Tuesday, February 18, 2020


1.Why Bass?

Two clear things ... first when I was little and I saw a video of Iron Maiden and I saw Steve Harris (without knowing his instrument) conquered me ... hence the bass became my obsession ... and second the sound of bass represents my personality ... from back to front, the concrete and steel pillar of the strings ... it's like a soccer team ... if the ones at the back give security the strikers do their magic.

2.Do you think it is unfair or just lack of knowledge bass gets so little credit?

Not at all, the one who knows about music has it more than clear, we are the conductive line of the songs, I don't care about the people who say "what is the bass ... I don't hear it", hahahahahahaha.

3.What kind of bass do you use?

 Model , color , year , And why
I use a 6-string Ibanez SoundGear line from 2000. I bought it because at that time I was getting songs from John Myung (Dream Theater), and I needed a 6-string bass.

4.Tell us about your amplification

Not only is the bass amplification important, you also have to know how to use compressors and pedalboards with these depending on the style of music you play.

5. With all of that being said do you feel tone is an important thing for bass?

Of course, yes, a song is not complete if it does not have those bass tones, additionally the bass has several techniques to play what enriches it more as an instrument.

6.Do you prefer 5 strings over 4 string?

Personally, I like the one with 6 strings, but a good bass played by a good bass player should not matter to him how much the strings matter.

7.Who is your favorite bassist?

I name you three Paul McCartney (The Beatles), Geddy Lee (Rush) and Chris Squire (Yes)

8. Who is your least favorite bassist?

I don't look at the ones I like the least, so I can't answer that.

9.Why do you think women seem to be attracted to playing bass?

Because the bass sound has two characteristics, it is powerful and sensual at the same time.

10. What bassist dead or alive would you like a private lesson with?
Blacky from Voivod ... I love how that bass makes you dream.

11. Bonus question
Bobby Doll , Nikki Sixx , Les Claypool , Billy Sheehan  which is more ridiculous and why

None is ridiculous, they are all good bassists, listen to Sheehan in the Rush tribute, Nikki Six I really like his extravagance too.

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