Friday, August 10, 2018

H1Z1 interview

1. Please tell us about the about the band and its members. 

Marq [Vocals]: I like socks, video games, nerdy shit and sports.

Justin [Guitars]: I love video games, nerdy stuff, and I’m a huge fan of coffee
Patrick [Guitars]:I play guitar in this band, do a lot of weird leads and shreddy solos. I also like to do video game covers on the side for fun.

Brian [Bass]: I play bass guitar for H1Z1, am a hopeless literature nerd, and am an admirer of all things dark and creepy.

Juan [Drums]:I play drums for h1z1. I also am a huge coffee fanatic so i'm very excited for this interview

2. Who does the majority of the writing? Is it a group thing or does someone handle the writing duties?

Patrick [Guitars]: It’s a group thing for sure. It usually starts with either Juan and I jamming a few riffs together to get ideas. Once we kinda hash some riffs and ideas, Justin will come in and help arrange the parts. Brian will add his bass lines and solos and then Marq will add vocals. Every song gets demoed at my home studio where we can really fine tune parts. We typically will play new songs live first to see how the crowd reacts too, and that can tell us if we should keep the song or shelf it and make more tweaks and mods to it.

Marq:] We stress making all of our music together. Nothing gets approved until we all like it.

3. Where is the band based out of ? Where did you want to the band to end up? What was the dream city to have as your home base once you got out of your scene?

Patrick:] We started here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we definitely want to hit the road full time. As far as a “new home town” I think we can agree that we are content staying here in Milwaukee. Maybe move outwards but stay in the state regardless

Marq:] Our loyalty lies here! 

4. What is your genre? What bands do you use to explain  to people what you sound like?

Patrick:] We could probably be described as a Heavy-Death-Groove-Nu-Metal. We take some strong influences from bands like System of a Down, Slipknot, and Korn, but we will throw in blast beats, tremolo picking, shred and bass solos. It’s easier to just tell people we sound kinda like Soulfly though, hahaha.

 5. Can we buy anything from you Cd's shirts etc and where can we buy them?

Patrick:] Yes! All of our merch is on our Bandcamp at

6. Do you have studio time lined up anything new coming soon?

Patrick:] Nothing booked as of right now, still working on new material and debating whether or not to release a couple teaser singles or go for another full-length album.

7. Have you ever been on tour? If so where and with who?

Patrick:] No touring yet. We plan to hit the road soon, however. Details can’t be spared at this very moment.

8. What is your favorite band? Who are the bands who influenced you?

Marq [Vocals]: Slipknot, System of a Down, Lamb of God, and Metallica. Also a ton of hip hop. My first love, Lil Wayne (Not so much anymore) and Nas.

Justin [Guitars]: Mikael Akerfeld (opeth), Adam Jones (Tool), Billy Howerdel(A Perfect Circle)/James Iha (A Perfect Circle/Smashing Pumpkins), Devin Townsend, Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath, Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains)

Patrick [Guitars]:System of a Down/DevilDriver/Amon Amarth/Dethklok. Those tend to be my main influences but there's always new music and new awesome metal is always inspiring.

Brian [Bass]: Emperor, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Death.

Juan [Drums]: my influences have changed alot since the band started. But I've always looked up to guys like Ray Luzier (korn) Abe Cunningham (deftones) and Mario Duplantier (gojira) for their style and sound behind the kit

9. Do you have a website? And do I have to verify that I am 18 to enter it? 

Patrick:] You can buy my Premium snapchat for $75/month
In all seriousness, our website is just our Bandcamp page ( Maybe someday we will have our own website, but this has been working for us for the time being.

10. What about your music do you want people to remember? What is the quality you want to hit people when they hit play?

Marq:] I want people to remember that no matter the genre there can be fun in music. I feel that we deliver all of the true emotions of a human while for the most part with a smile on our face. 

Patrick:] I’d say that I want people to remember both the grooves/hooks that are embedded in each of our songs as well as the lyrics/message of each song-each also having its own flow that syncopates over the music creating a fresh listening experience.

11. Name a person who is integral to your band that nobody knows about , what person drives your band like they are part of the band? Who is the extra member ?

Marq:] Personally for me my girlfriend Alyssa is. Even with our family she wants me to chase my dreams even tho she might be afraid of the consequences. 

12. Tell nerds like me tell us about your live rig and equipment.

Marq [Vocals]: SM58 Shure wireless microphone. That's all I really know about it lol

Justin [Guitars]: Prs SE Torero, Line 6 Helix, Line 6 g70 wireless, Stringjoy Strings, Gravity Picks, Seymour Duncan Pickups
Patrick [Guitars]: Reverend Sensei RA, Line 6 Helix LT, Shure GLX Wireless, ISP Decimator, Digitech Whammy V, Dunlop Mini Bass Wah, MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe, MXR Reverb

Brian [Bass]: Blakhart Dominus NT 4, Darkglass Microtubes B7K, TC Electronic Polytune, Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply.

Juan [Drums]: Mapex orion classic kit, tama speed cobra double pedal, paiste rude ride, splash and ride cymbal. Paiste 2002 sound edge hi hats, paiste 2002 17 and 18 inch power crashes and a paiste 2002 china 

13.What is your musical guilty pleasure that you are ashamed of?

Marq [Vocals]: No guilty pleasures here. My first favorite band was Nickelback ahaha.

Justin [Guitars]: As a fan or all sorts of music, i don’t have any “guilty” pleasures, as i never care what anyone's opinions are lol
Patrick [Guitars]:Lady Gaga has some pretty damn killer tunes. 

Brian [Bass]: There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, to me.

Juan [Drums]: 80’s pop music. And Good Charlotte’s first 3 albums haha

14.If you could custom build a band who would be the members?

Marq [Vocals]: All Star bands are kinda whack in my opinion. It's more real when it's the guys you came up with and built years of chemistry with. 

Justin [Guitars]: Don't need to, as im already in it <3<3<3
Patrick [Guitars]: Dimebag, Lemmy,  Brann Dailor, Devin Townsend

Brian [Bass]: Steve DiGiorgio (bass guitar), Warrel Dane (vocals), Chuck Schuldiner (lead guitar, harsh vocals), Dan Presland (drums), Josh Silver (keyboards), Ihsahn (guitar, backing vocals). 

Juan [Drums]:

15.Message to the fans? What is it?

Marq:] No matter your color, gender, sexuality, music has no identity. It's the one thing you can listen to and not be judged. 

Patrick:] Stay positive, believe in your dreams and goals, and help each other out-this world is too shitty to be an asshole to one another so let’s make a positive impact, and of course, stay metal!
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