Monday, August 27, 2018

Ink Reveal "Whispers Of Calliope" Album Release Date

Alt Rock combo Ink are proud to announce that their new upcoming album "Whispers of Calliope" will be released on the 7th September 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard. 
"Whispers of Calliope" is a collection of cover songs reinvented in their unique Ink-style way. 
The album is already available for pre order

2.In a Manner of Speaking 
3.First We Take Manhattan 
4.Rebel Yell 
5.Like The Way I Do 
8.Knife Party 
9.Never Tear Us Apart 
10.Come Live With Me 
11.Hunger Strike

"Whispers of Calliope" is our third album. It’s a compilation of covers, bands that we love and influenced us a lot. We were playing all these songs in our unplugged sets, we love the acoustic sound, its warm, instant and poetic. Calliope is the name of my mother as well, all the members of INK have their families and children except me, this is my tribute to her by giving somehow her name…I remember  my mother singing when I was very young with her beautiful voice in the mornings, maybe this is one of the best memories that I have ever had, Calliope is the muse of lyrical poetry as well, it’s a return to the womb and a look to our influences. Where we began, where are we now, where do we go from here? Are we the same people, do we feel the same…Before our next electric album this is our way to pay tribute to our loved ones..Childhood heroes, friends and family…Thank you all."
Chris Tsantalis

The band was formed in August 1999 in Alexandroupolis, Greece. For almost a decade they have been recording various stuff of demos gaining praiseworthy reviews from Greek and international media and critics as well. In 2009 INK released their first full album called “Diary” which was a huge step to success and recognition. Through “Diary” the band came into high radio airplay both in Greece and in America, where many college radio stations included songs like “Welcome” and “Heart Pills” in their playlists. This was only the beginning. “Diary” was released by American label “POISON TREE Records”, while single “Ophelia” which is included in their second album was used as the soundtrack of “Drag Hell Zombies” next to Pamela Moore.
The alternative Greek band has also taken part in a series of music festivals and competitions such as “Spirit of Burgas” (Bulgaria), “IMAGINA | the European 3D simulation and visualization event” (Monaco) performing as supporting acts for bands like Faith No More, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Clawfinger, Twilight Singers, Puressence and God Is An Astronaut. Collaborations with Craig Walker (X-Archive), Johnny Bacolas (Second Coming, Alice in Chains) and Jeff Martin (Tea Party) were highlights of the band’s trajectory. There has never been a Greek group achieving to gain this kind of praise and recognition so fast within the country and abroad as well. In 2016 INK released their second album called “Loom” which kept up with the great work of the previous one while has been highly spoken of by critics, especially with the song “Sirens”. INK band consists of Chris Tsantalis (vocals), Kostas Apostolopoulos (guitars), Stavros Tsantalis (drums) and Kostas Ketseris (bass).


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