Monday, August 6, 2018

Arcticcircle Interview

1. Please tell us about the about the band and its members. 

The band has been together since 2001. We play Bush Metal exclusively. Its Jon Cloud on drums and cymbals. Sean Vermentor guitars and vocals. Howard A-bomb on bass. We started as grind band mixed with black/thrash. Nowadays we just sound weird. Ha, so yeah we just call it Bush Metal!!

2. Who does the majority of the writing? Is it a group thing or does someone handle the writing duties?

I come up with the riffs and vocals. Jon has free reign to do what he wants on drums. Sometimes he comes up with parts that are so off the wall. It definitely was not what I was expecting and that’s awesome, it’s inspiring and takes us to somewhere different. So it’s definitely a collaboration. 

3. Where is the band based out of ? Where did you want to the band to end up? What was the dream city to have as your home base once you got out of your scene?

We are in Brandon, Manitoba. A small town 2 hours west of the capitol Winnipeg. So it’s a small town with no metal scene. Some heavy bands have existed and died out over the years here. It’s not the ideal place to rear a band, haha! It’s great for developing your own style as we are kinda shut off from the rest of the population but it’s not good for playing shows and performing live. We gotta hit the road if we wanna make any sort of impact. Then again the internet is great for that but it’s no substitute for a live gig. Our dream city i guess would be Toronto or Vancouver? heh I don’t know. I just don’t wanna leave the country so those would be the ideal places to be for a band? Im guessing?? 

4. What is your genre? What bands do you use to explain  to people what you sound like?

We play Bush Metal exclusively!! Nowadays I would use Black Sabbath or Cathedral meets hmm i don’t know to describe us, sort of. The influences are there but hopefully we put our own little spin on them.

 5. Can we buy anything from you Cd's shirts etc and where can we buy them?

Yeah on our band camp page you’ll find links to shirts and cd’s.

6. Do you have studio time lined up anything new coming soon?

Well we just released our fourth full length Where Ice Meets Ocean so it’ll be a bit yet before we start recording again. That being said we do have enough songs for an EP so we might go that route.

7. Have you ever been on tour? If so where and with who?

Last time we did an official tour was back in 2007 we did western Canada. It was with local acts from each city. That was a lot fun. Ugh I wish I could remember those bands I would name drop them right now! Haha. But oh that’s right we did a “small tour” of southwestern Manitoba with a couple local bands, PornoDeathGrind being one of them. They played, you guessed it, Grind!

8. What is your favorite band? Who are the bands who influenced you?

My all-time favourite bands are Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. Those are my Gods…Kiss was a big influence growing up as a kid. Super hero status! But influences on Arcticcircle would be local band Kittens for sure. In the early days Sylvain era Kataklysm and Conqueror were big influences. That stuff was so nuts for the times.

9. Do you have a website? And do I have to verify that I am 18 to enter it? 

Just the band camp and facebook sites. No you can be a toddler and look at our site if you like. Haha.

10. What about your music do you want people to remember? What is the quality you want to hit people when they hit play?

We just wanna be memorable and have a certain amount of intensity up there when we are performing. This is metal so we wanna be heavy of course. But i think in the past we were maybe more concerned with playing as fast as possible and me screaming as loud as I could. Now, we just wanna have catchy excellent parts that are memorable and maybe even you can grunt along to the morbid melodies! Basically we are trying to craft songs that will stand the test of time. And if you are serious about it you’ll realize thats the point of all music. It captures you somehow and then it becomes part of your inner world. Funny how something you can’t even grasp or see becomes part of your psyche. The vibrations of doom are what we all crave and when they travel thru the body it stirs emotions and satisfies us more than money can buy. We can only hope to affect listeners in this sort of way…have all the great songs already been written? I don’t know what the answer to that is but the only sensible response is to craft our own little tunes and let the listeners decide. Either way we still play each show like it’s our last and hopefully people dig it.

11. Name a person who is integral to your band that nobody knows about , what person drives your band like they are part of the band? Who is the extra member ?

That’s easy. There’s actually 2 people. Haha! Lindsay, who is our drummer’s girlfriend has been part of our clan over the years for sure. Driver, chauffeur, hauling gear, photographer, moral support, fog machine operator, etc. She has been an essential part of the group since day 1 and she brings that “woman’s touch” to the table that sorely missed a lot in the the metal genre. Our other buddy from the big city Patrice Lovelace is our all ‘round good guy/rebel rouser and kind of like a mascot for the band. He’s our Yes man and when we are feeling down and dirty he always brings us back up from the dumps. Being from the city he’s helped us manage our affairs from afar and for that we are forever indebted to the dude. He’s a very funny character always with a tale to tell and of course he always humps the gear when we see him.
12. Tell nerds like me tell us about your live rig and equipment.

It’s pretty basic actually. I play through a 6505 head and cabinet. Im using a Jackson strat style with a floyd rose. And i have a TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb and a Boss digital delay pedal for those smoked out moments. That’s it!

13.What is your musical guilty pleasure that you are ashamed of?

Nothing i could say im ashamed of. But for wimpy stuff ive been getting into Joni Mitchell the last couple of years. Her album Hejira is beautiful. Dark and beautiful.

14.If you could custom build a band who would be the members?

Tony Iommi guitars, Jon Bonham drums, Cronos bass, David Sylvian vocals

15.Message to the fans? What is it?

Stay wild all you Bush Metal Maniacs!!

answered by Sean Vermentor, guitar and vocals

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