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1.Thanks for your time.
Tell us about your band and what you do for your band.

*A pleasure! 
Mecalimb is a Norwegian Melodic death metal band, est. 2005. And we have so far, released 3 records and one EP. Next record will be released sometime next year!  The latest got some really good reviews, so check it out! 

My role in the band is lead guitar and yell at the bass player if I play anything wrong! And I also have a part in the writing process of the band.

2.When did you decide you wanted to be in a band?

*Well. I have been in some bands from really young age, and I have loved it since day one. But with Mecalimb, It´s the first time I ever really feel dedicated to a band!

3. What is different about being a musician than you imagined?

* Well. It much harder then many would imagine. You can´t just release a record and believe the bookers, managers and so on will have you on speed dial and throw gigs at you. You really have to do all the hard work your self, and never quit on the dream! 

4.What gear do you use and why?

*Oh. That’s a hard one. I´m a gear geek, and switch gear from time to time.  At the moment I use a Peavey Vypyr 120 tube head + the remote, 4X12” with celestion in it, Ibanez Weeping demon wha, and a Mooer mini tuner. It´s a brutal live set-up that really kicks ass. Guitars, I manly use my Sterling by music man JP100 and a ESP LTD DV-8. At home, I just got my hands on a Mooer Brown Sound (5150 copy) mini pedal that sounds sick, A NUX Overdrive (tube screamer copy) and a Mooer Radar (Cab and Preamp sim). Those 3 is really a killer combo. The Sterling is a John Petrucci model, and I just love the feel and sound of it. It´s my good old work horse, and was used on all backings and leads on the latest album. 

5. What music do you listen to that would surprise people?

*Hmm..I guess that have to be Dire Straits and Toto..

6. How do we find your music and merch to buy?

*You can buy the music from WormholeDeath, Amazon, and many other places. For merch, you can contact us at facebook, or

7. How did you get a record deal?
Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY?

*Actually, a friend of ours is a friend of Carlo, the Boss of bosses from WormholeDeath. So a long story short, It´s all thanks to Thomas from the Norwegian Blackmetal band Ragnarok. We got in touch with Carlo, he liked our stuff, so here we are.. 

8. What bands do people compare your music to?
*I´m really not sure. We like to compare us to the more Swedish type of melodic death metal bands, like older In Flames, Hypocrisy, The Haunted and so on. But we do have our own style, but we didn’t invent the wheel for sure ;)

9. Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales?

*Well. Spotify and other streaming services is a great way to discover new artists, and do help many artist to get their name out there. And also help people that can´t afford to buy loads of CD´s or buy the record from ex iTunes. On the other hand, it really hurt the sales. And that´s not about greed, but to try and get break even with the cost of recording and being on tour. 2 parts that is so damn expensive. But hey. We love it anyway! BUY THE RECORD! And the t-shirt..

10. What’s the ultimate goal for the band?

*To play on a big stage on a huge festival, like Wacken, Hellfest, Tons of Rock, Sweden Rock or something like that.. Just go big, and all in! 

11. Will we see you tour?

*We are going on a new tour as a support act for Six Feet Under in December. Check our Facebook page for dates and places. ;)

12. Who would you love to tour with?

*Oh. Rough one, haha. Well. I would say The Haunted, Wolfheart, Six Feet under, Insomnium and f*cking SLAYER! haha

13.What is your favorite song of yours and why?

 *I really like Blind Men Rules the earth. Is a fun song to play, a decent lead guitar, and a great text.  Ah damn. Everything is cool on that song. Hard to put the finger on what´s cool and not. 

14. Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands?

Well. That´s the big problem to day. We are just a small fish in a big ocean. But I firmly believe that people will love our sound and style, if you are into a bit old school melodic deathmetal. In our style. If you listen from the first record to the latest, XIII, you will hear a development in both the sound and also the style. We have become harder, but still you will able to follow a “red line” from the first record to the latest. And we are so cute, nice, love unicorns and… eh.. Damn. Just listen to us! Haha

15.what are your favorite music websites labels podcast etc?

 I really don´t read to much our follow to many sites or listen to much on podcasts, but I do follow Premiere Guitar, Thomann, WormholeDeath (of course) Napalm and a couple of others.

16. Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover?

Oh yes. Is very important. Often you can tell what type of band it is just by its cover. Sadly, you can´t tell the quality of the band tho.. ;)

17.if you could choose a cover song your band mates would hate what would it be?

 Cutting Teeth by The Haunted. the record or live show more important?
Well. I believe you need a record to prepare people for the songs for a live show. At least so that they have an idea for what type of band they are going to watch. But, I will say the Live show. It´s where you meet your fans, or future fans, or haters. And it´s where you show what you really are able to do. 

19. Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for.

 Dimebag, Ola Englund and Peter Tägtgren 

20. Lemmy Ozzy Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins?

Rob will be screaming “Painkiller” at Lemmy to make him dizzy, but that has no effect after been playing in the band known as the loudest band in the world. So Lemmy will blow him out of the cage with his bass while playing “killed by death”.  Ozzy will start Barking at the moon, but then just shuffle over the floor, and mumble something weird before Dio takes him out with his “Holy Diver” dropkick. But Dio just forgot Lemmy and his evil bass. Lemmy is closing in in his short denim shorts and it seems like he´s going to Break The Law with that look, but we all know that Dio is the Last in Line! Dio just “shoot shoot”, and Lemmy goes down. But what is this? Lemmy rises, chug down a jack´n coke, and Overkills Dio…. 

The end!        

Cheers, and thanks for a fun interview! 

Tom Angel

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