Saturday, February 29, 2020

Put your money where your mouth is or SHUT UP

It has been awhile since I have butchered the English language and the rules of writing I am a lowly guitar player who did not pay attention to my English teachers so grammar Nazi's no need to comment I am aware I am terrible.
Now down to business Hey Napalm Death , System of a Down , Carcass , Cattle Decapitation, Demon Hunter, Earth Crisis ,Rage Against the Machine and Stryper NOBODY CARES
Just to name a few and good lord dont get me started on RAP and PUNK bands holy hell...
I LOVE ALL of the above bands!!!! But I could care less if you do not eat meat worship Satan or hate the president. Play the damn music and kick ass and unless you are donating your royalties to your cause I am not interested, When I see Robert Sweet of Stryper driving in his corvette or Tom Morello bathing in $100 bills it just pisses me off! If you have a message maybe do not throw around your wealth you have gained in my face . D.C. is full of rich a**holes driving by the homeless and you are no better in my opinion. Now look almost everyone will disagree with me on this because music and protest go hand in hand I get it Bob Dylan blah blah blah. So play the music you are all amazing but believe it or not the opening riff on Heartwork The mastercraft of Scum the Brilliance of the sticato madness of SOAD and the wicked riff in Soldiers Under Command would all be amazing whhile I eat a steak worship the devil and love Ronald Reagan. Point being we do not need to know and personally I think its rude and something I would never do to a friend. Your beliefs my beliefs are not important in how we treat each other wouldnt you agree we have enough division in the world? I will shake the hand of anyone with any belief and I just do not need a reason to feel like I need to agree with you to respect you as a human because now youve given me a reason to wonder if you are a genuine person System of a Down and Rage to me cast a shadow of doubt . Maybe I am wrong but I do not see the homeless shelters the educational systems the government information buildings they have opened with the millions they made. This brings to mind Practice what You Preach right?
And look I may be wrong but I am not seeing the messages we are getting slammed down our throats I have seen Earth Crisis play festivals sponsored by Budweier and I have seen that there dows not seem to be a problem going against your message when money is involved with ALL of these bands,
NOW the most important point! I love it I will jam all of these bands and sig the words right along with them they are incredible god gifted talent! But the dose of medicine I want to give back are the words you taught me F*ck You I Wont do what You tell me! That is what you said right?

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