in live performances there are another two members Ionuț Nedelcu and Marcel Coman. Marcel also mastered and mixed the last release.

2. Who does the majority of the writing? Is it a group thing or does someone handle the writing duties?

Iorgu Mihai is principal composer in this project. He composes the lyrics and all instruments, excepts guitar solos, which are comosed by Ionuț Nedelcu and Marcel Coman in the time of recording session. The drums and keyboards are simulated on a computer.

3. Where is the band based out of ? Where did you want to the band to end up? What was the
dream city to have as your home base once you got out of your scene?

There in not something about the band is based, but some of the lyrical themes that were addressed by the band are depression, suicide, death, pain, pessimism, insanity, life and fate. The band does not have a clear line to follow so it doesn’t have some big obiectives follow. The band is not based on concerts so there are not to much concerts. We concerted only after a new release or ocasional.

4. What is your genre? What bands do you use to explain to people what you sound like?

It’s hard to explain something about the genre because there are a lot of musical influences and a lot of people say that the genre is something like Progressive Black/Death Metal.

5. Can we buy anything from you Cd&s shirts etc and where can we buy them?

You cand buy anything from me, but you cand find the second CD here: 

6. Do you have studio time lined up anything new coming soon?

In this moment, I composed the next album. It is hard to say when this will be release, maybe next year. And I don’t know which will be the line up. This will be also recorded in my home, and probable it will be mastered in a professional studio.

7. Have you ever been on tour? If so where and with who?

We have never been in tour. The single concert that we have was in Bucharest as opening act for Satarial. I also had several requests for concerts but I refused them.
Photos of concert:

Concert review:

8. What is your favorite band? Who are the bands who influenced you?

I have a lot of favorite bands but maybe the band that most influenced Sâmbăta Morților was Burzum . The other bands that inspire are varied, like: Sepultura, Mgła, Death, Repugnant, Altar, Tectonic (romanian bands) and even Pink Floyd or Queen.

9. Do you have a website? And do I have to verify that I am 18 to enter it?
No. I don’t have a website, but you can use the official facebook page of the band . Yo can find another links of the band in section “about” of the facebook page.

10. What about your music do you want people to remember? What is the quality you want to hit
people when they hit play?

The thing that I want the people to remember about my music is that my music is a sincere, honest and truthful music even if the quality of the recordings is not the best and the music is not so special.

11. Name a person who is integral to your band that nobody knows about , what person drives
your band like they are part of the band? Who is the extra member ?

Actually no one knows exactly the next members of this project, even me. 

12. Tell nerds like me tell us about your live rig and equipment.

13.What is your musical guilty pleasure that you are ashamed of?

I created the project and I play in it. I think this is the biggest musical guilty that I can ashamed of. 

14.If you could custom build a band who would be the members?

If I could custum a band, this band will have the same members that Sâmbăta Morților has in the moment of the last recordings.

15.Message to the fans? What is it?

These are not actually my words but the message is simple: “The music industry without industry is music”.

Sâmbăta Morților was born in 2014 near the city of Ploiești, Romania. In the spring of the same year, the self entitled three tracks EP, "Sâmbăta Morților" was recorded. It was mixed and mastered almost two years later and released on 21st of March 2016 on the web and later printed on a limited number of 30 CDs. The next year, on 15th of October 2017, the band released the second EP entitled "Sâmbăta Morților II" which contains four tracks and the songs from the first EP as bonus tracks.
The name of the band is a reference to a Christian-Orthodox feast related to the remembering of the dead. 

The tracks of the band were recorded without any cost and can be found free of charge on hosting sites like BandCamp. The guitars, bass and vocals are home recorded and the keyboards and drums are simulated on a computer.

Currently the band is preparing a next LP, which will be released at the end of the next year. 


Buy the CD:

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